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Proto:Mario Kart DS/USA Kiosk Demo/Early Objects

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mario Kart DS/USA Kiosk Demo.

To do:
  • There's a lot more (including early balloon model and Big Bully with early animations).
  • Also early animations (including Bullet Bill Launcher ones).

2D Objects


Proto Final
MKDS Early Gumba.gif MKDS Final Gumba.gif

The early version uses a black outline and also uses more frames, while the final version just mirrors the frames to save space. It also had less quality.


Wario_Course/Earliest Proto Final
MKDSBeta Earliest Fireball.png MKDSBeta Early Fireball.png MKDS Final Fireball.png

There are three versions of the Fireball sprite from Wario Stadium. The earliest sprite is used in the unused Wario_Course stage, present in both this build and the final. A less detailed fireball sprite is used for this prototype's used version of Wario Stadium.

Shine Sprite

Proto mini_block_course Final
MKDS Shine earliest.png MKDS Early Shine.gif MKDS Final Shine.gif

There are three versions of the Shine Sprite from Battle mode. The earliest sprite is used in the prototype and is just a simple rotating model with an unanimated Shine Sprite texture on it. The final game has an unused alternate version in the unused mini_block_course, which also uses a smaller model.


Proto Final
MKDS Early Coin.png MKDS Final Coin.gif

Just like the Shine Sprite, the coin is just a flat rotating model with a texture of a coin on it. Interestingly, it's the coin from Super Mario 64.


Proto Final
MKDS Proto Blooper Model.png MKDS Final Blooper Model.png

This is the model used when the blooper comes on-screen to squirt ink on the player (which does not occur in the proto as the blooper wasn't implemented yet). Oddly, this isn't the same texture as the item that appears in the item roulette.

3D Objects


Proto Final
MKDS Car early.png MKDS Car Final.png

The car was completely remodeled in the final. The early car model still exists in the final game, appearing in the unused MR_stage4 course.

Bullet Bill

Proto Final
MKDS BulletBill Early.png MKDS BulletBill Final.png

The early model lacks eyes and has a sharper point. The arms are also different and much closer to the front than they are in the final. Despite the changes, the early version can be seen in the final's preview picture for Airship Fortress.


Proto Final
MKDS Sun Early.png MKDS Sun Final.png

As the Angry Sun appears invisible for some reason in this build's version of Desert Hills, there is a placeholder model for the sun. Predictably, the Japanese text translates to "sun".


Earliest Early Final
MKDS Bound Earliest.png MKDS Bound Early.png MKDS Bound Final.png

There are three versions of the bound model from Waluigi Pinball. The earliest is only used on the luigi_course track in the proto. Waluigi Pinball in the proto and luigi_course and donkey_course in the final use a nearly identical version of the final bound model, which has a slightly different texture.

The final version has two different textures and a longer bar to represent a mirror effect on the track.


Proto Final
MKDS Flipper Early.png MKDS Flipper Final.png

The flipper had a completely different design. It was blue and had a red dot on the axis, and also didn't have any lightning.


Proto Final
MKDS Truck early.png MKDS Truck Final.png

While the model is the same, the texture had a spelling error with "FLESH" instead of "FRESH". This was fixed in the final.

It can still be seen in GCN Mushroom Bridge's preview picture.

Unused Objects


MKDSBeta Cactus.png

This model of a cactus can be found in the files for Desert Hills, but isn't used anywhere on the track.


MKDSBeta Swooper.png

A 3D version of the Swooper enemy from N64 Banshee Boardwalk. An animated 2D version is used in the proto and final.

Test Block

MKDSBeta TestBlock.png

An early version of the moving block from Bowser's Castle. It's also present in test1_course's files (and Delfino Square's files in the proto), but the name of the model the object is using was already changed, which is why the track crashes when loading.