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Proto:Shining Force III

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Shining Force III.


FSS Demo
A demo included with Flash! Sega Saturn Vol 23.
Taikenban (Otanoshimi 3Shiro! Disc) Demo
Significantly different from the FSS demo, despite being the same on the surface.
November 1997 Segakore Demo
A demo disc featuring an very early build of the game!
Shining Force III.png
May 8th, 1998 prototype
Late localization prototype with many differences, despite being just a month away from shipping.

May 17th, 1997 Prototype

To do:
A few files, such as Battles 21, 22, and 29 and Aspia Castle appear to have some changes.

Released as part of a donation drive, and compiled extremely close to the final version, the changes in this are minimal.

General differences

  • Internally this is referred to as version 1.005, the first release of the game is 1.006