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Proto:Shining Force III/Taikenban (Otanoshimi 3Shiro! Disc) Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Shining Force III.

To do:
* Make a section for spells. For example, Thanatos spell is present, albeit the model is untextured.
  • Compare location names and document differences.

Debug Mode

Entering 3602091E 0001 with an Action Replay will enable a debug mode, similar to the Flash! Sega Saturn vol. 23 demo. Its functions are as follows:

Name Explanation
Scene Area Warp - select the map where you wish to go, hit A, then close the menu. Has a bit below the area name, but setting it to anything other than 0 doesn't appear to do anything. WARNING: Trying to set this in battles requires you to either beat the map or hex edit the Return spell into a character's spell slot, as the spell is not available normally in the demo.
Flag Sets event flags.
Param Roster editor. Add or remove characters, and change their levels or classes.
Item Gives you any item in the game, provided you still have space. There is also an option for Max Gold.
Save Saves file. Appears to be fully functional, and in fact it can even be used in other scenarios, with a file select screen that is very different from the one used.
Load Loads a save file. Attempting to actually load a file crashes the game.
Sound Sound Test. Voices and Jingles have been omitted.
??? Unknown. Attempting to use it just refreshes the menu.
MAX Same as above.
Config The normal Configuration menu.

Also, pressing X + Y + Z will pause the game. In this mode, pressing most any button will advance the game 1 frame, and pressing L will enable some printout information. To exit this mode, press Start.

(Source: [1] Knight0fDragon)



  • Most, if not all, characters are present in various states of completion. Their promoted classes also appear to be present, though many of these are less finished; for example. Irene's uses a placeholder icon and crashes the game if highlighted in battle, while Khan's instantly crashes the game.


  • The sound effect that plays when an enemy is defeated was changed for the final.
  • There's no sound effects present when Leveling Up.
  • Synbios' voice when using a special attack is different.
  • A sound effect plays when getting a status effect, such as Paralyze.
  • Many spells in general are lacking their sound effects.

Sound Test

The sound test for the game is extremely paired down compared to the final. Jingles and voices are not present (despite voices actually being in the game), 10 slots are completely missing, and another 12(!) tracks have been deleted from this build of the game. The list is as follows (duplicate tracks are in bold, italics are songs not in the demo).

Track Name Final Track Notes
0 Silence Silence
1 Ishahacut's Room Soldier of the Republic
2 A Distant Journey Hero of the Republic
3 Flying Dragon of the Battlefield Soldier of the Empire
4 Flowing River, Light Of The Moon Hero of the Empire
5 Confrontation Monsters
6 Soldier of the Republic A Formidable Enemy
7 Soldier of the Republic The Mercenary Soldier
8 Soldier of the Republic The Mercenary Soldier
9 Soldier of the Republic The Mercenary Soldier
10 Soldier of the Empire Soldier of the Republic
11 Monsters Main Theme
12 Soldier of the Republic Ishahacut's Room
13 A Peaceful Early Afternoon A Life Of Harmony
14 The Ramshackle Village A Peaceful Early Afternoon
15 A Life Of Harmony Sorrow
16 A Town Full Of Life The Ramshackle Village
17 Church Prayer Conspiracies of Bulzome
18 Council of war The White Swan Castle
19 Soldier of the Republic Church Prayer
20 The White Swan Castle A Town Full Of Life
21 Church Prayer Song Of Soul's Rest
22 Council of war Accident
23 Main Theme Flying Dragon of the Battlefield
24 Soldier of the Republic Confrontation
25 Sorrow Flowing River, Light Of The Moon
26 Song Of Soul's Rest An Afternoon of rest
27 Soldier of the Republic Peaceful Times
28 Conspiracies of Bulzome Council of war
29 Soldier of the Republic The Blacksmith
30 Soldier of the Republic A Slightly Drunken Mood
31 An Afternoon of rest Tiger of Honesty and Affection
32 Peaceful Times A Distant Journey
33 Accident The Final Battle
34 Tiger of Honesty and Affection A Powerful Force
35 N/A Wind of Despair
36 N/A Dignity And Pride
37 N/A World Of Mystery
38 N/A And the Legend Begins
39 N/A Shining Force III The title theme. The demo uses "Main Theme", or TOSHI.SAP depending on how you access it.
40 N/A Unused Early version of "The Lone Wolf".
41 N/A The Shadowy Onlooker
42 N/A An Eerie Silence
43 N/A A Time of Rest
44 N/A Ending Title Song

Strangely, while the final reorganized the tracks, there doesn't appear to be a noticeable order beyond the first 10 entries. Furthermore, tracks 35-44 appear to have been added in the order they were made.


  • Aura is in the game. Attempting to use LV 4 freaks the game out for a second, but otherwise works as intended.
  • The camera doesn't center on an enemy when an attack is selected.
  • Spells that are not yet functional will play the Resist/Support animation as a placeholder.
  • Return is in the game but removed from Synbios' spells by default.
  • Spark is in the game but does not function normally for Synbios: If hacked in, LV 1 works for him (though it acts like LV 2, with the wider range) but the rest do nothing. This does not affect Masqurin who is able to cast LV 3 just fine, so it seems that it was intentionally broken for this demo.
  • The animation for Blaze LV 3 is different than the final. Here the camera pans out and the background turns white for a second before loading the DSP animations.
  •  ??? is oddly in the game, only LV 1, and it produces a different effect to the final.


Prototype Final
Scenario 1 sprite listOtano.png
Scenario 1 sprite listUS.png

While most items are present, the vast majority use generic placeholder graphics and names (i.e. the Ruin Map items all say "Map"). There are a few changes, however.

  • One of Basanda's Canes is a spear.
  • The icon for the unfinished ??? spell is actually present! It's in the same spot Tiamat is in the final.
  • The icon for Thanatos is using a simple black box with the number 40 as a placeholder sprite.
  • Wendigo is using Return as a placeholder sprite.
  • What appears to be 239 (the anchor directly to the right of the last ruin map) is oddly replaced by a duplicate non-functional Elbesem Orb in the final.

Unused Areas

Only maps that are functional or otherwise notable are being listed here.

Name Final[English] Header text
TESMAP (寸法テスト) (寸法テスト)
(Measurement Test)
Somehow, this is about the only map that managed to avoid getting the axe. It is the exact same as final.
LOGO ※ ロゴ画面※ ロゴ画面※
Logo Screen *
Selecting this plays the title screen from the FSS demo.
DREAM ※ 始める画面※ 始めるじじい
Sleepy Wise Man
Works, but the graphics aren't present. Attempting to start a new game results in a soft lock, as the game isn't able to load OP101, the opening cutscene.
BTL130 10回の嘔吐(おまけ) 古の神殿
Ancient Shrine
On it's face, the name translates out to "10 times vomiting". Whether or not that's the intended way of reading it, or if there is any meaning behind it, is not known. Internally it's placed in the same position "Unused Battles" takes up in the final. BTL130 however is used for a different battle, one that isn't in the game yet.

Name Differences

Buried in the dialogue is an early list of the game's locations, many of which are in an earlier state.

Final(US) Proto Final(Japanese) Final(US) Proto Final(Japanese) Final(US) Proto Final(Japanese)
Sleepy Wise Man 始める画面※ 始めるじじい Balsamo East Plains バルサモヘの道 バルサモ東平原 North Plain Railroad 切リ替えポイントヘの戦 レイルロ一ド北平原
Quonus Graveyard キョンシー戦 クア一ス村墓地 Border South W Plains バカボンドヘ 国境線南西部平原 Barrand North Plateau 国境の吊リ橋ヘ バ一ランド北高地
Aspinia West Plains ストリッヂヘ アスピア西平原 Aspinia S Desert Area 火山の穴ヘ アスピア南砂漠地帯 Aspinia East Plains フラガルドヘ アスピア東平原
Flagard N Ridge Road オブザーブヘ フラガルド北山岳道 Tower of Lookover オブザーブ塔 オブサ一ブの塔 Malorie North Marsh マロリー城ヘ マロリ一北湿原
Aspia Catacombs アスピア城近遺跡 アスピア城地下遺跡 King's city Battle 王都の巨神(前編) 王都奪還戦 King's city Battle 王都の巨神(後編) 王都奪還戦
Unused Battles 10回の嘔吐(おまけ) 使わない戦闘 Saraband Indoor Shop サラバンド屋内1 サラバンド屋内店 Balsamo East Plains フィールド02 バルサモ東平原
Dwarf Valley フィールド04 ドワ一フの丘 North Plain Railroad フィールド06 レイルロ一ド北平原 Border S W Plains フィールド12 国境線南西部平原
Barrand N Plateau フィールド13 バ一ランド北高地 Aspinia West Plains フィールド16 アスピア西平原 Aspinia S Desert Area フィールド17 アスピア南砂漠地帯
Aspinia East Plains フィールド19 アスピア東平原 Flagard N Ridge Road フィールド21 フラガルド北山岳道 Malorie North Marsh フィールド24 マロリ一北湿原
Aspia Castle Wall フィールド26 アスピア城壁前 Train, 2nd cart 機関車セガール4 大陸横断列車2両目 Train, 3rd cart 機関車セガール5 大陸横断列車3両目
Train, 4th cart 機関車セガール6 大陸横断列車4両目 Train to Valley 機関車セガール谷ヘ 大陸横断列車谷ヘ Over the castle Moat アスピア城堀の橋※ アスピア城堀の橋
Storich Headquarters レイルロード本陣 ストリッヂ本陣 Storich Church レイルロード教会 ストリッヂ教会 Tower of Lookover オブザーブの塔 オブサ一ブの塔
Tower Ruins (盗賊マップ5) 塔遺跡

Some things worth noting:

  • All of the train maps have the name "Segale" or "Segale Valley". This was almost entirely scrubbed out for final, save for one single mention.
    • Furthermore it seems the train was to have 6 maps, but was shortened to 4.
  • Many maps are still using placeholder names, the battlefield maps for example are mostly named "Field##"
  • For whatever reason, Tower Ruins was given a name instead of remaining as "(Thief's Map 5)"

Areas not yet added to the game

These 22 locations were left out of the location list, suggesting they were still in progress at the time this demo was made


Of these, one is for "Switching Point", three are for cutscenes("Over the Border", "Aspia Roof" and "Complete"), one for "Vagabond", two are for "Flagard Castle", seven(!) for the town of "Malorie", and 8 for the "Ancient Shrine".