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Proto:Ristar (Game Gear)/September 9th, 1994 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ristar (Game Gear).

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Debug mode is enabled by default, where the final requires you to use a password to unlock it.


The SEGA screen in the prototype is more in line with the generic SEGA screen most Game Gear and Master System games used. The final uses a SEGA screen akin to its Genesis counterpart.

Prototype Final
Ristar Prototype SEGA.png Ristar GameGear Final SEGA.png

The title screen is also different from the final. It seems it was trying to mimic the Genesis version of the game.

Prototype Final
Ristar GameGear Prototype Title.png Ristar GameGear Final Title.png


  • The prototype implies umotomats are on stage, while the conductor is missing from the sound test screen.
  • "Sound Theater" was changed to "Music Theater".
  • Stars in the background were kind of "red/pink".
Prototype Final
Ristar-GameGear-Prototype-SoundTest.png Ristar-GameGear-Final-SoundTest.png