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Proto:Nickelodeon Party Blast/October 8th, 2001

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The earliest known build of Nickelodeon Party Blast from October 8th, 2001, almost a year before the final retail build.

General Differences


The opening sequence uses primitive placeholder graphics.


Prototype Final
NPB Oct8 Menu.png NPB Menu Final.png

The menu is equally as minimalistic, with no background.

Character Select

Prototype Final
NPB nGames R F1wam9hXCV.png NBP CharSel Final.png

The character select reflects the menu.

Level Select

NPB nGames R IQMvIiYznA.png

The prototype has a unique level select screen with sketches for each minigame area.

Loading Screen

Prototype Final
NPB nGames R kWyZsycOMi.png NBP Loading Final.png

The loading screen is a screenshot from the Invader Zim episode Career Day.

Model Viewer

NPB Oct8 ModelViewer.png

On the main menu is a model viewer that is not in the final game, although it crashes while attempting to load a character. This was fixed by the next build.


NPB Oct8 Hub.png

A very unique "hub", in which you control a character and walk over to a desired Nicktoons destination. Picking any spot zooms the camera towards the player, only to bring you back to the main menu.

HUD Icons

In the final game, the characters in the HUD are represented by 3D heads, but in this prototype, they are choppy 2D renders of their heads.

Model Differences


Oct 8 Final
NPB SpongeBob Oct8.png NPB SpongeBob Model Final.png

SpongeBob is stylized more like his original cartoon counterpart.


Oct 8 Final
NPB Zim Model Oct8.png NPB Zim Model Final.png

Zim is stylized more like his original cartoon counterpart.


Oct 8 Final
NPB Foodfight Banana Oct8.png NPB Foodfight Banana Final.png

The throwable banana in the Foodfight minigame was completely remodeled.

Unused Graphics


data/scores/ contains sprites of characters that, with the exception of Angelica, do not appear in the final game at all. These characters are Chuckie from Rugrats, Dagget from The Angry Beavers, Adiboo, a character from a series of educational video games and not a Nickelodeon show, and Stimpy from The Ren & Stimpy Show.


data/screens/ contains leftover graphics mentioning Cut 'n' Run and Balloon Demo. They are probably from another project Data Design was working on around this time.

NPBOct8 crscreenpc.png NPBOct8 screenpc.png NPBOct8 screenps2.png


NPB testlevgfx.png

testlevgfx.png is a crudely drawn kitchen.

NPBOct8 Infogramessplash.png NPBOct8 nicksplash.png

Infogramessplash.bmp and nicksplash.bmp are alternate variants of the opening logos.


NPB TommyFit.png

An unfinished version of Tommy's texture with his UV's still overlaid on top.

Unused Models


NPB Box.png

Box.lwo is a box that displays when a character is missing an animation.


Early Final
NPB Tommy 2DLook.png NPB Tommy Final.png

TOMMY\StyleTest\2DLook\tommy2D.lwo is Tommy Pickles with a more cartoony texture than what they went with in the final game.


Early Final
NPB Otto Early.png NPB Otto Final.png

OTTO\$\new_otto_v4_3D.lwo is Otto Rocket also with a more cartoony texture.


Early Final
NPB Zim 2D.png NPB Zim 3D.png

ZIM\$\Zim_Complete_ant_2d.lwo is Zim with a more cartoony texture.


Early Final
NPB Angelica Outline.png NPB Angelica Final.png

ANGELICA\1\Angelica_Outline.lwo is a cel-shaded model of Angelica.

Unused Music

Two short loops can be found in data/audiotrax.