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Proto:Katamari Damacy

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Katamari Damacy.

To do:
Cover the other demos and find other differences

Several different demo discs of Namco's roll-em-up were published prior to the release of the final version of the game.

January 2004 Demo

This demo, disc serial PAPX-90234, has a build date of January 14, 2004.


Most of the music present in the demo differs from release:

  • The songs "Nananan Katamari", "Angel Flavor's Present", "Lovely Angel", "Katamari On The Rocks", "Katamaritaino" and "Katamari Mambo [Katamari Syndrome Re-mix]" have some missing instrumentation or minor mixing differences, although they are pretty close to the final versions.
  • The songs "Katamari Of Love", "Overture", "Katamari On The Rocks", "Lonely Rolling Star" and "Katamaritaino" are present as rough demo versions.
  • Three of the songs are unused. The early version of "Canon Of Kings" is replaced by "Fugue #7777" in the final game.
  • The songs "You Are Smart" and "The Moon & The Prince" are identical to the final versions.
  • The songs "Fugue #7777", "The Wonderful Star's Walk Is Wonderful", "A Crimson Rose And A Gin Tonic", "Wanda Wanda", "Que Sera Sera", "Katamari☆Stars", "Cherry Blossom Color Season", "Stardust Fanfare" and "The Last Samba" are not present in this demo.

The majority of the music on the disc is not accessible during gameplay.

Unused Songs

Track Notes
Similar in structure and instrumentation to "Fugue #7777", but a totally different composition. Reworked and expanded for the sequel Me & My Katamari in 2005 as "Canon Of Kings".
A shoegaze-ish song. Lyrics had evidently not yet been written.
A Katamarified version of the famous introduction to Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra.

Demo Versions

Title Track Notes
Katamari Of Love
An early version of the song with a scratch vocal, before Shigeru Matsuzaki's vocals had been recorded.
An all-synth arrangement of the song. The final version is a piano piece.
Katamari On The Rocks
An early version before the lead vocal had been recorded. The melody also differs from the final version.
Lonely Rolling Star
Very early version with only the verse and chorus. There are scratch vocals, but lyrics had not yet been written.
An early version with scratch vocals and an incomplete arrangement.
(Source: Vera, PepsimanGB)