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Proto:Jak II/E3 Demo Disc

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jak II.

To do:
  • This demo has a huge amount of content that is only accessible when it is booted in retail mode, need to document everything.
  • Document music differences.

A demo disc of Jak II that was distributed at E3 2003, but is not the same demo that was playable at the event. Two missions are playable: "Protect Sig at the pumping station" and "Destroy eggs in strip mine". It is dated March 15, 2003 while the final game is dated August 25, 2003.

General Differences

  • The title screen has the subheading "demo" and gives the option of playing the two missions or watching a trailer.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Title Screen.png Jak II Title Screen.png
  • The font used throughout the game is the same one used in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.
  • The native resolution is 512x448 while the final game is 640x448.
  • Cutscenes have no subtitles.
  • Jak's model is shown to disappear when the first person camera is selected.
  • The levels have no Precursor Orbs.
  • Dark eco droplets are still sucked in when Jak is fully charged.
  • A number of objects have invisible walls surrounding them.
  • Some flat surfaces behave as if they were slippery.
  • The pause menu makes different sounds. It consists solely of the options "Quit Game" and "Back".

Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Pause Menu.png Jak II final Pause Menu.png
  • In both levels the skyline is different and resembles the sky used in The Precursor Legacy.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Day Sky.png Jak II final Day Sky.png
Jak II proto1 Night Sky.png Jak II final Night Sky.png


  • The Skull Gem icon is a picture of a Metal Head instead of an animated model of a gem. The total number of gems collected is shown in a box to the side.

Jak II proto1 Skull Gem1.png Jak II proto1 Skull Gem2.png

  • Jak's head doesn't appear on the dark eco meter, it instead shows the symbol for dark eco. The symbol is in the final game, but normally hidden behind the head.
  • Jak's maximum health is four instead of eight.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Health.png Jak II final Health.png

Pumping Station

  • Jak can be controlled during certain cutscenes.
  • The game ends as soon as the final cutscene finishes.
  • The mountain area does not appear in the background.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Background.png Jak II final Background.png
  • The water has a different texture.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Water.png Jak II final Water.png
  • Sig's Peace Maker leaves a blue trail behind shots.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Sig Peacemaker.png Jak II final Sig Peacemaker.png
  • The water's defense robot fires different blaster shots.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Defense Bot.png Jak II final Defense Bot.png
  • The airlock produces a spraying effect which was removed from the final game. The lamps are also a different color.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 airlock.png Jak II final airlock.png

Strip Mine

  • Jak gets on the JET-Board automatically at the beginning of the level and gets off it when the grinding instructions appear.
  • Grinding and tricks do not function well on the JET-Board.
  • Certain elements that are only present in earlier missions of the final game are still present in this mission of the demo:
    • Enemies appear that normally only appear in the first mission.
    • The eco wells are shown to still be active.
    • The giant crate next to the building where Vin was trapped is still present.
  • A giant, floating arrow points in the direction to go. This may be a prototype version of the light beam used frequently in the final game.
Jak II proto1 Arrow.png
  • Metal Jackets shoot a visually different blast.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Metal Jacket.png Jak II final Metal Jacket.png
  • The Haven City landscape has a number of differences: the weapons factory and surrounding pumping station area is missing, some texturing and coloring of the landscape is different and the palace and stadium do not light up at night.
Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 SM Background R.png Jak II final SM Background R.png
Jak II proto1 SM Background L.png Jak II final SM Background L.png
Jak II proto1 SM Background N.png Jak II final SM Background N.png

Dark Jak

The appearance of Dark Jak is the same as in the final game, but the powers and moves have some differences.


The dive attack leaves a red-ish cloud on impact, which slowly fades away, similar to the Scatter Gun's cloud from the same prototype.

Jak 2 Early demo dark jak dive attack.png


While in the final game the Dark Powers are activated with the buttons used for regular physical attacks and movement, in this prototype they are activated with the D-Pad. A HUD on the top-right is used to display what each of the four D-Pad buttons' functions are, although the icons used for the powers are vague in what they are supposed to represent. There are also four inventory flags in the game's memory used for unlocking Dark Powers, all of which also make the HUD appear. However, only one of these inventory flags actually unlocks a power (Dark Bomb, activated with the Up button), making its icon brighter.

Jak 2 Early demo dark jak powers hud.png

Dark Bomb

The Dark Bomb itself does not have any noticeable differences from its final game counterpart, apart from that it makes Jak collect pickups that are touched by the bomb's impact, and that Daxter is in a T-pose during the animation.

Jak 2 Early demo dark jak dark bomb daxter tpose.png


Scatter Gun

The Scatter Gun produces scattering, red clouds and also has the laser for aiming. It is otherwise identical to the final game.

Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Scatter Gun.png Jak II final Scatter Gun.png

Power Blaster

The Blaster shots are visually different and make a different sound effect, but function the same as the final game.

Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Blaster Gun.png Jak II final Blaster Gun.png

It is referred to as 'Power Blaster' in this prototype:

Jak II proto1 Power Blaster name proof.png

Vulcan Fury

The Vulcan Fury gun can be used through hacking. It has minor visual and audio differences and also has an issue where it often points at a downward angle, which was fixed in the final game. It also appears to fire more slowly in the demo.

Prototype Final
Jak II proto1 Vulcan Fury.png Jak II final Vulcan Fury.png

Boom Stick

A weapon called the Boom Stick, which would later be replaced with the Peace Maker in the final game, can be used through hacking. It fires small grenade-like objects with a trail resembling dark eco. The projectiles create a large explosion that can send enemies flying and also has the ability to hurt Jak. It is difficult to aim properly and the projectile often bounces off surfaces. It does not create any sounds when used, suggesting it was at an early stage of development.

Jak II Boom Stick1.png Jak II Boom Stick2.png

Concept art of the weapon can be viewed in the "Mega Scrap Book" in the final game:

Jak II Boom Stick3.png

Unused Menus

There are several unused menus in this prototype that can be accessed using hacks.

Category Menu Images Description
Glitched pause menu Jak II proto1 menu 1.png Jak II proto1 menu 2.png These are leftovers from the Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy pause menu. The menu on the second image appears twice in this prototype.
Mission selector Jak II proto1 menu 18.png A working mission selector menu. Only a few missions work because many level files are not present in the demo.
Game settings Jak II proto1 menu 28.png Jak II proto1 menu 4.png Jak II proto1 menu 5.png Jak II proto1 menu 6.png Several menus used for changing settings of the game. All of these are from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and are fully functional.
Memory card access warnings Jak II proto1 menu 12.png Jak II proto1 menu 13.png Jak II proto1 menu 14.png Jak II proto1 menu 15.png All of these freeze the game, preventing it from loading any other menus or from continuing the game. They don't do anything with the memory card.
Main menu Jak II proto1 menu 27.png The main menu from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.
Load/save game menus Jak II proto1 menu 19.png Jak II proto1 menu 16.png Jak II proto1 menu 17.png The save game menu with the 'continue without saving' option is accessed from the title screen, the other one is accessed during gameplay.

None of these work because they can't find the memory card. However, selecting the 'continue without saving' option will start the 'Find pumping station valve' mission.

Other Jak II proto1 menu 7.png Jak II proto1 menu 8.png Jak II proto1 menu 9.png Jak II proto1 menu 10.png

Jak II proto1 menu 11.png Jak II proto1 menu 20.png Jak II proto1 menu 21.png Jak II proto1 menu 22.png

Jak II proto1 menu 23.png Jak II proto1 menu 24.png Jak II proto1 menu 25.png Jak II proto1 menu 26.png

Jak II proto1 menu 29.png Jak II proto1 menu 30.png Jak II proto1 menu 31.png Jak II proto1 menu 32.png

Several warnings and other menus that do not need explanation. All of them are from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.
(Source: Luminar - Research)

Unused Graphics

An unknown screen.
Jak II proto1 screen.png


To do:
  • See if there are palettes hidden somewhere else in the game.

WOMDRAWN.STR is a 2048 x 3840 pixel image of the world map from The Precursor Legacy with a number of other drawings added to it. The image is stored as 128 x 128 pixel blocks, has a total of 128 colors and does not have a known palette. The image on the right uses a mock-up palette based on scans of the original map which came with the Precursor Legacy instruction manual.
Jak II Womdrawn.png Jak II Womdrawn mockup.png

WOMEMPTY.STR is the same image but with all pictures except the background removed. It is also stored as 128 x 128 pixel blocks but unlike WOMDRAWN, it has a total of 256 colors. Likewise, this image doesn't have a known palette with the image on the right using a mock-up palette instead.
Jak II Womempty.png Jak II Womempty mockup.png

Unused Sound Effects

Sound File Line
Audio leftover from the Power Cell collection cutscenes in The Precursor Legacy.
Some unusual dog and wolf-like sounds.

Unused Dialogue

The following dialogue is unused in the demo with the files completely removed from the final game.

Like in the Precursor Legacy demo, much of the dialogue with distortions, such as through communicators, is unedited, while a large amount of cutscene audio doesn't yet have the background sound effects.


Sound File Comment
The cutscene "A Piece of Information" where Keira has a more distorted voice than the final game.


Sound File Line
Stand by for clearance.
Door open.
Access granted.
Please enter.


Sound File Line Comments
Don't step into the light, Jak. Don't step into the light! Leftover dialogue from The Precursor Legacy.
While you're down there, um, could you rub my feet?
Don't worry, I'll avenge you. Not.
Heimlich, uh, stretcher?! Yugh, breath mint?
I'll say something really teary at the funeral, like "How am I gonna get changed back now?!"
Say goodnight, Jak.
Well, uh, better you than me.
Step one: stay alive. Step two: think about not doing something like that again!
Hey Jak, can I, uh, have your insect collection?
That looks like it hurt. Should I call for backup?
I was right behind ya, Jak! Really, I was.
We gotta get to the top.
We made it!
That's what I call a rocky road.
You sure seem angry, Jak.
Most of the people aren't very nice. And that nasty Baron who runs things? He's really bad news.
I dunno where that crazy rift vehicle took us but it's some kinda big city.
I never found hide nor hair of Keira or Samos. I don't know where they went.
Good job, see? You still got it.
Lookin' good, partner. Nice spin kick. Works out some of that anger, eh?
It's a tough place, Jak. You do remember how to fight, right? Try breaking that crate with a kick.
Go help Sig!
Woah. Countdowns are bad news! Let's get outta here!
Rock and roll.
The whole city is under martial law and run by some brutish baron guy. You'll need security passes to go from place to place in this town. We'll have to get some of those.
Sweet move, buddy. Like butter.
You can punch, right?
Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!
I've seen some weapons around town. Maybe we can get our hands on some of them to deal with even tougher enemies.
Wow, you really learned to fight in the joint. Remind me not to get you pissed.

Jinx and Grim

Sound File Line
Jinx: Ahh! I'm in trouble!
Grim: I doubt blue boy here can protect us.
Jinx: Just shoot everything that moves and we'll be laughin' about this later over a cold one.

Krimzon Guards

Sound File Line
You're under arrest!
Say goodnight!


Sound File Line
When I get to each of the targets, cover me while the old Peace Maker powers up, okay?
Sweep with this weapon for maximum damage.
You'll need lots of ammo to keep this puppy barkin'.
The Vulcan gun is one nasty weapon. Its extreme rate of fire will clear a path through almost anything.
Take 'em all out!
Okay, good shooting.
Watch me light that tanker.
Easy does it.


Dialogue belonging to unknown characters.

Sound File Line
I think we've overstayed our welcome.
I'm goin' in!

Unused Text

The file 0COMMON.TXT has unused text that differs from the file of the same name in the final game. All text in this version is in capital letters like in The Precursor Legacy, while in the final game capital and lower case letters are used more appropriately.

Much of the text refers to the game as "Jak and Daxter" instead of "Jak II", including the text used when the disc is removed.


Other text, including where the Blaster gun is called the "Power Blaster" as seen in the same concept art featuring the Boom Stick. (NB: The symbols for buttons are represented by long strings of text and have been changed to [button] here for convenience.)