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Proto:Shining Force III/FSS Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Shining Force III.

Early Title Screen

Starting the Demo shows off an unused title screen, featuring CD quality audio. This is also present in the stand alone demo, though it's unused, and can only be accessed through debug. The music track it uses, TOSHI.SAP still remains in the Japanese version, but was removed in the USA and European versions.

Debug Mode

Entering 36020D00 0001 will enable a debug mode which isn't quite the same as the one in the final game. Its functions are as follows:

Name Explanation
Scene Area Warp - select the map where you wish to go, hit A, then close the menu. Has a bit below the area name, but setting it to anything other than 0 doesn't appear to do anything. WARNING: Trying to set this in battles requires you to either beat the map or hex edit the Return spell into a character's spell slot, as the spell is not available normally in the demo.
Flag Sets event flags.
Param Roster editor. Add or remove characters, and change their levels or classes.
Item Gives you any item in the game, provided you still have space. There is also an option for Max Gold.
Save Saves file. Appears to be fully functional, and in fact it can even be used in other scenarios, with a file select screen that is very different from the one used.
Load Loads a save file. Attempting to actually load a file crashes the game.
Sound Sound Test. Voices and Jingles have been omitted.
??? Unknown. Attempting to use it just refreshes the menu.
MAX Same as above.
Config The normal Configuration menu.

Also, pressing X + Y + Z will pause the game. In this mode, pressing most any button will advance the game 1 frame, and pressing L will enable some printout information. To exit this mode, press Start.

(Source: [1] Knight0fDragon)

General Changes

Two levels are in the game, and 3 maps total. The first is the battle on the Railhead Train,

The Camera when selecting an enemy is stationary, whereas in the final it follows the enemy selected.

The sound an enemy makes when defeated is changed.

Spells are in a very unfinished state, most aren't even in the game, and seem to default to a boost spell, a heal spell, or Thanatos, but there are a few standouts. - All 4 Blaze Levels are in the game.
- Freeze only contains a single animation.
- All 4 spark level are in the game, in a roughish state. The sound effect is also different, and may go unused in the final.
- Soul Steal works, but the message for it doesn't seem to be in the game. Upon hit the message "M4C" appears.
- Strangely, there's 4 different levels of Inferno, that change the palette of the strobe lights; 1 is purple, 2 is green, 3 is red and 4 is blue.
- Phoenix works, the floor texture appears to be different to the final.
- Thanatos works, but is completely untextured.


Prototype Final
Scenario 1 sprite listJapa.png
Scenario 1 sprite listUS.png

It appears they hadn't finished the item list at this stage of development. Not quite as developed as the later prototype, but not as underdeveloped as the Segakore demo either.


  • Daggers
Prototype Final
Prototype Final
Prototype Final

The first three daggers are entirely different.

  • Blade
Prototype Final

The shine was toned down, and a hole in the tip of the sword was removed.

  • Poleaxe
Prototype Final

The shadows were redrawn to be larger.

  • Axe
Prototype Final

The first Axe is a slightly redrawn version of the final's second Axe. The rest of the Axes in the proto were redrawn for the final.

Prototype Final

A red bandanna was added to the handle.

  • Mace
Prototype Final

Palette was changed to be a bit more colorful and metallic.

Prototype Final

Appears to be using the Battle Mace's sprite as a placeholder.

Prototype Final

The design was changed to add spikes.

  • Items
Prototype Final

The Quick Chicken was completely redone.

Prototype Final
Prototype Final

Same with the Small and Large Mithril. Their positioning was also swapped around.

Prototype Final
SF3Healing DropFinal.png

Cork on the Healing Drop was made bigger.

Prototype Final
Prototype Final
Prototype Final
  • Tomahawk
Prototype Final

The first two Tomahawks had a very minor change to the blade's shine.

  • Braces/Rings
Prototype Final

The leftmost tip of the star was shaved off slightly, and some transparency was added.

Prototype Final
  • Misc
Prototype Final

The color was changed from a dullish purple to a more vibrant pink for the final.

Prototype Final

The bottom left corner had transparency added in the final.

Prototype Final

This is the same wand Masqurin carries in her sprite. Seems it was intended as an item at one point.

  • Arrows
Prototype Final

Oddly enough even the unused Arrow was remade for the final. Worth noting that Kantar's Bow doesn't seem to exist yet, despite just being a recolor.

Partially Deleted

SF3FSSPDeletedItems.png SF3FSSPDeletedItems2.png
There's a row of items on the list that appear to have been deleted, though not perfectly.