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Proto:Quarter Back Scramble

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Quarter Back Scramble.

A US prototype of Quarter Back Scramble surfaced sometime after 2016. This version seems to predate Accolade's announcement of releasing the game as Mike Ditka's Big Play Football and would have been published by FCI. Besides being translated into English, the game is nearly identical to the Japanese release.

This prototype would also serve as the base for a reproduction cartridge of Big Play Football released in 2008.

Download.png Download Quarter Back Scramble (USA Proto)
File: Quarter Back Scramble (USA) (Proto).zip (118 KB) (info)


Japan US Proto
Quarterbackscramble-title.png QuarterbackscrambleUS Title.png

"American Football Game" was removed from the title screen, the graphics remain in the ROM, though.

Japan US Proto
Quarterbackscramble-team.png QuarterbackscrambleUS team.png

The commas were corrected to periods.