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Proto:Knuckles' Chaotix/0111 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Knuckles' Chaotix.

Download.png Download Knuckles' Chaotix (Prototype 0111)
File: Knuckles' Chaotix (Prototype 0111).bin (4 MB) (info)

Knuckles' Chaotix prototype 0111 for the 32X was released by drx during the massive February 23rd, 2008 prototype dump. Its compilation date is January 12, 1995.

Various Differences


0111 Prototype Final
Knuckles Chaotix 0112 Prototype Title Screen.gif Knuckles Chaotix Title Screen.gif

The title screen is largely the same as the previous two builds, but it has some minor differences:

  • If you skip past the title screen intro, there will strangely be no background in the mode select screen.
  • This is the first version with the zoomed in title screen background.

The gameplay is also different in this prototype.

  • Debug mode is still enabled.
  • You can get a negative score.
  • There is no limit for the amount of negative rings you can have.
  • Once you collect an item box, its icon does not appear at the bottom. However, they still seem to work for the most part.
  • Invincibility boxes only give the character who breaks the box invincibility instead of both like in the final.
  • The Combi Catcher exists, but it gives you items which don't work (the tube comes out and nothing happens.) To choose your partner, wait until after choosing a stage. You are allowed to choose your partner manually. The partners you can choose are Mighty (as a ? box), an unselectable ? box (possibly the unused character), Charmy, Vector, Bomb, Heavy, and another ? box, which is actually Espio.
  • Once you pass the Combi Catcher part of the level hub, you can go back instead of it being locked off. However, it just shows up blank.
  • Time Attack messes up the screen, but you can still see the characters spinning.
  • The unused character still has his abilities from the previous prototypes.
  • The unused character does not have a separate arm sprite.
  • Sideways springs do not work when you touch them on the ground but do work when you touch them in the air.
  • Heavy is still called Heaby due to some typos.


Prototype Final

Door Into Summer has a different mix than the final.

  • Surprise! is spelt "Surprize!".
Prototype Final

Tribute in the final is known as "??? GOOD ENDING ???" in the prototype, indicating that Tribute was to be used instead of Just Another Day. The proto mix is quite different from the final mix.

  • Destructive Power in the final is known as "??? NORMAL ENDING???" in the prototype. While the final plays three notes on the FM1 (three bass notes that run behind everything), this build only plays one, which is always one note higher than where the final currently is.
Prototype Final

Just Another Day in the final is referred to as "??? STAFF ROLL ???", indicating that the staff roll would originally be separated from the ending scene. There are also differences in the drumming.

  • Decision 2nd is missing from this build.
  • Steel Heart doesn't play correctly, as it just plays one note and then stops.
  • Decision stops after two loops.
  • Oriental Legend, High Five, Reach The Goal, Have a Happy Day, Nice Meeting You, Surprise!, Chaotic World, Tachy Touch, Silver Screen, Pendulum, Soda Pop, Child's Song, Crystal Nightmare, Tube Panic, Mechanical Dance and Surging Power all have a different mix. Most of them are different because the PSG 3 held "note" is a much higher one, making them vastly different.
Prototype Final

Oriental Legend has an extended intro. The harps loop twice for each key, unlike the final.

Scenario Selection Screen

  • When you begin the scenario selection, you see Knuckles and Espio fall in, but once you touch the ground, Espio disappears.

Level Differences

Special Stages

  • Special stages require 0 spheres to win.
  • Oddly, Bonus Stages start you off with 1000 rings. This was likely done for testing purposes.
  • Like the previous prototype, you get "Holy Rings" instead of "Chaos Rings" when you beat the special stage.

Demo Level

  • You are unable to skip training.
  • You can't skip the demo after the intro level.

World Entrance

  • Act 2 uses Crystal Nightmare as its music, Act 3 uses Tachy Touch, Act 4 uses Electoria, and Act 5 doesn't play anything.
  • Everything after Act 1 is a blank screen with music (or in the case of Act 5, nothing happens).

Newtrogic High Zone

  • Instead of playing Chaotic World during the stage select roulette, it plays the song Decision.

Botanic Base

Well crud.
  • Level 5 has a set of 3 rings that cant be collected without debug mode.

Speed Slider

  • Level 4 has no objects besides monitors and rings. Since there is no goal post, the level is unbeatable.
  • Level 5 has monitors, rings and a few other objects, however it has no goal post like level 4 making the level unbeatable.

Unused Graphics

Artwork Description
Chaotix0111 Eggman.png
Chaotix0111 EggmanMockup.gif
Unused sprites of Eggman hovering over an arena with the Dark Ring that were likely meant for a cutscene of some sort. The palette for these sprites is unknown. A mock-up of how the animation might have looked like when pieced together is provided.
1207 Prototype 0111 Prototype
Chaotix1207 SSTubes.png
Chaotix0111 SSTubes.png
Updated versions of the unused Speed Slider tunnel sprites.

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