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Proto:Jak 3/September 14 2004 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jak 3.

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Here are the known differences so far, we need to add them all to the page:
  • Model Viewers are not finished.
  • Play as Jak II Secret.
  • Different sounds in Secrets menu.
  • Different Zoomer enter sound.
  • Whole city at war after final mission.
  • Different thing in pacman game.
  • Stadium empty when revisited.
  • There is no invisible barrier between Rubble and Stadium, however you still can't come back if you go too far into Rubble.
  • All 3 factions present at Metal Head City.
  • Subrails are using Metal Head City music.
  • Big subrails cables are brown instead of light-grey.
  • Damas talks more during "protect spargus with turret"? I think so, but need to check it.
  • Music is not glitched during "protect spargus with turret".
  • Final boss is not finished.
  • Dark Maker Mech has fire, and different health bar.
  • Missing ability to turn around 180 degrees with jetboard.
  • There is a turret at Monk Temple during its last mission.
  • Text is different when you get Light Jak flight ability.
  • Dust Demon has different weapon than in final.
  • Wasteland burning bush objects are ugly, different.
  • Vehicle names are gold instead of blue.
  • In some challenges there are decimal numbers even if it is not needed.
  • Cars from the garage can participate in races.
  • Destroy baby metal pedes burning bush has an extra counter.
  • Missing Light Eco Vents at Stadium.
  • Dark ship has the Temple Under Attack music.
  • Some dark makers are armless, is this a difference? Need to check.
  • Music is bugged at desert, even though it wants to play music.
  • Different guard dialogue, there are some unedited ones.
  • Weird structure in industrial sector.
  • Gun course names are different.
  • Some burning bush dialogue is not processed.
  • Debug Mode activation is different.
  • There should be a huge amount of unused dialogue, it has not been checked yet.

A preview version of Jak 3. Does not have big differences, but there are many minor ones. It is fully playable from start to finish.

Music Differences

Track Comments
This music is completely different from all the music of the final version. In this version, it plays during the following missions: "Defend HQ from attack", "Destroy war factory defenses".
Very similar to the music of Haven City from the final version, but this one has louder drones.
The minigame music is much shorter, and can not loop because it has silence at the end.
(Source: Luminar - Discovery)