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Shining Force III Scenario 3: Hyouheki no Jashinguu

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Title Screen

Shining Force III Scenario 3: Hyouheki no Jashinguu

Developers: Camelot Software Planning
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: September 23, 1998

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Shining Force III: Bulzome Rising is the fairly rushed conclusion to the series.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info


Debug is present and accounted for, this time around it's been slightly expanded. Use AR code 36023A1E 0001 to enable it.


Name Explanation
Scn Area Warp - select the map where you wish to go, hit A then close the menu. The second option chooses what exit you spawn from, or in battle, what cutscenes play. In some maps setting it to -1 allows you to spawn out of bounds.
Flg Sets event flags.
Prm Roster editor. Add or remove characters, what team they're in, skill lvs, and their levels or classes.
Itm Gives you any item in the game, provided you still have space. There is also an option for Max Gold. New to Scenario 3 is an option called "All Item Honjin". This option places 1 of every item in HQ storage.
Sav Saves file
Lod Loads a save file
Snd Sound Test
12P What this does is unknown, currently, selecting it just refreshes the menu.
Cfg The normal Configuration menu
(Source: [1] Knight0fDragon)


Pressing X+Y+Z together will pause the game. In this mode, pressing any button other than L, R, or Start will advance the game 1 frame, pressing L will enable some printout information and R will disable. To exit, Press the Start button. Holding Z will disable collision, allowing you to cross out of bounds. In battle, if you hold Z while an enemy or character ends their turn, the battle instantly ends, or instead you can kill specific characters/enemies by holding Start while ending their turn. Finally, pressing R during a cutscene will skip dialogue, and L will disable it. Pressing it multiple times can advance through scenes slightly faster, though this will crash the game on certain scenes, such as when Fake Benetram leaves the Saraband bridge battle.

Records/Name Changing

An early version of the Record room from the Premium Disc is present here. Starting a new game with no previous save AND while debug is active enables it and gives you a bit of unique dialogue. It lets you set the synchronicity points, as well as some other general flags, and allows you to change the name of most Playable Characters.

Unused Areas

Far more boring compared to the previous two games, it seems as if these maps had all most of their content cleaned out. Use Scn in Debug to access these areas:

Name Image Notes
TESMAP (Measurement Test) SF3mtest.png Back again, just as unchanged as ever.
(Store Test) N/A More or less same as the last game.
Aspia Roof N/A Crashes the game. It's inclusion is likely an oversight.
Special Battle SF3Special Battle.png According to the developers, there was only suppose to be a single Battle on the Premium Disc originally. As is, you are taken to dream, where the old man tells you that this map was intended for the Premium disc and cannot be loaded.
Polygon Character Test Polygon test SC3.png Broken, though this was likely intended for the Premium Disc.
Ryuta Test SF3Ryuta test.png Some kind of dev test, but it appears to be missing files. After getting through the GID errors, there's two characters visible when starting up the map, a bouncing Unoma and a Lightning bolt. Talking to either crashes the game, although the thunderbolt brings up a YES/NO prompt before doing so.
BLACK3.MPD BLACK3SF3.png They renamed BLACK.MPD, for whatever reason.
MUHASHI.MPD SF3MUHASHI.png Has a habit of crashing upon entering the level. One of the bigger file size maps in the game, likely a Scenario 2 leftover.
SNIOKI.MPD SF3SNIOKI.png What appears to be the opening map for Scenario 2. The camera angle is completely broken, as are the sky textures.
YSKI00.MPD SF3YSKI00.png An old Japanese style mansion, looks as if it could've been a battle map.

Unused Characters


Perhaps the only truly unused character in the entire Trilogy, Rogan is almost complete, only missing 2nd promotion graphics. As-is his sprites do not load, as the files use the wrong ID. His entry and stats suggests he was originally suppose to join at the very start(assuming you obtained the Ship Key in scenario 1}. This conflicts with Scenario 2, which instead has him briefly joining Medion's force as an NPC player. His reason for being removed, according to the developers on the game's website, had to do with a change in story. A clue as to what that change might've been can be found in Scenario 1 as there exists a sprite of what appears to be Edmund(one of the starting characters of scenario 3) in a death throe.


The 60th character slot contains a character named "ペンきち"(Penkichi). According to the official developer website, this was merely a joke character. It was supposedly a flat 2D image of Pen made to fill the lone placeholder slot. The fan translation edits this out to "Jane". Internally, Jane doesn't become a playable character until the Premium Disc and the version used in the final battle draws from the Enemy/NPC entries. Unlike unused characters from the previous game, Penkichi has graphics associated with it!. In-game it uses Basanda's sprite and the Icon of Scenario 1's Elbesem Statue. However, like all the other unfinished characters(except Rogan), Penkichi lacks a proper model and will crash the game if it ever goes into battle.

(Source: [2] SF3 Official Website)

Unused Cutscene

To do:
The scene is stored in the game, and is functional, but not accessible under normal means...










Fan Translation:


Why didn't you kill me...

I've no country to return to... Can't you at least grant me a place to die?

[Donhort]: I don't know of your situation... but why are you in such a hurry to die?

[Edmund]: Ever since I was tricked by General Garzel and betrayed the Republic... I've been searching for a place to die, Donhort!.

[Bresby]: You should try to start anew, General Edmund. The weakened Republic... needs generals like you.

[Edmund]: I'm... needed...?

Is that so...

I'll return to Baersol and guard the border while I do some... thinking.

I may be able to regain my confidence...

X5BTL92.BIN contains dialogue for sparing Edmund if he is a boss during a specific battle. While the cutscene itself is in the game and is fully functional, the ability to actually spare Edmund was not programmed into the battle. X5JINMEI.BIN, the dialogue for the encyclopedia even has dialogue to reflect this change:

Former Republican general who forms
a rebellion. Defeated at Baersol by the
Julian army. His life spared, he's given
a second chance.

Unused Enemies

To do:
  • Actually comb through the enemy list for unique unused entries, if any
  • Rewrites as needed.
  • Figure out how i should go about adding Leftovers from previous scenarios.

Buried in the game are a slew of unused enemy entries all of which still have model files present, though most had their contents dummied out. An unusual amount of these are from previous Shining Force games. They follow X8PC[###].BIN(### being the values below) Note:Number is for the Model IDs. To get the Sprite IDs, subtract 500 from the Model ID(For example: Sara Sldr's Sprite set is 201)

Japanese English Sprite Number Notes
??? ??? N/A 700
ブラックナイト Black Knight SF3BlackKnt.gif 710
セイント Saint SF3Saint.gif 712(Dummy)
スラッシュバット Slash Bat SF3SlashBat.gif 738 Why this graphically complete bat enemy went unused is unknown.
仲間になるPC (untranslated) None 791(Dummy) It's the PC script from Scenario 1.
ガーゴイル Gargoyle SF3Gargoyle.gif 850
魔物 Monster Not Found 888(Dummy) It's a mystery as to what this unusually generic entry might be. It's the second to last on the list.
パピードラゴン Dragon Pup 898
? ??? None 905 At the very end of the battle list are these 6 entries, 5 of which contain Model data, and Enemy sprites end at 389, though the 405-408 were used for special effects.
? ??? None 906
? ??? None 907
? ??? None 908
? ??? None 909
? ??? None 910(Doesn't exist)
  • 3D Models

Unused Items

To do:
  • If i ever get around to it, document all the useless low tier weapons that obviously go unused.
  • Finish adding the unused stuff from previous games
  • Finish Transcribing Japanese Names/Descriptions, and retranslate the more suspect ones like Hell Rod.

Much of the unused content from Scenario 1 returns, some of it is now used(or can be obtained by having it in your inventory from scenario 2, the katanas, for example.), but this game also adds many, many more that the player can never obtain.

No Image Name(Fan Translation) Description(Fan Translation) Stats Notes
66 SF3Schimitar.png シミタ一
5 ATK Enemy only weapon
114 SF3Sneaky Knife.png シーブスナイフ
Sneaky Knife
ATK 13 AGL 5 Translates to "Thief's Knife"
115 SF3Joker Knife.png ジョーカーナイフ
Joker Knife
ATK 13
138 SF3Beast Spear.png ビーストスピア
Beast Spear
ATK 18
139 SF3Comet Spear.png コメットスピア
Comet Spear
スピア系統の武器 必殺技発動
Spear - has Special Attack
ATK 18 Special Attack is "Meteor"
152 SF3Ultra Axe.png スカイ トマホーク
Ultra Tomahawk
トマホーク系統の武器 必殺技発動
Tomahawk - Special Attack
ATK 20 Originally called Ultra Axe.
169 SF3Holy Cestus.png ドラゴンナックル
Dragon Cestus
ナックル系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 19 Crit + 5 Holy Cestus from Scenario 1.
178 SF3Spark Wand.png マーリンズワンド
Pyra's Wand
ワンド系統の武器 必殺技発動 スパーク
Wand - Special Attack, Spark L3, regen 2 MP
ATK 19 AGL 5 MP Regen + 2 It's not known if it even has a special attack anymore.Fan translation adds the Regen 2MP and L3 bits.
188 SF3Caylons bow.png クイロンの矢
Moogie's Arrow
矢系統の武器 必殺技発動
Arrow - Special Attack
ATK 24 AGL 3 This is Caylon's Bow from Scenario 1. The Fan Translation is a reference to an admin for a Shining Force fansite.
192 SF3Needle Xbow.png ニ一ドルクォレル
Needle Quarrel
クォレル系統の武器 必殺技発動
Quarrel - Special Attack
ATK 22 AGL 2 Crit + 5
196 Cold Blood.png クールブラッド
Cold Blood
Accessory - Cools the Blood
??? Stats don't noticably change. It might be tied to the battle where a character is frozen in ice, but you're not able to see their inventory during that battle.
216 SF3Light Anchor.png ライトアンカー
Light Anchor
14 ATK
217 Heavy Anchor.png へビーアンカー
Heavy Anchor
20 ATK Neither of these are used. The earliest character you can get that even uses Anchors joins in Chapter 6
222 Cut Flowers.png 切り花
Cut Flowers
Lovely flowers, not edible
N/A Scenario 1/2 Leftover
223 48px 鶏のエサ
Chicken Feed
Yummy, Chickens love it!
N/A Scenario 1/2 Leftover.
225 Large Egg.png 大きな卵
Large Egg
An egg - chirps if you speak to it
N/A Scenario 1/2 Leftover
227 Statue GemSC2.png 像の黒水晶
Statue Gem
Gem from a statue in Aspia
N/A Scenario 1 leftover
229 Saraband Key.png 牢獄のカギ
Saraband Key
A key with the Saraband logo
N/A Scenario 2 Leftover
230 SF3Cane.png 神刄の杖
Divine Cane
バサンダ専用 回復のカを備えた武器
Staff - Revive if used
ATK 16
231 Hell RodSF3.png 地獄のロッド
Hell Rod
Staff - Hell Dragon L2
ATK 20 The Fan translation description is a lie. A rough translation would be "Dessheren only - Cane". Item is fairly functional, though you don't get a spell for equipping it like the normal rods.
240 Barrand Key.png ろうやのカギ
Barrand Key
A key with the Barrand logo
N/A Scenario 2 Leftover
241 Robot Eye.png ロビィズ・アイ
Robot Eye
Weird piece of machinery
N/A Scenario 2 Leftover
242 48px カギ型の金捧
Secret Key
Key that Crewart Dropped
N/A Scenario 2 Leftover
294 Divine Wind FanSF3.png 風神のUnknown character2.png
Divine Wind Fan
Source of the Wind's Power, Special Attack
N/A Goriate's Fan. The Fan Translation's description omits the "Goriate only" Game thinks it's an item.
295 HalberodSF3.png ハルバロッド
Magic Halberd Rod
ATK 21 Based on the description, it appears to be an exclusive weapon for the Rainbloods, though the fan translation omits that part.
297 Chaos Mobius.png カオスメビウス
Chaos Mobius
Holy Weapon
N/A This appears to be the weapon the Bulzome High priests use at the end of the game. Unlike the Canes from the first game, this isn't even consider a weapon, and cannot be equipped.
299 SF3299.png ??? ??? N/A This was meant as a placeholder, or was penkichi's weapon. Either way, it's not functional.

Unused Text


For some inexplicable reason, this entire file exists. It's a mix of early Scenario 2 and 3 battle dialogue and a souped up BTL99, which is also present on the disc. The dialogue(Fan Translation) is as follows:

Lure the enemy into an area where we
will have the advantage. We should not
rush into such a narrow passage, {11}{08}.
Protect {11}  at all cost.
Without him, we have no
hope of saving Destonia.

{11}{08}, if you can anticipate when the
enemy will move on the offensive, the
tide of battle will turn in our favour.

{11}{08}, enemies in sandy and grassy terrain
will respond to our movement and appear.
If you sense danger, remain still.

Advance while breaking the enemy's
formation. Don't allow them to send
reinforcements to the area in front of the
main hall where {11}{08}'s force is engaged.

{11}{01}, you've broken through
their formation! Now, focus on
the enemy's defenses so we can
activate the west tower's switch.

The Bulzome Sect have set up their
defenses and sent reinforcements
to the main hall, but we can't waver.
Let's continue to pursue our objective.

It won't be easy to break the guard's
formation and penetrate the east
tower defenses while preventing
them from sending reinforcements,
but we must succeed, {11}{15}.

They have faltered under our
offensive and lost the opportunity
to send reinforcements.
The opportunity for
victory is ours, {11}{15}.

The enemy was able to send
reinforcements to the main hall,
but we must not waver. We must
fulfill our duty at the east tower.

In order to ensure the success of the
three forces' objectives, we must
move towards the stone wall while
avoiding the Walcurey's attacks.


To pass the trial, the enemy must
be annihilated and {10}
must not be defeated.

{11}{15}, try to take advantage of how
your allies are divided up. Doing so, we
can draw the enemy into breaking rank.

As the leader, you must
remain on the battlefield.

{1A} is our savior.

You should deal with those
strange masked monks instead
of wasting time talking to me!

The enemy is divided into two
battalions, but we might be able to
gain some interesting information.
Let's engage those near Balsamo!

To battle against our own countrymen
is regrettable, but if they attack us,
our force must respond, {11}{15}.

The boat has sailed, but there
still may be clues in Balsamo.
Let's head there now, {11}{15}.

{12} peeked inside the ruins

Push off, freak!{0F}{05}{05} I'll be taking
the treasure from this ruin.

The {10} army escaped the ruins

The ruins have collapsed

The ruins are destroyed
and not safe to enter

The ruins are sealed

{10}, thieves are planning to
loot those ruins! We must stop
them from stealing the treasure!

{10}, as our leader, you should
remain on the battlefield. Your allies
can take care of those ruin looters.

{12}, it appears you can't carry
any more. Let me hold it for you.

It appears you can't carry any more.
Let me hold it for safekeeping.

{12}, your hands are full.
Let me take that for you.

{12} received the {14}

{12} looked inside the mine

It's pitch dark inside

{10}, as our leader, you should
remain on the battlefield. Leave the
exploration of the mine to your allies!

{10}, as our leader, you
should remain on the battlefield.
Leave the bandits to your allies!

Ho...{05} I'll be taking the
treasure in this mine.

{10}, bandits are planning
to loot the mine! We must stop
them from stealing the treasure!

The {10} army escaped the mine

In order to progress through the chief's
ruins, you must defeat each level boss.

{11}{01}, in order to complete your
objective, you must head down
that path and continue moving.
Success will require determination.

To succeed in battle, take
the initiative, but observe the
enemy's movements before acting.
Consider time and space
and rely on your judgement.

In order to progress through the sage's
ruins, you must defeat each level boss.

In order to complete your objectives
and improve your skills, training
in the sage's ruins is crucial.

You may dispatch the weaker enemies or
advance in search of stronger opponents.

It is entirely up to you, {11}{15}.

In order to progress through the sage's
ruins, you must defeat each level boss.

If you can clear the sage's ruins,
Bulzome is nothing to be feared.
Work towards making yourself stronger.

Typical enemies will not be enough.
You should try defeating the boss
in the center. Choose opponents
suitable for building your experience.