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Proto:Knuckles' Chaotix/0119 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Knuckles' Chaotix.

Download.png Download Knuckles' Chaotix (0119 Prototype)
File: Knuckles' Chaotix (0119 Prototype).bin (4 MB) (info)

Knuckles' Chaotix prototype 0119 for the 32X was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release. Its compile date is Jan 19, 1995.

Various Differences


  • This is the final build to have the prototype Sega screen.
  • The title screen is the same as the previous build.
0119 Prototype Final
Knuckles Chaotix 0112 Prototype Title Screen.gif Knuckles Chaotix Title Screen.gif
  • Time Attack is different in this prototype but still unplayable.
  • Player/monitor icons are finalized.
  • Knuckles and Espio still spin in the opening stage, but Espio disappears.
  • Pressing Start during the tutorial will make the D-Pad and buttons disappear.
  • Debug mode is enabled by default.
  • The power-up icons still do not display in the HUD.
  • You can choose your player before you return to the level hub from the intro level.
  • Chaos Rings are still known as Holy Rings.
  • It is possible to get a negative score.
  • Amazing Arena does not change music once you hit the light switch.
  • There is a map of Newtrogic High Zone on the Sega screen.
  • There is an empty space in the character select screen.
  • Also, when you enter the world selection stages, the morning version of the world selection BGM plays, regardless of the time of day. If you exit, the band of stars that bind the two characters together will enlarge.
  • Mighty's wallkick is also different from final. You can't jump up, only in the opposite direction.
  • The attraction picture in the World Entrance spins.
  • In the intro, they got rid of Metal Sonic from the 0111 proto, and replaced it with Robotnik repairing the Combi Capsule. Then Knuckles moves right to Espio, but you can run away from him if you run to the left of him.
  • The unused character can no longer fly, even though the code is still present in the ROM. This is due to the fact that actual stats for flying have been removed.
  • The World Entrance is incomplete. It also suffers from palette issues, deformation problems & the inability to select a stage.
  • There exist unused graphics of the Speed Slider balloons in different sizes. These were probably supposed to be used when a character bounces on them.
Chaotix0119 SSBalloons.png
Chaotix0119 SSBalloonBounce.gif

Techno Tower

  • The Robotnik logo that hides small secrets has been added.

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