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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)/Marble Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis).

To do:
Document as many object and layout differences as possible.

As the only other Zone in this prototype (along with Green Hill) with three complete Acts, Marble Zone is in a mostly functional state... key word "mostly", as this version of Marble is considerably more difficult than what it ended up becoming.


Proto Final

The palette in the prototype has different colors for the pink shading.

Act 1

Proto Sonic1ProtoMZ1Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalMZ1Map.png

The three rings at the beginning are absent, with a Buzz Bomber appearing instead. Like the Motobug placed at the start of Green Hill Act 1, it will kill you if you don't move away in time.

Proto Final
It's feasible that the UFOs would distract you long enough for the Buzz Bomber to kill you. No UFOs or Badniks here!

Hovering in the sky during all three Acts are gyrating UFO's, as seen in a great deal of Marble Zone's prerelease coverage. The UFOs do not tile very well with the rest of the sky, which possibly explains why they ended up getting canned.

In Sonic Mania, similar graphics were used for the lampposts in Studiopolis Zone.

Prototype Final
Sonic1ProtoMZ-2.png Sonic1FinalMZ-2.png

Yadorins are placed near where Caterkillers are in the final game.

Proto Final
Even if there were rings here, they wouldn't save you if you got crushed. The barrier powerup doesn't save you in either version!

The glass crusher columns are glitchy: Sonic can be killed by entering one too quickly while it's moving up. The rings are also missing from this section.

Prototype Final
Sonic1ProtoMZ-4.png Sonic1FinalMZ-4.png

There's only one Batbrain near the first "push the block onto the switch" part...

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZ-5.png Sonic1FinalMZ-5.png

...and the block itself is placed much further left.

Proto Final
Spikes from the wall... ...spikes from the ceiling!

Just after that, a unique horizontal spike crusher was replaced by a regular vertical one. The horizontal version remains in the final game's data and works just fine if placed with Debug Mode.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZ-6.png Sonic1FinalMZ-6.png

Because checkpoints are missing from this build, all you get here is a set of spikes. Lovely.

The section with blocks falling into the lava seems to lag the controls. Jumping doesn't always work while a block is in midair.

Proto Final

A minor detail but pretty interesting. The block on top of the spike crusher sticks to the crusher when it falls, however, in the final version this block is a tiny bit above the spike crusher when falling

Act 2

You aren't awarded points for breaking blocks yet.

Proto Sonic1ProtoMZ2Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalMZ2Map.png
Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZ2actstart.png Sonic1FinalMZ2actstart.png

Two Yadorins were replaced with Caterkillers, and a 10 Ring Monitor was removed from the top of a background column.

Proto Final

Instead of hitting a switch, the player must repeatedly jump on the glass crusher in order to force it downward.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZ2enemytospring.png Sonic1FinalMZ2enemytospring.png

This tunnel, which ends in a red spring trap, contains three Yadorins in the prototype and two Caterkillers in the final game.

Act 3

Proto Sonic1ProtoMZ3Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalMZ3Map.png
Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZAct3PillarsWithRings.png Sonic1MZAct3FinalPillarsNoRings.png

Three rings were removed from these pillars at the start.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZAct3AltPathRingBoxes.png Sonic1FinalMZAct3AltPath.png

This secret room under the incline initially contained three 10 Ring Monitors. Apparently the developers thought that was too generous, as a Caterkiller is placed here instead in the final game.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZAct3CrushingPillarSecretRoom.png Sonic1FinalMZAct3CrushingPillarSecretRoom.png

This 1-Up Monitor was replaced with a Shield Monitor.

Proto Final
Sonic1ProtoMZAct3FireballSpewers.png Sonic1FinalMZAct3FireballSpewers.png

One fireball launcher was removed, and the topmost one had its position tweaked a bit.

Proto Final
no boss boss

The end of Act 3 doesn't have a boss yet, but it does have a signpost, making Marble one of a whopping two complete Zones in this build.

Unused Chunks

The chunks 04, 13, and 32 are unused in the prototype and in the final version. There is no difference.