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Proto:Gran Turismo 4/BMW 1 Series Virtual Drive

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GT4 BMW Virtual Drive Title Screen.jpeg

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An European special release based on the First Preview build, featuring here BMW's then-new 1 Series, this version was used to promote them, even including a little video showcasing them and a demo replay around the Nurburgring before the title screen even appears. There are three tracks, the Nürburgring, New York, and Costa di Amalfi, all with a time limit of 180 seconds (3 minutes).

Unused Cars

Hidden in the game, a BMW M5 can be found, however here it's listed as the "BMW Concept M5", like the name listed on its nameplate; this version was previously added to the European version of Gran Turismo 4 Prologue. This was later changed to just the M5 due to the actual car being finished by BMW before the final game came out. In addition, three BMW race cars, the 330i Touring Car '03, BMW V12 LMR Race Car '99, and M3 GTR Race Car '01 also have their bodies existing in this demo, with all racing series logos and driver names intact.