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Proto:Pokémon Sword and Shield/Build 30

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This article is a work in progress.
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This is a build of Pokémon Sword from December 22nd, 2017. The game is in a very early state at this point. It features an in-game mouse cursor to use many of its debugging features, and the build has a git commit hash of 51790cbcaaa69d65863ade5ba588fcd5109b4ed2.

Title Screen & UI

The title screen is very different, a still image featuring some Pokémon not present in the final game. Pressing any button from this point will bring you to a debug menu. Notably, the logo is also significantly different to that of the final game's.

Proto Proto Art Final
PMSwordProto Title 2017.png SwordDec2017TitleScreenBG.png Pokémon Sword and Shield title screen.png
Early Logo Final Logo
SwordDec2017Logo.png SwordFinalLogo.png


Postwick has some finished textures, but it's mostly all placeholder, and lacking any finality in the NPC department.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017Postwick1.png SwordFinalPostwick2.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017Postwick2.png SwordFinalPostwick3.png

Player's House

Almost everything about the player's house is unfinished, including the camera angles, NPC placement and lighting, particularly on the outside. The textures for a garage are also completely missing at this point, but it was entirely removed at the time of the final.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017PlayersHouseOutside.png SwordFinalPlayersHouseOutside.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017PlayersHouseLivingRoom.png SwordFinalPlayersHouseLivingRoom.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017PlayersHouseHall.png SwordFinalPlayersHouseHall.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017PlayersHouseKitchen.png SwordFinalPlayersHouseKitchen.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordMar2018PlayerRoom.png SwordFinalPlayerRoom.png

Hop's House

Even though Hop's house is mostly final on the ground floor, the rooms on the top floor are very much a work in progress. NPCs are also missing at this point.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouse1.png SwordFinalHopsHouse1.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouse2.png SwordFinalHopsHouse2.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouse3.png SwordFinalHopsHouse3.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouse4.png SwordFinalHopsHouse4.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouse5.png SwordFinalHopsHouse5.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouse6.png SwordFinalHopsHouse6.png

In both versions of the living room there are photographs depicting a younger Leon, but the prototype has a higher amount of far more defined, early designs that aren't shown in the final.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017HopsHouseLeonPictures.png SwordFinalHopsHouseLeonPictures.png

Slumbering Weald

Route 1


Wedgehurst lacks practically all of it's textures and is just as work-in-progress as Postwick. None of the buildings here have any functionality, aside from the train station which has a warp to the Wild Area.


As with many buildings in the game so far, the Boutique is largely unfinished, and has a different placement to the final, where it would eventually be replaced by the Pokemon Center.

Proto Placement Final Replacement
SwordDec2017BoutiqueProtoPlacement.png SwordFinalPokemonCenterOutside.png

In it's final spot, there appeared to be plans for three separate buildings, which was changed for the final.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017BoutiqueOutside.png SwordFinalBoutiqueOutside.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017Boutique.png SwordFinalBoutique.png

Pokemon Lab

Minus the lack of textures, object placement within the lab is still a lot closer to the final than many other areas in the game.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017LabOutside.png SwordFinalLabOutside.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017Lab.png SwordFinalLab.png

Pokemon Center

Not only does the Pokemon Center have a different placement (next to the lab in this build but further upwards in the final) but it's also largely unfinished on both the inside and outside. Camera angles and a lack of NPCs also make it differ from the final.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017PokemonCenterOutside.png SwordFinalPokemonCenterOutside.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017PokemonCenterInside.png SwordFinalPokemonCenterInside.png


The train station still has a basic warp to the Wild Area, despite being largely unfinished. Both inside and outside, the camera angle is significantly different to the final.

Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017StationOutside.png SwordFinalStationOutside.png
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017Station.png SwordFinalStation.png

Route 2

Wild Area

The hugely spacious Wild Area has a significantly different layout, and lacks textures when compared to the final.


Route 3

Motostoke Outskirts

Player Model

The player model (known as 'Gloria' in the final) is somewhat similar but also noticeably different from the final.

  • She shares many of her limited battle poses and animations with that of the main character from Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! The text reads: "You are challenged by Shorts Kid Tarou!" (Youngster Josh)
  • The protagonist has a Teddiursa charm hooked to her bag, despite that Pokemon (nor it's evolution) appearing in the final game. This implies that the removal of Pokemon had not impacted development at this early stage. It was removed in the following released prototype builds.
Bag Model
  • Gloria lacks her special animation for tiptoeing down steps from the final build.
Dec. 2017 Proto Final
SwordDec2017StepWalk.gif SwordFinalStepWalk.gif

UI & Visuals

Rotom Dexes

The game has a minimap in every prototype build, with a design similar to that of the Rotom Dex introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon. It functions somewhat properly, only moving in 8 directions and it moves even if you're running into a wall, but the map it displays is instead of Akala Island from the Alola Region, meaning that it obviously does not match up with the gameplay.

Icon Map In-Game
SwordDec2017Minimap.png SwordDec2017MinimapMap.png SwordDec2017MinimapInGame.png

A pink Rotom Dex with a bow can also be found in the files, labeled as dummy_rotoko_00^q. Interestingly, Rotom is notable for being a Pokemon that lacks an assigned gender, despite the feminine appearance of this Rotom in particular.



A very early rendition of the Save Screen can be accessed, and uses visuals from Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee! It also uses concept art for each of that game's Gym Leaders, instead of in-game models like in the final game. This predates the Save Screen that can be seen in the May 2018 Prototype build of those games. The dates shown are always August 30th and 31st of 2017, likely meaning that was the time this menu was made.

Dec. 2017 Proto (Sword) May. 2018 Proto (LGE) Final (Sword) Final (LGP)
SwordDec2017SaveScreen.png LGPE May 2018 Proto Save Screen.png SwordFinalSaveScreen.png LGPE Final Save Select.png
Leader Icons (Sword Proto)
SwordDec2017IconBrock.png SwordDec2017IconMisty.png SwordDec2017IconSurge.png SwordDec2017IconErika.png SwordDec2017IconKoga.png SwordDec2017IconSabrina.png SwordDec2017IconBlaine.png SwordDec2017IconGiovanni.png
Leader Icons (LGPE)
LGPEFinalIconBrock.png LGPEFinalIconMisty.png LGPEFinalIconSurge.png LGPEFinalIconErika.png LGPEFinalIconKoga.png LGPEFinalIconSabrina.png LGPEFinalIconBlaine.png LGPEFinalIconGiovanni.png

Symbol Chat

When in the Overworld, crudely drawn emoticons will occasionally appear on screen, likely as a pre-cursor to the Y-Comm, codenamed as Symbol Chat. Default Player Icons that were clearly from Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are also used as placeholders.

Symbol Stamps (Proto)
SwordDec2017SymbolPlayer1.png SwordDec2017SymbolPlayer2.png SwordDec2017SymbolPlayer3.png SwordDec2017SymbolPlayer4.png SwordDec2017SymbolPlayer5.png
SwordDec2017Stamp1.png SwordDec2017Stamp2.png SwordDec2017Stamp3.png SwordDec2017Stamp4.png SwordDec2017Stamp5.png SwordDec2017Stamp6.png SwordDec2017Stamp7.png SwordDec2017Stamp8.png SwordDec2017Stamp9.png SwordDec2017Stamp10.png SwordDec2017Stamp11.png SwordDec2017Stamp12.png
Y-Comm Stamps (Final)
SwordFinalStamp1.png SwordFinalStamp2.png SwordFinalStamp3.png SwordFinalStamp4.png SwordFinalStamp5.png SwordFinalStamp6.png SwordFinalStamp7.png SwordFinalStamp8.png SwordFinalStamp9.png SwordFinalStamp10.png SwordFinalStamp11.png SwordFinalStamp12.png


In the title screen, an early slightly different version of the Gym Theme plays, featuring a much shorter loop than the final version.

Early Gym theme

To do:
Add where in the debug this mockup can be accessed

A noticeably different version of the Gym Leader Battle music plays in a Gigantamax Battle mockup.

Early Gym Leader Battle theme

A slightly different version of Wild Area (South).

Early Wild Area (South)

A completely unused track, it sounds somewhat similar to a test track found in the May 2018 build of Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Unused Track


  • Using the game's "Performance Mode" setting in the debug menu, the game can run at an uncapped frame-rate. The final game was capped at 30FPS, which means that this debug option can result in an unusually smooth experience. The ability to do this appears to have been removed between this build and the March 2018 prototype.
  • By pressing Minus the player can enter a mode for testing the free camera, seen exclusively in the final game's Wild Areas - though it's functionality here allows for more control than in the final. R is used to zoom in, and ZR is to zoom out.
Proto Camera