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Shining Force III Scenario 2: Nerawareta Miko

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Title Screen

Shining Force III Scenario 2: Nerawareta Miko

Developers: Camelot Software Planning, Sonic! Software Planning
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: April 28, 1998

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Also known as Shining Force III: Target: Child of God, this sequel oddly feels like what the original Shining Force III should have been. It stars the 3rd Prince in line to the throne, Medion with his even smaller(and somewhat quirkier) force of soldiers as he tries to evade fellow Empire soldiers, masked satanic cultists, and Republic traitors on his way to rescue his father, the King of Destonia and ultimately stop the Mad Governor Garvin's schemes.

Debug Mode

To do:
Event flags, battle debug, etc.

Use 360238EE 0001(1.003) or 3602389E 0001(2.000) depending on the version of the game to activate a debug mode. It's functions are a bit different to Scenario 1's:

Name Explanation
Scn Area Warp - select the map where you wish to go, hit A then close the menu. The second option chooses what exit you spawn from, or in battle, what cutscenes play. In some maps setting it to -1 allows you to spawn out of bounds.
Flg Sets event flags.
Prm Roster editor. Add or remove characters, what team they're in, skill lvs, and their levels or classes.
Itm Gives you any item in the game, provided you still have space. There is also an option for Max Gold.
Sav Saves file
Lod Loads a save file
Snd Sound Test
12P What this does is unknown, currently, selecting it just refreshes the menu.
Cfg The normal Configuration menu
(Source: [1] Knight0fDragon)


Pressing X+Y+Z together will pause the game. In this mode, pressing any button other than L, R, or Start will advance the game 1 frame, pressing L will enable some printout information and R will disable. To exit, Press the Start button. Holding Z will disable collision, allowing you to cross out of bounds. In battle, if you hold Z while an enemy or character ends their turn, the battle instantly ends, or instead you can kill specific characters/enemies by holding Start while ending their turn. Finally, pressing R during a cutscene will skip dialogue, and L will disable it. Pressing it multiple times can advance through scenes slightly faster, though this will crash the game on certain scenes.

Controlling Enemies

If the bit 0128-6 in Flg is set, you will now be given control of enemies during battle.

Fight Menu

Setting 0128-0 in Flg will enable a fight menu, with extra options, they are as follows:

  • CNO - Unknown, cannot be manually changed.
  • ACT - For Scenario 2 the options are: FIT, FAR(Seems to crash the game when used), EQI, ITM AND MAG
  • NO - Goes from 0-101, it's use depends on what ACT you selected. IE, what spell the character uses if you select magic.
  • LV - Level of attack, likely only for Spells.
  • HIT - NRML, S--H, N--H, SUKA(Guard), and CRTC
  • KAI - Unknown
  • HAN - Unknown
  • D - Strangely, although they added a 4th D, the functionality of all but 1 appears to have been removed. Setting these to the highest value doesn't appear to add an extra damage step. D1 appears to pull names from RAM(e.g. Setting to 20 while attacking with an enemy will say Medion took damage, 21 for Campbell, etc) though setting it to an invalid name(i.e. One of the PC placeholders) will crash the game.

Debug Flags

Using the Flg option it is possible to enable extra debug functions, format is "Address-Bit" and they are as follows:
0108-2 - window layer disabled
0108-7 - sprites disabled
0110-0 - Slow mode
0110-3 - Disables the backgound layer
0130-0 - Hitbox display (Overlays a wireframe around collision.)
0130-3 - Camera Tilting or alternatively, Drunk Mode

Hidden Objects

  • Airo Village

Behind Airo Village is a functional bridge and a few textures and sprites.

Inside this pen is chickens that can't normally be talked to.

  • Storich Business District

Placed way out of bounds is this lone Conductor.

  • Waterfall graphic

Hidden behind the game's waterfall is this small texture. The letters appear almost illegible, thus far the only thing that can be made out is "た__"

Unused Characters

There three additional unused characters buried in the game called グラツア, パピィ, and スピリテット. The first one is Gracia, while the last one appears to be a mispelled Spiriel(スピリテッド vs スピリテット), and the middle is unknown, it doesn't even show up in Scenario 3. They all use a placeholder icon, and have no stats. The fan translation edits the latter two out to "Rogan"(another unused character) and "Edmund" respectively.

  • Two Julians

Being a returning character from scenario 1, you'd think Julian would occupy the same Character slot(or CNO as the game calls it) as that game, but that's not the case in Scenario 2. For some inexplicable reason, the one the game uses is indexed next to Donhort, which the original is horribly broken, and will crash the game if used in battle. Even outside of battle if the character is in your team it breaks the Status page, adding loads of garbage Playable characters to the page.

Unused Classes

Japanese Fan Translation
Steam Soldier
Ninja Tyro
Mecha Bot
Metal Driver
Light Apostle

In addition to the 6 3rd promotional classes from Scenario 1(The Summoner Hedva uses is a different entry), another 6 base level promotions go completely unused. It's not known at all what the first three could've been used for, though they oddly sound as if they could fit the characters Ratchet, Frank, and Hagane/Murasame respectively(though it's just as likely these were also intended for cut characters.). The other half however also fit well with the characters Robbie, Jade and Pappets, who all join in the later half of the game.

Even stranger, all six of these are removed in Scenario 3, leaving very conspicuous "Reserve" gaps.

Unused Enemies

To do:
  • Finish Scenario 1 leftovers section.
  • Rewrite the entries as needed.
  • Then go through Enemy entries, sprites and walkthroughs to see what else doesn't get called.
  • Long shot, but try and find a way to call these enemies in battle, though it's likely the game would just crash.

Buried in the game are a slew of unused enemy entries all of which still have model files present, though most had their contents dummied out. An unusual amount of these are from previous Shining Force games. They follow X8PC[###].BIN(### being the values below) Note:Number is for the Model IDs. To get the Sprite IDs, subtract 500 from the Model ID(For example: Sara Sldr's Sprite set is 201)

Name Sprite Number Notes
N/A 700 Nothing appears to use the Sprite ID in this game.
Not Found 703(Dummy)
SF3Horseman.gif 708(Dummy) It appears to be an upgrade to Bow Knight
Black Knight
SF3BlackKnt.gif 710 Now with a completed 3D model.
SF3Saint.gif 712(Dummy)
Baby Dragon
SF3DragonNewt.gif 716(Dummy) Dragonnewt from Scenario 1.
SF3Durahan.gif 727(Dummy) Shining Force I enemy. Later used in Scenario 3.
Mad Muscle
Not Found 732(Dummy) Appears to be a Shining the Holy Ark leftover. No sprites or models exist in any version of the game. Gets replaced with Ice Golem by Scenario 3.
SF3Taros.gif 734 Mistranslated Taros. A boss from Shining Force II that later gets used in Scenario 3, though it's graphics appear to have been completed by this stage.
Not Found 735(Dummy) There is evidence that the enemy was working at some point, but neither this game or it's sequels contain anything relating to it. Was ultimately replaced with Giant Ant by Scenario 3.
File:SF3Colossus.gif 736(Dummy) Sprite taken from Scenario 3, where it was used.
Slash Bat
SF3SlashBat.gif 738 Why this graphically complete bat enemy went unused is unknown.
Not Found 742(Dummy) The only real clue as to what this might be is in the Japanese name, suggesting it was merely a lazy recolor of Dragon. Replaced with Skull Warrior(スカルウォリアー) by Scenario 3.
Dragon Knight
Not Found 743(Dummy)
Not Found 747(Dummy) A Chimera is used in the next game, but for some reason THAT entry replaces one of the Fiales. Meanwhile, this one gets replaced by Hell Succubus.
Not Found 753(Dummy) Replaced with Metal Gunner(メタルガンナー) in Scenario 3.
Not Found 754(Dummy) Replaced with Bugbear in Scenario 3.
Demon Mage
Not Found 759(Dummy) Replaced with Arch Demon(アークデーモン) in Scenario 3.
SF3Monk.gif 763(Dummy) Sprite is only a guess, as it was used a fair bit to represent enemies during development.
Blue Priest
SF3Blue.gif 765(Dummy) Shining Force II enemy, later used in Scenario 3.
None 791(Dummy) Seems to be a script related to recruitable characters during battle, as opposed to a genuine enemy entry.
SF3Gargoyle.gif 850
SF3Goriate.gif 852 Sprites for the character are included in Battle 12, and a non-dummy model file is present, suggesting you were originally going to fight the character during that battle. In the final, he shows up in Chapter 3's opening cutscene then is said to have left for Destonia immediately after, and isn't seen again until the next game.
Hermit Crab
SF3Hermitcrab.gif 871
Not Found 888(Dummy) It's a mystery as to what this unusually generic entry might be. It's the second to last on the list.
(Source: Knight0fDragon(Sprite Rips); Original TCRF Research)
  • 3D Models

Scenario 1 leftovers

Japanese English Sprite Number Notes
Titan N/A(3D Model) 806 Scenario 1 leftover.
アロガント Arrawnt File:SF3Arrawnt.gif 822 Scenario 1 Leftover, seemingly left intact.

Unused Items

To do:
* Finish adding the rest of the items
  • Recheck specials, AGAIN
  • Is ケイロン a character from previous games? All i can come up with is a character from Shining Tears, which can't possibly be related.

Using the in-game debug, it is possible to place any item in the game in your character's inventory. The Ninja Katanas are actually used now, and NOT SET was removed as all 255 slots in the game now contain items, but unused items from the first game are still present.

No Image Name(English) Description(English) Stats Notes
152 SF3Ultra Axe.png Ultra Tomahawk
スカイ トマホーク
Tomahawk - Special Attack
トマホーク系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 20 Originally called Ultra Axe.
178 SF3Spark Wand.png Pyra's Wand
Wand - Special Attack, Spark L3, regen 2 MP
ワンド系統の武器 必殺技発動 スパーク
ATK 19 AGL 5 MP Regen + 2 The Spark Wand from Scenario 1. It's not known if it even has a special attack anymore.
188 SF3Caylons bow.png Moogie's Arrow
Arrow - Special Attack
矢系統の武器 必殺技発動
ATK 24 AGL 3 This is Caylon's Bow from SC1. The Fan Translation is a reference to an admin for a Shining Force fansite.
227 Statue GemSC2.png Statue Gem
Gem from a statue in Aspia
N/A Scenario 1 leftover
230 SF3Cane.png Divine Cane
Staff - Revive if used
バサンダ専用 回復のカを備えた武器
ATK 16  
231 Hell RodSF3.png Hell Rod
Staff - Hell Dragon L2
ATK 20 Desshelen exclusive weapon, does not actually give you Hell Dragon if used.
253 Gold Beak.png Golden Beak
Beak - Crit + 5, Ctr + 5,random Summon if used
ATK 3, Crit + 5 Counter + 5 Japanese description oddly uses a question mark. The only "Summon" that appears to be programmed in is a low damage bubble beam.

Unused Spells

All of the spells from the first game return, most are just as unused, but not altogether unchanged. Some that did not work in the previous game now seem to have more functionality here. For English names and descriptions, the Fan Translation will be now be used for parity. To view these spells, write the following values to address 0x6034094. This will replace Medion's Return spell with the target, and as for the spell's level, write 01-04 to address 0x6034095. You may need to add MP before attempting some of these, though this can be done via adding/using bright honey consumables through the Debug menu. Note that the fan translation is used for completeness, but names and descriptions often don't line up, the differences will be noted whereever possible.

Value Video Image Spell(Eng Patch) Max LV MP Range Description Notes
SF3Inferno.png インフェルノ(Inferno) 2 30/30 3/3 光の力で(敵にダメージを与える (Burns with Searing Lava and Raining Fire) DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SEIZURES.
SF3Pacify.png メロウスペル(Pacify) 2 5/9 1/2 失われた魔法(味方の魔法耐性を上げる (Increases magic resistance) The Japanese description mentions something along the lines of being a "Lost Magic".
SF3Tsunami.png スプラッシュ(Tsunami) 1 7 2 味 敵にかかった魔法効果を消し去る (Dispel Magic Effect) "[X] is freed from magic effects!" Much more functional compared to Scenario 1, but still very buggy.
SF3Chant.png リフレイン(Chant) 2 6/12 1/2 味方のHPが(4ターン回復する (Recover HP for 4 turns) "[X] is chanting!" The spell is a bit more functional now, but it still doesn't do anything.
SF3Bldcane.png (Chaos) N/A N/A N/A 混沌の渦を呼び寄せ(ダメージを与える (Conjures Chaos) Must be enabled using the Fight Menu, No 37. Still only a placeholder.
SF3HolyCane.png ベルセルク(Berserk) 1 8 1 仲間を狂乱させ(会心攻撃をさせる (Rage increases Attack, Loss of Control) Different unfinished icon, still unused. Characters seem to have animations for it, though it's unknown if they all do or if it's merely the early ones. Now only targets allies.
SF3ORB.png (Holy Cane) 2 0/0 2 失われたアイテム修行僧の杖 (Used on the Unholy) The japanese description is the same as scenario 2. As-is it's a placeholder for the Shining Spell.
SF3ORBSC2.png 馗具宝珠(Orb) 1 0 2 エルべセムの宝珠 (*Orb First letter of the description appears to be garbage. Has a different icon now, for some reason.
SF3BloodCaneSC2.png 神刄の杖(Blood Cane) 1 0 3 バサンダの武器で使う全回復魔法 (Recovers Everyone) Given a new icon. It's animation is similar to using an item.
SF3Bldcane.png Captured by Whip
愛のムチはアタックとサポートとダメージ (Target is Tamed) N/A N/A N/A Cannot be seen through normal means, setting the ID will only produce a non-functional entry. Setting Magic to 58 LV 1 in the Fight Menu will get it to work. Deals damage to monsters while boosting their stats, but doesn't appear to tame them.
48px Fake Charm
1 0 2 金のくちばし(何かが召喚される (Fakes Charm Spell, Gain XP) Despite what the fan translation says, this appears to be related to the Golden Beak item.
SF3Bldcane.png ???
4 1/18/2/1 0(self) ????

Items/Enemy Attacks

To do:
Add Japanese text.

Each item in the game, and certain enemy attacks are considered Spells internally, though it seems they were commented out. Attempting to load the ID results in it being set to 00(???/?????) in battle, though the descriptions for these can still be seen through the Status Menu, under Magic. It is possible *Orb was suppose to be broken the same way, though the unique description suggests otherwise.

Value Name Description Notes
16 *Heal
Med Herb, Heal Drop, Potion, Heal Rain
薬草 いやしのしずく いやしの水 恵みの雨
Description is a list of items that call the spell.
17 *Restore
Goddess Tear, Holy Rain, Magic Ring
女神の涙 希望の光 マジックリング
18 *Cure
Antidote, Fairy Powder
毒消し草 妖精の粉
19 *Return
Angel Wing
The normal Return spell is Value 15.
1A *Raise 1
Power Wine, Armor Milk, Quick Chickn
力のワイン 守リのミルク はやてのチキン
Chicken was shortened.
1B *Raise 2
Agile Onion, Happy Cookie
いだてんピ一マン 幸運のクッキ一
1C *Raise 3
Health Bread, Brain Food
元気のパン さとリのミツ
1D *Level
Brave Apple
1E Fire Breath
Breath of Fire
火炎を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
1F Blizzard Breath
Breath of Ice
吹雪を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
20 Thunder Breath
Breath of Thunder
雷を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
21 Wind Wing
Breath of Wind
羽ばたき攻撃で ダメ一ジを与える
22 Demon Breath
Breath of a Demon
邪悪な気を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
23 Bubble Breath
Breath of Water
水を吐き ダメ一ジを与える
24 Acid Breath
Breath of Acid
酸のブレスで ダメ一ジとスロウの効果
2D X-Spark
*Titan Laser
巨神戦士 遠距離複数対象レ一ザ一
2E Hammer
*Titan Punch
巨神戦士 大ダメ一ジパンチ
2F Boomerang
*Titan Attack
巨神戦士 広範囲複数対象パンチ
Shortened Boomerang.
30 Panic
Harpy hyper-sonic blast
31 Tremor
Violently Shakes the Ground
ゴ一レム右殴リL1 左殴リL2
32 Rockfall
Boulder Crushes all in Path
38 Bubble Breath
Breath with Bubbles
This is mostly likely related to the Gold Beak.
39 Black Breath
Spitting Ink Attack, Causes Illusion
Used by the Dark Kraken
3C Discharge
Core Magic
Used by the Generators in one of the Elbesem Temple battles.

Unused Locations

To access these levels use action replay code 360302E1 00XX(XX being the following values)

Values Image Name Notes
00 SF3mtest.png (寸法テスト) (Measurement Test) Unchanged from Scenario 1, still just a door texture and a 25x25 floor pattern.
01 SF3Stest2.png (店テスト) (Store Test) Essentially a test of the shops, church, HQ and new Bookshelf function. The Fan Translation leaves it untranslated, but is otherwise functional.
2C & 2D SF3SC2Untranslated.png ?(?) At the very end of the battle maps are a pair of placeholders. Entering either one takes you to a broken duplicate of the Hero test's bottom floor. The internal name for these are "BTL238" & "BTL239", suggesting the game was originally intended to be longer than it ended up being.
C4 SF3SC2Sewer.png 盗賊マップ (Unused Sewer Level) The file name is TEST01.MPD Storich. Japanese version oddly shares it's name with the next entry, suggesting this was also a ruins map.
C5 SC3RuinsSF3SC2.png 盗賊マップ (Scenario 3 Chapter 3 Ruins) The fan translation more or less describes it perfectly, though the actual name appears to be more generic.
CB, CC, CD SF3SC2Town.png 上尾, ホァの町, 魔法遺跡 (Town 1, Town 2, Town 3) All three load into the same map file, a barely started town similar in style to Storich Business District. However, only the second entry mentions a town. The first appears to be "Ageo", the name of a japanese city, while the third oddly appears to be another ruin map. The Scn menu in debug also calls them "AGEO3", "HOR", and "MGC_I" respectively. These generally refer to file names, but the only file of the three present on the disc is HOR.MPD.
N/A SF3SC2Field.png FIELD.MPD Back again from Scenario 1, with a more recent modification date than in that game. collision is a bit more broken, and now the sea appears to be separated from the land, making it appear as if the land floating.
N/A SF3SC2Line.png LINE.MPD Scenario 1 leftover.

Unused Sprites


  • Old Man


  • Dark Skinned Woman


  • Woman Holding Baby


  • Twins

A pair of twins.

Version differences

To do:
Figure out changes

Two versions of the game are known to exist, labeled 1.003 and 2.000 internally.