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Welcome Visitor!

My online name is Luminar Light, my native language is Hungarian and I live in Hungary.

I am the founder and main administrator of the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki.

I am quite good at finding unused things in the Jak and Daxter games and I have been studying them since January 2017, that is when I started uploading videos to my YouTube channel. I have learned a lot more since then and my knowledge is growing every day.

One of my goals is to become famous enough to be able to fight againts "faker/liar" people (an example). These people are misleading others and in my opinion this is a really bad thing, mostly because the majority of people do not care to/can't check if the content is real or misleading/fake.

I joined the TCRF wiki because the person (LarryLemmy) who has been documenting my findings here (with my permission and help) became too busy to do it all alone. He said that this is only a temporary thing but I decided to come and help him out anyway.


You can contact me on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit... or just leave a message on my talk page here.

I also have a Discord server where you can always find me:


Jak 2 Early Demo Haven City
This is my to-do list.