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Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya

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Title Screen

Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya

Also known as: Shining Force Gaiden II: Jashin no Kakusei (JP), Shining Force: Sword of Hajya (EU/AU)
Developer: Sonic! Software Planning
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Game Gear
Released in JP: June 25, 1993
Released in US: October 28, 1994
Released in EU: June 13, 2013 (3DS Virtual Console)
Released in AU: June 13, 2013 (3DS Virtual Console)

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

The only Game Gear Shining Force installment to be released outside of Japan.

Debug Mode

At the Sega logo, press Up, Up, Down, Up, 2, 1, Right, Left. If done right, you'll hear a "Whoosh". Now, pick a new or saved game, and before starting, you'll be presented with a debug menu with several options.

  • Option 0: End
    • Exits debug mode and starts gameplay. Pressing 1 will also exit debug mode.
  • Option 1: Group Selection
    • Any unrecruited characters will appear on a menu similar to the Change menu in game. Pressing 2 when the cursor is over a unit will add them to the party. If all characters have been recruited, selecting this option has no effect.
  • Option 2: Battle Selection
    • Selects what battle the player is currently on. Ranges from 1-24.
  • Option 3: Level Selection
    • Allows the player to increase the level of their characters. Unpromoted characters cannot have their level raised past 20, but promoted characters can have their level increased all the way to level 99.
  • Option 4: Cancel Event
    • Cancels any cutscenes that would take place before a battle begins, placing the player directly in combat.
  • Option 5: Test Mode
    • Function unknown.
  • Option 6: Enemy Investigation
    • Function unknown.
  • Option 7: Back Mode
    • Function unknown.
  • Option 8: Game Clear
    • Makes the game think you already beat the last boss.
  • Option 9: Wealthy
    • Grants the player 500,000 gold, allowing them to purchase even the most expensive items in the game with ease.
  • Option 10: Reset
    • Resets the game.
  • Option 11: Save
    • Saves the game.
  • Option 12: Mime Mime
    • Launches the Mime Theatre sequence that plays at the end of the game.
  • Option 13: Sound Test
    • Ranges from 0-87. Plays a more complete sequence of songs and sound effects compared to holding Up and Start when starting a file.
  • Option 14: Game Progress
    • Ranges from 0-2. Function unknown.
(Source: z80)

Music Test


First, you need to have a saved game with the game completed, or you can use the Debug Mode code and turn on the "Game Clear" option. Then, to access the Music Test, either start a new game, or pick a saved game. Before the game starts, press Up + Start.

(Source: z80)

Programmer Credit

Starting from 0x346 in the cartridge data is a programmer credit, which is used to check if RAM has been initialized. This is common to all three Shining Force Gaiden games.

Kodera MR2
(Source: Maxim)