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Proto:Knuckles' Chaotix/0202 Prototype

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Knuckles' Chaotix prototype 0202 for the 32X was released by drx during the massive February 23rd, 2008 prototype release. Its compilation date is February 7, 1995.

Various Differences


  • The unused character still has code for its flying ability, but it is not functional due to it missing stats.
  • The Sega loading screen now uses the background found in the final; however, it uses a sound not used in any other build or the final.
  • Debug mode is still enabled.
  • Espio's graphics for NPC select/partner transformation boxes use incorrect palettes.
  • Metal Sonic does not come after you after waiting 1 minute in a level.
  • You can now get a game over from -900 rings and having the timer at 9:59.
  • Chaos Rings are still known as Holy Rings.

Title Screen

  • Metal Sonic can be seen flying towards the background, and while the camera does scroll towards the Chaotix, Metal Sonic can't be seen flying towards them.


Some songs have different and misspelled names.

  • Surprise! is spelled "Surprize!".
  • Crystal Nightmare is spelled "Cristal Nightmare".
  • Tribute is known as "??? GOOD ENDING ???", indicating that Tribute was to be used instead of Just Another Day.
  • Destructive Power is known as "??? NORMAL ENDING???".
  • Just Another Day is known as "??? STAFF ROLL ???", indicating that the staff roll would originally be separated from the ending scene.

Menu Differences

  • The data select screen does not record play time.
  • Level Select is still enabled.
  • The old character and NPC select screens are still being used (with the unselectable slot removed), but the icons are the same as the final, albeit with some incorrect palettes.
  • Knuckles and Espio use incorrect palettes. While Espio's was fixed in later builds, Knuckles' still remains in the final game. This is made even weirder by the fact that the palettes were correct in earlier builds, even 1207.
  • Time Attack has been removed and Training has been added, but it is not the same as the final.
  • For some reason, selecting level 3 takes you to level 2.

Level Differences

Amazing Arena

  • Amazing Arena's miniboss moves similarly to the final, but cannot be hit enough within the time limit to be destroyed. Its arms do not harm the player.

Isolated Island (Training)

  • All of the levels use level 2's palettes.
  • Levels 1 and 4 have no springs or monitors.
  • Level 2 has an end card, but also a giant Ring which, if entered, will crash the game.
  • Level 4 has the weird vines added, but they only move you up.



  • Only the first phase has been added.
  • The stage itself has a slightly different palette.
  • There are visible "hit boxes" on the boss.


  • Only the good ending is implemented.