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Proto:Jak 3/July 12 2004 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jak 3.

This article is a work in progress.
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Notes: LarryLemmy and Luminar will add content to this page very soon.

An internal build of Jak 3 which is 2½ months older than the final build and has a large number of differences.


  • Most of the music has differences to the final game.
  • The map images in the pause menu are glitched. This is due to the map file (WOMAP.STR) being taken directly from Jak II, which stores its maps in a different way to Jak 3.
  • The icons on the minimap are different.
  • The health meter has minor aesthetic differences.
  • The pause menu is based on the one from Jak II but uses the colors from Jak 3.
  • The Titan Suit is used instead of the Dark Maker Mech.
  • The JET-Board abilities do not exist, though there is an effect when L1 is held while on the JET-Board.
  • The guard fortress uses a blue colored Krimson Guard logo.
  • There are no side mission computers.


  • Most weapons have minor differences.
  • The Mass Inverter (Mass Imploder in EU/AU versions) is significantly different.
  • The Super Nova works, but you can never have 10 dark ammo in this build so it is not useable without cheats.

Dark/Light Jak

  • Light Jak is activated with L2 + Up and Dark Jak is activated with L2 + Down. Holding L2 will make Jak do the transforming animation with no effect.
  • There is no Dark Strike attack. Instead there is Dark Punch, which is a strong punch attack triggered by holding L1 and then pressing .
  • All Dark Eco is lost when transforming into Dark Jak. Jak will remain as Dark Jak until the end of a time limit or an ability such as Dark Bomb or Dark Blast is used.
  • Light Jak's healing ability is different: it instantly restores as much health as it can, based on the amount of Light Eco the player has, and it does not freeze the outside environment.
  • Light Jak Flash Freeze is triggered by jumping (either with X or with an uppercut) then pressing . The effect will remain even when transformed back to normal, but it will automatically expire after a time period.
  • Light Jak flying uses up half of the maximum possible Light Eco supply when Jak starts flight then does not use up any more until the next flight starts. If there is not enough eco, the function will not work.
  • Light Jak shield only uses Light Eco when it absorbs damage.
  • The player cannot choose when to transform back from either forms, unless a gun or JET-Board is equipped as Light Jak. Each form has a specific timeout, regardless of how much eco is remaining.


  • The Dune Hopper has no weapon.
  • The 3 bonus cars are recolored Sand Sharks and by default, cannot be entered (though it might be possible to enter them with cheats).
  • The health bar for cars is different.
  • Turbo Boosts can only be acquired and used in races. The HUD for these also only appears during races (Note: only one race is known to exist in this build).

The Slam Dozer (Ram Rod in EU/AU versions) has a different appearance and its weapon does not work:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Slam Dozer 1.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Slam Dozer 2.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Slam Dozer 3.png



  • Terrain is different.

Marauder arena and the surrounding bridges are unfinished:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Marauder Arena 1.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Marauder Arena 2.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Marauder Arena 3.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Marauder Arena 4.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Marauder Arena 5.png
There is a large statue which doesn't appear to do anything:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Desert Statue 1.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Desert Statue 2.png

Haven City

  • The west market and south farm areas from Jak II exist in this build, and are fully functional. They can be loaded from each other, but they are disconnected from the rest of the world so it is not possible to reach them without cheats. They also have checkpoints, and guards spawn in the west market area.
  • A number of city districts from Jak II exist but they do not have checkpoints.
  • The Krimson Guard alert system still exists.

There are still Krimson Guard turrets in the city. It is possible to trigger the turrets via the guard alert system, but they do not aim properly and one half of their projectiles goes backwards:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Guard Turret 1.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Guard Turret 2.png Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Guard Turret 3.png

Industrial sector looks different where it used to be connected to the east market area in Jak II:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Industrial Area where it used to connect to Bazaar.png

Haven Forest

  • The turret is different. Its appearance is based on a Metal Head and its projectile sounds and behaves like the Peace Maker.

KG War Factory

The factory looks different when viewed from the city, for example the spike coming from the bottom is not present:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - War Factory as seen from the city.png

Metal Head City

  • The acid can be walked on.
  • There are zoomers on the acid that can be used.
  • There are a lot more platforms in the acid.
  • The entrance to Haven Forest does not seem to load, even though it is accessible with the mission selector.


  • There is an enemy called "Scouter Robot" that is not present in the final game. It is based on the spider-like Metal Head enemy from the Metal Head Nest in Jak II in terms of behavior.

Spargus City

There are black spots with smoke coming out of them:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Spargus smokey black spots.png


  • All of the missions have differences compared to the final version.

There are some side missions, but they are not marked on the minimap and they are usually unfinished. An example is an orb finding mission in the desert which respawns the player in the garage if Retry is selected. This is how side mission totems look like in the desert in this build:
Jak 3 July 2004 Internal - Desert side mission totem.png

Music Differences

Track Comments
This music is completely different from all the music of the final version. In this version, it plays during the following mission: Destroy War Factory Defenses. The exact same music can also be found in the September 2004 Preview.
The minigame music is much shorter, and can not loop because it has silence at the end. The exact same music can also be found in the September 2004 Preview.
Taken from the song "Transmission" by Static X. It is not used in this build, but is present in the files. It was most likely used as a placeholder.
Similar to the Metal Head Hunt theme of the final version, but this one has a longer intro.
High quality mix of the Jak II track that plays in Haven Forest while you are chasing the scouts, and while you are protecting Samos there. It is also used for the credits of Jak II. In this build it is used for missions involving the Leaper.
High quality mix of an unused track from Jak II. In this build it is used for the Sewers.
(Source: Luminar - More information)