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Proto:Quake (PC)/Qtest1

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Qtest1 is a Quake prototype dated February 24, 1996, about four months before the game was released. It was designed to serve as a test for the game's multiplayer component, but since the full game has been out for over 15 years, it now exists as a time capsule for those interested in the game's development.

This build has a lot of material that was either changed or scrapped, making it a very interesting development snapshot in the history of Quake.

Download.png Download Qtest1 (Quake Prototype)
File: Quake-Qtest1-proto.zip (4.12MB) (info)


Quake-Qtest1 Statue1.png
Changed gib models, unused sprites, and other fun stuff.
Quake-Qtest1 Vore.png
Changed monster skins EVERYWHERE.
Quake-Qtest1 Nailgun-world.png
Most of the behavior is similar, but the weapons look way different.
Quake-Qtest1 Dm3-noteleporter1.png
The levels included are very similar to a few multiplayer levels in the final, but there are a few differences.


None of the powerups in the final game exist. In addition, the regular health boxes (not Megahealth) use the weaker (15 health) boxes sound, no matter what type is picked up.


Nails are called Flechetes when picked up, but the model name still uses Nails. In addition, the player can only hold 99 Nails at once, instead of the final's 200 and Shells are limited to 99 as well.


Qtest1 has a ton of unused sounds. All of the sounds are higher quality than the ones in the final, including the ones that made it to the final.


Nearly every sound related to the player is different in Qtest1. Instead of listening to a few samples, download the whole thing below:

Download.png Download Qtest1 Player Sounds
File: Quake-Qtest1_Playersound.rar (784 KB) (info)


A sound named breath5.wav can be found in /sounds/nin(yes, THAT nin)/new. It isn't seen in either the later prototype (Beta3) or the final, and there doesn't seem to be any place where it'd fit.


A sound of someone faking a cough can be found in sound/romero/. Knowing Romero, it's probably part of an in-joke since there's no place it could fit in the game.


A sound of a weapon being racked, most likely a shotgun, can be found in /sound/american. It isn't used in Qtest1 and can't be found in either Beta3 or the final.