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Proto:Sonic & Knuckles/Sonic & Knuckles 0608

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic & Knuckles.

One of the last of the prototype builds of Sonic & Knuckles, being dated about a week from completion.

Download.png Download Sonic & Knuckles (608 Prototype)
File: Sonic & Knuckles 0608.zip (2 MB (uncompressed)) (info)


  • The bugged Sonic & Knuckles fade-in is still present.
  • The level select can not be accessed unless Sonic 3 is locked-on, which also uses the original Sonic 3 level select code (though here, it can be inputted at anytime, meaning it's much easier).
  • Pressing A with Debug Mode still functions like how it did in Sonic 3, taking you to the level select instead of the title screen.
  • Title cards still say SONIC 3.
  • The satellite at the end of Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 can take hits while it is playing its "destroyed" animation. These extra hits are considered hits on the boss itself.
  • Sonic's/Tails' ending has a bugged fade-in.
(Source: Sonic Retro, Original TCRF Research)

Zone Differences

Hydrocity Zone

  • The Screw Mobile's twister in Act 2 still glitches out Super/Hyper forms like it did in Sonic 3.

Marble Garden Zone

  • The Act 1 miniboss crash glitch achieved by beating the boss with player 2 offscreen can still be achieved; in the final this was fixed by forcing the camera to scroll to where Act 2's layout loads.

IceCap Zone

  • Tails no longer has issues with the snowboard at the beginning of Act 1 overwriting his graphics.

Lava Reef Zone

  • During the Act 2 boss, the boss theme restarts when the actual boss fight takes place.
  • After beating the Act 2 boss, the lava doesn't cooldown until the results have finished; in addition, the normal level theme doesn't play.

Hidden Palace Zone

  • Beating Knuckles will continue his song until the cutscene plays, while in the final beating Knuckles will replay the Hidden Palace Zone theme, then play the miniboss theme.

Blue Spheres

Blue Spheres has been worked on slightly since the previous build:

  • Locking on Sonic 1 still brings the faded screen and there isn't any button inputs to unlock it, though this can be changed by using Pro Action Replay (PAR) code FFFFA1:0001.
  • Enabling Blue Spheres does not make the characters colored.
  • It isn't possible to select a stage at this point through normal means. However, if you enter a Special Stage, use the Pro Action Replay (PAR) code FFF600:3000 and disable it after the Blue Spheres minigame results screen appears, you can actually select a stage, showing that it just hadn't been implemented at this point. Stages are also listed with 10 digits instead of 12.