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Proto:Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy/October 19 2001 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:

There are many more differences, here are some more that could be documented on this page:

  • Intro music does not restart when the title screen appears.
  • Falling into death sound is different.
  • Flutflut sounds are different (real bird sounds but quiet).
  • Zoomer sounds are different.
  • Klaww sounds are different.
  • Boggy swamp rat game doesn't use the danger music.
  • Collecting fish in fishgame plays menu sound.
  • Lava tube's power spheres have a weird effect.
  • More differences in the "secret ending" cutscene.
  • Game does not notify you when you collect all orbs of a level.
  • Default volumes are different.
  • Oracle sounds different.
  • Some checkpoints that are present in final build are not present in this build.
  • Sound when sliding on ice is different.
  • Snowballs at snowy mountain are smaller.
  • Rings at precursor basin have different sounds.
  • Eco cluster behaviour seems different (at least at final boss). Here they gradually respawn even if you are powered up, while in final they only respawn if you completely run out of eco.
  • Fisherman does not laugh.
  • There are even more differences in final boss, very minor though. The robot animations for example and the attacks slightly.
  • Dark eco crystals at spider caves are different.
There are definitely more differences than listed here. More research is needed.

A build with a date of October 19, 2001, 11 days older than the final version.

General Differences

  • The pause menu does not show the total number of orbs collected throughout the game.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 menu orbs.png Jak TPL final menu orbs.png

Introduction Cutscene

  • Gol and Maia are surrounded by Dark Eco particles throughout their speech, while in the final game this only happens when they materialize.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 Gol Maia glow.png Jak TPL final Gol Maia glow.png
  • The explosive produces a green glow.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 bomb glow.png Jak TPL final bomb glow.png


  • The headers are black instead of orange.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 credits header.png Jak TPL final credits header.png
  • The music which plays during the sequence is one of the variations of CREDITS.MUS, a music file which is unused in the final game. In the final game, the music for the Klaww boss battle is used instead.

Level Differences

Mountain Pass

  • The bottomless pits sometimes don't render.
Jak TPL Oct 19 Mountain Pass pit.png
  • Some mushrooms have coloration differences.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 Mushrooms.png Jak TPL final mushrooms.png

Volcanic Crater

  • There is no checkpoint next to the gondola.
  • The orb placement on top of the mine carts is different.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 VC orbs.png Jak TPL final VC orbs.png

Spider Cave

  • The Blue Eco required to use the launch pad for the "Launch To The Poles" mission is located in crates on one of the stone platforms near the scaffolding, instead of on the ground just above the launcher. In the final version, the crates hold Green Eco.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 Spider Cave Eco.png Jak TPL Final Spider Cave Eco.png

Lava Tube

  • The secret pathway in the waterfall contains Green Eco instead of Blue Eco.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 Lava Tube Eco.png Jak TPL final Lava Tube Eco.png

Gol and Maia's Citadel

  • The forcefields used for the robot's shield and the cages is a pink color instead of purple in the final game.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 Citadel 1.png Jak TPL final Citadel 1.png
  • There are some coloration differences in level assets such as screws and wires.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 Citadel 2.png Jak TPL final Citadel 2.png
  • At the end of the cutscene when Samos is freed, a short clip plays where Jak and Daxter stand on the elevator looking at each other then through the door.

Final Boss

  • The Precursor door has a different design.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 proto door.png Jak TPL final door.png
  • The robot's eye only shoots one laser. The laser also does not hurt the player and has no collision.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 eye laser.png Jak TPL final eye laser.png
  • The Blue Eco vent is often active at times when the player doesn't have to escape a Dark Eco bomb. It also sometimes activates later than usual as the bomb is launched.
Jak TPL Oct 19 boss eco vent.png
  • The camera doesn't focus on the robot during its "yelling" sequences near the beginning and end of the battle. This only happens in the final game if Jak is mid-jump when it occurs.
  • The Dark Eco bombs do not explode automatically when Jak uses the launch pad.
Jak TPL Oct 19 bomb.png
  • Jak does not immediately run out of Blue Eco after a Dark Eco bomb explodes.
  • The robot fires Green Eco from its chest more rapidly than in the final game.
  • The arm used to fire the red shockwave blasts moves sideways when hit, instead of using the claw opening animation in the final game.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 robot arm.png Jak TPL final robot arm.png
  • Light Eco clusters are present as soon as the cutscene with Daxter's monologue ends, while in the final game it takes a few seconds for them to start spawning.
  • Jak is invisible when he is powered up with Light Eco.
Jak TPL Oct 19 invisble LE.png
  • The level's music continues to play during the end cutscene.

Secret Ending

  • The Power Cells appear as a black color.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 prec door 1.png Jak TPL final prec door 1.png
  • The inside of the door has red eco particle effects instead of the blinding light seen in the final version.
Prototype Final
Jak TPL Oct 19 prec door 2.png Jak TPL final prec door 2.png

Debug Functions

Cheat Mode

Cheat mode is activated using a shorter sequence which is present in other prototypes in the Jak series. There is also only one part, unlike in the final game and later games in the series:

  • While holding down L3 press (using the D-Pad): Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.

Cheat mode is largely the same as the final game but with the following known differences:

  • Pressing Up + Left + Select (using the D-pad) in free camera mode will reset the game like it does when not in freecam instead of respawning the level's assets.


The following bugs are known to happen in some circumstances, though it is currently not known what triggers them:

  • If the player dies during the lurker ambush in the "Return To The Dark Eco Pool" mission on Misty Island, the ambush will not happen again, and the steps to the Power Cell will not rise.
  • The final zeppelin tether in Boggy Swamp disappears when the other three are destroyed, making the Power Cell impossible to collect.
  • One of the rotating platforms in Gol and Maia's Citadel that leads up the lurker ambush challenge can disappear when the game's camera is at certain angles.