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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/Beta 4 to Beta 8/Casino Night Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/Beta 4 to Beta 8.

General Differences

  • Slot machines don't work yet in Beta 4: The cage object that runs the slots and calculates the results (Object D6) has been coded, but the object that actually gives the reward / penalty (Object DC) has not. Slots are properly implemented in Beta 5.


  • If the player enters a slot machine as Super Sonic with less than fifty rings and gets three Eggman icons, the rings will drain to zero, but Super Sonic's ring drain will still be active. The result: The ring counter will underflow to 65535. This was fixed in Beta 8.
Beta 4 Beta 5+
Red is the old blue. Blue is the new red.
  • The cyan color used for Catcher Eggman's electric charge is never loaded in Beta 4. This was corrected in Beta 5.

Act 1

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight1Change1Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Change1Final.png

The four rings in the air at the start of the act are in a Y-shaped formation in every Beta build. The Final version has a more diamond-shaped cluster.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight1Change2Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Change2Final.png

In all Beta versions, there are certain flippers attached to steep slopes. Those flippers were all placed further away from their slopes in the final version.

This is all owing to a rather nasty bit of collision. If the player uses one of the flippers below and gets under the flipper (This is easier than it sounds), they'll be crushed. Plus, Super Sonic can run up the slopes, then run into the flippers and keep running forever. Unless the player spins, then they'll get crushed again.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight1Change3Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Change3Final.png

The final version removes the sideways flipper at the top, one of the horizontally moving blocks at the bottom, and the three rings to the right of said block.

Beta 4 Beta 5+
Sonic2CasinoNight1Change4Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Change4Final.png

The way to pass through this area changed after Beta 4. In that version, the player has to travel up a series of horizontally moving blocks and avoid getting crushed...

Sonic2CasinoNightBoxBug.png theory, anyway. This works as intended most of the time, but if the player is spindashing and gets pushed into the wall, they will not get crushed. Even worse, they'll be trapped in the wall until time runs out.

The four horizontally moving blocks were replaced by a single vertically moving block (To ride up) and a set of spikes (To avoid).

Beta 4 Beta 5-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight1Change5Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Change5Beta5.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Change5Final.png

The moving block was moved to the left in Beta 5 due to the aforementioned crushing bug. The final version removes the annoyingly placed Crawl on the floating chunk of ground.

There's a bug that seems to be in all Beta versions of the game: If a Crawl is just about to reach the end of its path and the player spins into it from below, the game crashes with an Illegal Instruction error. This bug doesn't seem to be present in the final version, but the Crawls were moved anyway.

Beta 4-8

Another Crawl placed further away from the edge.

Act 2

Beta 4-8

Standard caution on the Crawl badnik.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change2Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change2Final.png

Someone placed a super ring monitor on top of this tall structure in the final version. Nice of 'em.

Beta 4-8

This Crawl is no longer living on the edge.

Beta 4
Beta 5+

The boxes here were rearranged to make it impossible to crush the player. The top box does push into the wall, but the player never stays in the air long enough to get crushed.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change5Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change5Final.png

This Crawl was removed entirely, but not due to the previously mentioned Crawl bug.

There's a second Crawl bug: If the player is pressed up against a wall and the Crawl is close enough (Usually it's when they enter the player's collision box and cause them to take damage), if the player jumps, they'll end up phasing through the floor and into the wall, where they'll be stuck until time runs out.

Beta 4-6 Beta 7+
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change6Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change6Final.png

The nine rings above the slot machine were moved to later in the act.

Beta 4-8

This Crawl's too close to the wall on the left. It's no good! So, they moved it more to the right.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change8Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change8Final.png

Same change here.

Beta 4 Beta 5+
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change9Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change9Final.png

The bottom block was removed. If you haven't figured out why yet, I don't know what to tell you.

Beta 4-7 Beta 8+
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change10Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change10Final.png

In Betas 4-7, when the player exits the slot machine here, as long as they don't touch the D-Pad, the middle bumper will launch them right back into the machine. This can be done over and over until either time or patience runs out.

To fix this, in Beta 8, that bumper was changed to one of those hexagonal bumpers, which will bounce the player up and to the left.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change11Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change11Final.png

One of the Crawls was too close to the edge of the elevator tube, so it was moved to the right. The other Crawl was simply deleted.

Beta 4-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change12Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change12Final.png

Those darn flippers on steep slopes had to be moved away.

Beta 4-6 Beta 7+
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change13Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change13Final.png

In Betas 4 to 6, if the player respawns at the last checkpoint, they wouldn't be able to collect any rings before fighting the boss. Beta 7 moves six of those rings that were above that slot machine (remember those?) to here.

Beta 4-6 Beta 7-8 Final
Sonic2CasinoNight2Change14Beta4.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change14Beta7.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Change14Final.png

The remaining three rings were placed high in the boss arena.

In all Beta builds, it's possible for the player to spin around the entire boss arena unabated. Apparently this needed fixing, because the three rings at the top were replaced by a bumper, killing the player's speed.