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Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser/Build 96

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

Sometime in late 2009, Build 96 (of 117, including the 1.1 patch) of Trespasser was released publicly. Judging by the modification dates, it dates from early to mid September of 1998. While only seemingly about a month before the final release, this build features a lot of content that was dropped from the final.

Build 97 is virtually identical to this build, with only the version number being changed.

General Differences

  • The installation plays the music track PLAINS TRAVELING 1 from the game. In the final, it doesn't play any music during the setup.
  • The game's executable is even more buggy than the final's. Also, the software renderer can be unstable at times and usually crashes after about five minutes. Primary Display mode seems to be more stable, but has its share of problems as well.
  • Sometimes, objects that collide will be teleported out of bounds. This affects any object, including Anne and dinosaurs alike. In the final, the game normally crashes when a physics freak-out happens.
  • Anne has a different model from the final. This model is interestingly shown in the manual that came with the game. The Tattoo is notably less detailed than the final's.
  • The texture on Anne's shirt seems to change from level to level.
  • Anne's model and physics are much lower to the ground, giving her a shorter height than the final. The height change was probably done to keep Anne's arm from getting stuck on fewer things when it drags across the ground. (yes, she has to drag her arm across the ground while moving).
  • Jumping or falling from locations that wouldn't injure or kill Anne in the final can do so at this point in development. In fact, moving by jumping is very risky as Anne can jump and injure or possibly even kill herself if she does it too many times. This even happens on flat terrain.
  • The music for the Dreamworks logo in the opening cinematic is missing and the opening ends without showing the titles and character voice credits.
  • The "new game" cutscene has a temporary voice for Jill, Anne's friend. This is still present, but unused, in the final game.
  • The opening cutscene has scanlines, whereas the final does not.
  • The win cutscene does not exist at this point. Instead, a short video clip of the Dreamworks Interactive logo plays (very similar to the one played upon starting this build) followed by an early version of the credits cinematic with a different version of the Trespasser logo than the final.


The differences are so big that each level needs its own sub-page.

Trespasser Beachloadingscreen.png
The beach level is close to the final's, but has plenty of differences.
Trespasserb96 JR loading screen.PNG
Jungle Road
Lots of nice things in this prototype version.
Trespasser IndustrialJungleLoadingscreen.png
Industrial Jungle
Compared to the final, this level's kind of a mess. You'll see why.
Trespasser IngenTownLoadingscreen.png
InGen Town
InGen Town is a bit different from the final, but some of the core gameplay has been already set in stone by this point.
Trespasser PineValleyLoadingscreen.png
Pine Valley
The level that got cut due to bugs involving its puzzles. The Geothermal Plant puzzle is working in this build!
Trespasser LabLoadingscreen.png
The Lab
Starts inside the Harbor due to Pine Valley's existence in this build.
Trespasser Ascent1loadingscreen.png
Ascent 1
Starts much further back than the final. Practically where the Lab level would end coordinates-wise.
Trespasser Ascent2loadingscreen.png
Ascent 2
Features the Albertosaurs that were mentioned in the strategy guide but removed from the final.
Trespasser Summitloadingscreen.png
Some nice differences. Most notably, the sequence where Anne calls for help is missing and the Tribe C Alpha Raptor getting killed ends the game.
Trespasser Otherloadingscreen.png
Test Scene
Not much different here, but hey...


Some of the cheats do not work in this engine. Some work as they do in the final, while others don't seem to be implemented yet and several just crash the game. Below is a table listing of the cheats, what they're supposed to do in the final and what they do in build 96. To enter them in-game, press Ctrl + F11 and type them in:

Cheat Name Effect Works in Build 96 Engine?
win Instantly brings up the ending cutscene. Yes
woo Infinite Ammo. No
dinos Turns off Dinosaur AI, making all dinosaurs frozen in place. No
loc Displays current coordinates on the XYZ axis as well as the direction being currently faced. Yes
tele x, y, z Lets the player teleport to a certain location the X,Y,Z being replaced with the coordinates of the destination. Strangely, it seems to have been disabled in the final. The fanmade ATX patch reactivates it and the invul cheat however. Yes
tnext Teleports to the next marker object placed in the level. (They're invisible objects placed in the level.) Yes, however some spots will kill Anne upon teleporting to them.
gore 1, gore2, and gore 3 Toggles the amount of blood that appears when an enemy is injured or killed. Yes.
bionicwoman Makes the game run in slow motion, Six-Million-Dollar Man style. No
invul God Mode Yes; strangely, it doesn't work in Build 116, but the ATX patch corrected this. Also, Anne can still die in some places.
bones Allows the player to see all the physics of objects, Anne, and dinosaurs while playing. Also allows the player to see where a dinosaur has its sight, as well as its wireframe skeleton it uses for locomotion. Crashes the game.
imouse 1 and imouse 0 Toggles inverted mouse. Yes