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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/CENSOR Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis). logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.
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The CENSOR Prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was originally released by the scene group CENSOR on November 9, 1992, about two weeks before the final game's release. The build was quickly forgotten in favor of a dump of the final game by fellow group MAGICAL, partly because at the time nobody wanted prerelease builds of games (yes, really). It wasn't until February 14, 2019 that the build was rediscovered by drx and Evilhamwizard before subsequently being dumped onto Hidden Palace.

The build was originally hacked to include an intro and bypass the copy-protection, along with editing the header to make it easier to identify in a copier. The download below is a hack that restores the prototype to how it would've been before these changes:

Download.png Download Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (CENSOR prototype)
File: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (CENSOR Prototype Hack).bin (1 MB) (info)

Game notes can be found here.

To do:
  • Rip the level maps.
  • Explain more differences to Beta 4, mostly object positions.
  • Reduce the amount of copy-pasting from the Beta 4 page.
  • See if the Special Stages palettes are different to Beta 4's.
  • Clean up this page, it's a mess.


Menus & Demos
Have you rerecorded the demos yet? No? Okay, then.
Sky Chase & Wing Fortress
A little was done between builds.
Death Egg and Hidden Palace
Are you down yet?


CENSOR's Edited Header

  • The header was "Sonic 2 - Hedgehog".
  • The date was originally "(C)SEGA 1992.NOV".
  • The serial code was changed to Wani Wani World's.


  • This is the first build that allows the player to charge it more than once.
  • The delay is always 20 frames, regardless of speed. This can cause problems if the player goes fast enough, mostly with the player going through objects, due to object collision not being loaded until on-screen. In the final, the game takes into account the inertia, from the slowest spindash speed to the fastest Super Spindash speed.
  • The game doesn't clear the spindash flag if in-air. This wasn't fixed until the final version.

Super Sonic

  • At this point, no code is present to handle the Super Sonic transformation or ring drain, though the actual Super Sonic code is partially implemented. Use Pro Action Replay code FFF65F:0001 to enable the Super Sonic palette, FFFE19:0001 to enable the Super Sonic sprites and increased jump height, and FFB02B:0006 to enable invincibility and Speed Shoes.
  • Super Sonic has no underwater palette.
  • Super Sonic doesn't produce any sparkles while going fast.
  • The increased speed and acceleration are not enabled (this is set by the transformation sequence in later build), but the player can get the increased speed/acceleration if they either get a Speed Shoes monitor and let it expire, or go into the water and then jump back out.
  • If Super Sonic is about to drown and then gets out of the water, the invincibility music will play.

Gameplay Differences

  • Tails can finally fly in this build.
  • Tails' AI is nearly finalized.
  • Tails is always called Miles regardless of the console's region.
  • The collision on slopes seems to be different.

Special Stages

At this point in development, the Special Stages take a long time to load in this build because some of the art assets that are compressed in the Nemesis format were compressed individually. This was fixed by Beta 4 through most of the art being compressed in a single Nemesis archive instead.

  • Rings were removed at the end, as they flashed rainbow due to the palette change.
  • After the first round of a Special Stage in 2-Player Mode, the "Most Rings Wins!" message changes to "Win Twice Win All!" This message was removed in Beta 5.
  • The stages have different palettes to the ones used in the final, though the palettes for Stages 1, 3, and 5 were eventually reused for Stages 2, 5, and 7 respectively. These palettes are also in Beta 5, but the stages use their final palettes from Beta 6 onwards.
CENSOR-Beta 4 Beta 6-Final
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage1.png Sonic2 SpecialStage1.png
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage2.png Sonic2 SpecialStage2.png
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage3.png Sonic2 SpecialStage3.png
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage4.png Sonic2 SpecialStage4.png
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage5.png Sonic2 SpecialStage5.png
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage6.png Sonic2 SpecialStage6.png
Sonic2Beta4 SpecialStage7.png Sonic2 SpecialStage7.png
(Source: Hidden Palace, TCRF original research)

2-Player Mode

Nearly complete, with only a few bugs left.

  • There's no countdown if a player passes the signpost.
  • Tails' shield doesn't display.
  • Eggman monitors don't harm the players yet. Fixed in Beta 6.
  • If a player dies, they will get a random amount of rings.
  • If either player gets a Time Over, the stage will reset and then immediately go to the results screen. This sets their score, time, ring, total ring, and item box numbers to what they were the last time they hit a checkpoint - or, if they never hit a checkpoint, to zero. Fixed in Beta 6.

Graphical Differences

(Source: Hidden Palace, TCRF original research)


Level Select

  • While selecting "1 PLAYER", hold A and press Start.

Debug Mode

Enabled by holding A + Start before entering a stage.

  • Collision-changing objects are not shown in debug mode, even if edit mode is activated.
  • Debug mode does not enable edit mode; only the debug information on the HUD and the debug controls when the game is paused. Use Pro Action Replay code FFFE09:0001 to activate edit mode.


  • The Death Egg Zone title card and doors are glitched in this build. Fixed in Beta 4.

DEATH ECC More broken than the final version!

  • The collision seems to be more sensitive in this build, as Sonic and Tails can get crushed in areas they can't in other builds and the final.
  • The camera doesn't lock when you die, similar to Beta 4 and Beta 5.
  • Finishing Metropolis Act 2 takes you directly to Sky Chase instead of Metropolis Act 3. If you use the level select to play Metropolis Act 3 and then finish it, the game will take you to Aquatic Ruin Act 1.
  • Spikes are able to harm you while you're still flickering from being hurt, like in Sonic 1.
  • The results screen for the 2-Player Special Stages always shows Special Stage 4, regardless of which one you just played. This was fixed in Beta 6.
(Source: Hidden Palace, TCRF original research)


  • While the game can be completed, the ending hasn't been implemented yet.


An unreachable 10-ring monitor is present in Casino Night Act 2 below the ground near the start. Also present in Beta 4.

Sonic2CENSORCNZ2 10rings.png

This shield monitor in Wing Fortress is also in later builds and the final game, but it's impossible to get in this build due to the lack of a nearby badnik.

Sonic2CENSORWFZ2 10rings.png