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Proto:Quake (PC)/Qtest1/Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Quake (PC)/Qtest1.



Two of the gib models have changed between Qtest1 and the final game; the “chest” and “head” gibs. The chest gib is based on the player's model's armor in Qtest1, while the final one is based on a bare chest. The head gib has been changed from having baby blue eyes to more realistic-looking ones. The helmet also changed a bit.

Prototype Final
Wouldn't it be weird if you gibbed a monster and this came out of it? A bit more generic, but it works.
Prototype Final
His eyes are so cute! How could you gib him? Quake Guy really needs to clean up after himself when he's done eating.


The HUD is completely different compared to the one in the final. It uses a different font, background and layout (no space for the runes/keys/items). Even the multiplayer scoreboard is different between Qtest and the final; frags are displayed at the bottom of the HUD, while the final has a unique display that appears on the center of the screen when scoreboard is activated.

Of note is that, no matter how much damage the player takes, the HUD face will never change. There are no different faces either, so it seems that the HUD face wasn't fully implemented at this stage.

Prototype Final
Totally metal, man. Gothic and spooky.
Prototype Final
I can't see shit! A standard every MP FPS game has used since.

Console Texture

Qtest1's console uses a completely different texture compared to the final's and there's no ID Software trademark.

Prototype Final
Ooohhh, how grimy and edgy. Glad someone cleaned it up.

Alternate HUD

Tiles for an alternate HUD can be found hidden in “gfx.wad”. It uses the same design the Qtest1 HUD uses, but has a different background and font.

Main status bar. Quake-Qtest1 altHUD1.png
Inventory screen. Quake-Qtest1 altHUD2.png
Scoreboard background. Quake-Qtest1 altHUD3.png
In-game HUD font Unused HUD font
The font everybody knows and admires. The sleazy font you get your pot from.


In Qtest1, the console uses a different font compared to the final's console. This font is similar to the one used in ID's Doom engine.

In addition, the texture that has the console font has a strange-looking stone under it. In the final, the stone has been replaced with a brown version of the font.

Prototype Final
The font is stoned. Good to see it went clean for the final version.


Teleports use the skybox in Qtest1, while the ones in the final use a texture that is used only for teleports.

Prototype Final
It's like a window into the sky! Now it's a window into a poorly-made version of space.
Prototype Final
Another one for comparison. Weee.


Qtest uses a lot more sprites compared to the final version. Items like torches are sprites instead of models, and there are a few sprites that do not exist in the final version at all.


It looks worse than it did in Doom.

A sprite animation is used to indicate that a person has used a teleporter, instead of the final's particle effects. Interestingly enough, these sprites were still in use in Beta3, showing they were replaced at the last minute. The sprites are actually taken from Doom, however the palette conversion isn't very good, resulting in the originally white and yellow center becoming black and light orange.


There are a ton of unused torch sprites hidden in the game's files. Only one of them is actually used in Qtest1.


Two sprites of a gargoyle statue can be found; one with a torch, the other without.


The strange orb seen in the underwater section of the final's E4M7 is in Qtest1, but has an animation of it exploding (once again using poorly converted Doom sprites) for some reason. This animation does not exist in either Beta3 or the final game.