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Proto:Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64, Xbox 360)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64, Xbox 360).

Two Perfect Dark prototypes were released on May 7, 2013 as a part of a Rare N64 prototype release by Borman. A prototype build of the later XBLA version was leaked from XePartnerNet a few weeks before the game's official release.


NTSC version 6.4 beta
Dated March 22, 2000. A debug menu is available and there are some differences compared to the final version.
PAL version 28.7 beta
A build from two days before the final PAL version. A debug menu is available, but with fewer options than the NTSC beta.
Perfect Dark XBLA Build 0033 Debug Menu.png
XBLA Debug Build 0033
A near-final debug build from a few weeks before release. A debug menu is available, but it's very different from the N64 builds.