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Proto:Quake III Arena (Windows, Mac OS Classic)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Quake III Arena.


IHV Prototype
An early prototype leaked from ATI, dating to February 12, 1999.

Q3Test 1.03
The first public Linux/Mac test version, dated April 29, 1999.
Q3Test 1.05
The first public Windows test version, dated May 10, 1999.
Q3Test 1.06
This also covers v1.07, which only changes a map. Dated July 15-20, 1999.
Q3Test 1.08
The next-to-last public test version of the game. Dated August 3, 1999.
Q3Test 1.09
The last public test version of the game. Dated November 14, 1999.