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Proto:Special Tee Shot

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Put in unused content like Super Balls, functional 2 Player Match, disabled manual curve shot (including graphics), inaccessible extra classes, etc. SNES Central's article has more information.
This page details one or more prototype versions of Special Tee Shot.

A prototype of Special Tee Shot from 1992. Compared to the finished game, the differences are huge, from a game design perspective to overall content.

Debug Flags

Similar to the final version, the beginning of the ROM starts with debug flags of varying uses:

  • Offset 0x00: This is a replay feature. If it's 00, then it stores inputs to address 400000-40FFFF, otherwise it replays from the same address and you cannot interact with the game normally.
  • Offset 0x02: This byte contains the amount of extra balls you start with.
  • Offset 0x03: Likewise, this byte is for the amount of special shots you start with.