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Proto:Special Tee Shot

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Special Tee Shot.

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A prototype of Special Tee Shot from 1992, prior to the game's transformation into Kirby's Dream Course.

Compared to the finished Special Tee Shot, the differences are huge, from a game design perspective to overall content.

Debug Flags

Similar to the final version, the beginning of the ROM starts with debug flags of varying uses:

  • Offset 0x00: A replay feature. If it's 00, then it stores inputs to address 400000-40FFFF, otherwise it replays from the same address and you cannot interact with the game normally.
  • Offset 0x02: This byte contains the amount of extra balls you start with.
  • Offset 0x03: Likewise, this byte is for the amount of special shots you start with.

Super Ball

This feature is equivalent to the Power Shot in the final version, except way less powerful.

SpecialTeeShotProto UnusedBallMenu.png

Set RAM address 7EEAFC to 01 to enable the Super Ball flag during selection of Normal or Special Shot (press Start if you have already chosen, then Y to go to the Select Ball option). The game will set the flag to 00 every time the Select Shot menu appears, meaning this feature is not supposed to be used.

2 Player Match Mode

Unlike what the title screen suggests, 2 Player Match is functional in this build, albeit unfinished. The title screen text graphics for "2 Player Match" are also present.

On the title screen mode selection, set RAM address 7E1E00 to 02, then press Start to start the match.