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Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Build 96/Pine Valley

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Build 96.

There's a lot to go over as this level was completely dropped from the final. References to the demo level may be used for comparisons when applicable.

To do:
Finish this up.


The level begins on top of a hill after the end of the InGen Town level. Something notable here is that the objects for this starting location, (well the door, the terrain texture under it, and the weapons locker to the left of it anyway) were recycled for the final version's Lab level start.

A seemingly blank voice-over will play (this can be seen if subtitles are on). However, it's actually not blank. Saving and loading during the voice-over will force it to properly play upon loading the save.

Weapons Locker

The weapons locker contains the same weapons as the Lab level in the retail version. A Desert Eagle and a Hunting Rifle. Unfortunately, the locker's door doesn't work right. The level had to be edited to move the door out of the way to take the screenshot above.

Fortunately, Anne can clip her hand through the door of the weapons locker and get the weapons. Though it may end up teleporting her out of bounds in the build 96 engine if the physics engine decided to freak out. As for the weapons themselves, the Desert Eagle works fine but the Hunting Rifle has problems with the gripping magnets and Anne holds it wrong which makes it hard to aim unless her arm is positioned just right.

Tribe B Raptors

For whatever reason, the colors on the Tribe B Raptors are messed up. Their mouths don't seem to be textured and their skin is much paler (notable with the orange spots, which are red orange of tone in the final). This is probably related to the level color palette.

Going Down the Hill

As the player walks down the hill, the music Reveal of the Landscape will play and they'll encounter two Tribe B Raptors. If one moves carefully, they can make a break for the cliff side and slide down without much injury to the forest below. Alternatively, getting the weapons from the weapons locker, these raptors can simply be killed. Lastly, there's the option of running past the raptors altogether and continuing down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill, the player will find a crushed hunter motorbike with two automatic weapons nearby: a Calico MP50 and an H&K MP5K without a silencer.

The Forest and Two Paths

The open forest area the player will find themself at after descending the hill would eventually be used to house the Trespasser Demo level. From here, the player has two routes they can take. Either they can stay on the road and continue to the geothermal plant, or they can travel off the road and take a route through the forest which will eventually spill them out onto the road anyway. The forest area nearby has a Stegosaurus wandering around near a small pond. Anne cannot interact with the water in this pond for some reason, despite being able to in the previous builds known to the public thus far. A Hammond voice-over will play near the pond. This voice-over would be moved to Ascent 1 in the final.

The anchor that the Stegosaurus was probably planned to stay near (it has no actual scripting for such yet) is present near the pond and is visible. Nearby is a flipped over InGen Hunter Jeep with a Benelli shotgun under it. Getting near it will trigger a Hammond voice-over.

On the road Anne will make a remark about the Pylons running back to the town on one end.

The Road

Continuing down the road, Anne will eventually run across a couple more Tribe B Raptors, though, unless attacked, they show no interest in Anne and just pace about nervously.

Eventually, the player will arrive at a pit with a broken bridge going across it. A large post in the gap can be seen and it has a wooden plank precariously nailed into it from the center. The plank is loose enough to be shot with a gun and rotated for the player to easily cross the gap.

Up ahead is yet another broken bridge. This time, the player has to flip the teetering other end up enough to where two boards can be slid underneath it to keep it in place. Afterwards Anne can walk across without problems. On the other side is a lone Triceratops.

The Forest Path

If one makes their way up the hill away from the road in the open area, they'll eventually reach a Stegosaurus wandering around. Anne will also comment how one could get lost in such a forest. A little ways from here is a Tribe B Raptor standing near a Mayan ruin.

The Mayan Ruin

The Mayan Ruin found here is "guarded" by a single Tribe B Raptor. While other than being an obvious aethestic detour, there's not much reason to go to this spot except for the Franchi Spas-12 located at the ruins. The face on the fireplace-like structure can be removed, though there hasn't been anything inside since build 32 of Trespasser. (as far as publicly known prototypes go anyway.)

Raptor Nest

Walking past the ruins will eventually lead the player to a Brontosaurus skeleton (yes, that's what the bones for it are called internally). Following the remains of the vertebrae will eventually lead the player into a pit-like area littered with bones of humans and dinosaurs, as well as weapons. Upon entering this area, Raptors will spawn in the sky above. Due to how wake up distance is, sometimes these raptors may not activate right away.

Thankfully, there's plenty of weaponry in the nest that the player can use to fend off any raptors that do wake up. Including a police baton and a Drum Magazine variation of the H&K-91 (which didn't make the final version).

Upon leaving the Raptor Nest, the player will reach a drop down to the road below.

Log Bridges

Just before reaching the road from the Raptor Nest, the player will come across a small ditch with a couple of small bridges made from cut up logs. Walking across them will cause them to collapse. Thankfully, the ditch isn't very deep, so Anne can get out, no problem.

Triceratops and T-Rex Fight

Upon getting past either the Raptor Nest area and descending to the road below or getting past the bridge puzzle if the player took the road, they'll come across a T-Rex and Triceratops that will fight each other if the player gets close enough (remember, wake up distance isn't very large in build 96). This fight would get recycled for the Lab level in the final. The T-Rex has the same color problem as the Raptors with its mouth.

The Geothermal Plant

Eventually, Anne will reach the Geothermal plant by following the road. Nearby, a Triceratops can be found wandering around near a water pump. The pipe attached to this pump can be used to cross the drainage ditch surrounding the plant. If Anne happens to fall in the drainage ditch below, there is thankfully a set of stairs for her to climb up to get out. Outside the entrance is a cabinet containing a Desert Eagle which has the same issues as the one at the beginning of the level where the door won't open properly. The Desert Eagle can be used to shoot the draw bridge and lower it for easier crossing. The door to the plant is barred shut from the inside. There are a few ways to unlock the door. The INTENDED way is to pick up a small piece of rebar off the ground nearby and push it between the doors. This will cause the bar to fly out. Be very careful doing this in the build 96 engine as it may have undesired results from the physics engine. Another way is to push the door open with enough force that the bar comes out. This too may cause the physics engine to freak out. Another way is to use a gun to shoot the bar off which also can cause physics issues.

Once inside Anne will need to turn a Valve to start water pumping. Next Anne needs to go back outside the plant to activate the pump attached to the pipe she used to cross into the plant. Once this is done Anne needs to head back in and adjust the steam pressure. After this Anne will need to go over to the generators and pull down the switches to activate the power. After this she will need to press buttons on specific transformers to activate the power. When this is all done, the music track MUSIC - ISLAND POWER RESTORED will play. This portion of the puzzle may bug out and not work.

It's also worth noting that on the cliff near the geothermal plant, a lone Triceratops can be found. It's possible this Triceratops is the one from earlier versions of the level and after the terrain was raised the developers simply forgot about it.

Walk to the Harbor

This is SUPPOSED to activate the control panels that control lowering and raising the bridges that lead to the harbor but it doesn't seem to work in the build 96 engine. It DOES however seem to work properly in the final game engine. This leads to another problem as well however. The ramps for the bridges are floating in the air which makes getting past them difficult as they seem to have collision below the actual model. As a result jumping around them is the best course of action. Once past the second bridge Anne will eventually reach the entrance to the harbor. A Triceratops is wandering around nearby and a static Stegosaurus without any scripting can be seen nearby as well just floating near the fence. The player can actually just slide through the gap between the gates without solving the puzzle.(this collision bug was actually carried over to the final in the Lab level) This puzzle will not work if the island power is not restored. This puzzle is the same puzzle used for accessing the harbor in the final version's lab level and the code is on a sign nearby.