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Proto:SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (PlayStation)/SBSP 020501

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This is a sub-page of Proto:SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (PlayStation).

To do:
Rip SpongeBob's sprites and compare them with the final.

Dated May 2nd, 2001, this build is very incomplete. With many features that haven't been implemented yet. This build also has many debug features enabled by default.

Gameplay Differences

Interestingly, the game plays much more like the Game Boy Advance version.

  • SpongeBob has a health system in the prototype that was changed to a system similar to Sonic's rings. This also means spatulas don't do anything.
  • SpongeBob doesn't have knockback when getting hit.
  • There's food items that were removed in the final game, these restore health to SpongeBob.
  • The controls are different:
    • ◻- Jump
    • ✕- Karate Chop (Only with full unarmed mode)

Graphical Differences

At this point in development, most objects use pre-rendered 3D models. In the final game, most of these were converted to 2D sprites, which results in an inconsistent art style.

Legal Screen

SBSP 020501 Final
SBSPSS LegalScreen Proto.png SBSPSS LegalScreen Final.png
  • When booted, the game shows the placeholder copyright screen, and immediately begins to load the first level. However, a title screen and main menu is implemented, and can be accessed by exiting the level from the pause menu.


  • SpongeBob's sprites are slightly different.
    • He has a thinner outline in this build.
    • His pupils are smaller.
    • He looks very squished in the prototype.
    • They were not (possibly manually) fixed in the prototype, like the final.
  • SpongeBob uses an animation when dying that was replaced in the final, though it's cut-off here. The animation still exists in the final.


SBSP 020501 Final
SBSPSS Squidward May.gifSBSPSS Squidward May Idle.gif Sbspss Squidward idlebreathe final.gif

Dialogue Boxes

SBSP 020501 Final
Sbsp May 2nd Dialogue.png Sbsp Final Dialogue.png
  • All of the dialogue head sprites are sketches.
Prototype SBSPSS SpongeBob Icon Sketch.png SBSPSS Sandy Icon Sketch.png SBSPSS Sketch Patrick.png SBSPSS Sketch Squidward.png SBSPSS Sketch Mr krabs.png Sbsp Jack custard.png SBSPSS Proto Plankton face.png SBSPSS Sketch Mermaidman.png SBSPSS Sketch Barnacleboy.png
Final SBSPSS Final Spongebob Face.png SBSPSS Final Sandy Face.png SBSPSS Final Patrick Face.png SBSPSS Final Squidward Face.png SBSPSS Final MrKrabs Face.png SBSPSS Gary face final.png SBSS Final Plankton face.png SBSPSS Final MermaidMan Face.png SBSPSS Final BarnacleBoy Face.png


Powerups had their sprite size doubled in the final game.

Prototype SBSPSS +balloon final.png SBSPSS +bubblemixture small.png SBSPSS +bubblewand small.png SBSPSS +net small.png SBSPSS +jellyammo small.png SBSPSS +launcher small.png
Final SBSPSS +balloon.png SBSPSS +bubblemixture.png SBSPSS +bubblewand.png SBSPSS +net.png SBSPSS +jellyammo.png SBSPSS +launcher.png

Unused Levels

SPSB May 2nd Broken.jpg

  • Normally, progressing after 2-2 will break the game. But by mashing the R2 button, it's possible to skip past 2-4 and access the rest of the levels.

Chapter 4

  • The spike balls don't harm the player.
  • Level 3 breaks the game.

SPSB May 2nd 4-4.png

  • Level 4's sky is missing.
  • No transitions exist.

Chapter 5

  • Levels 2 and 4 breaks the game.
  • Level 3's liquid is solid.

Chapter 6

SPSB May 2nd 6-1.png

  • Level 1's sky is missing.
  • Level 2 breaks the game.
  • Attempting to skip past Level 5 breaks the game.


SPSB May 2nd Bus.png

  • The bus in 1-1 has collision at the top.

SPSB May 2nd 1-3 Spikes.png

  • There's a spike generator inside a rock in 1-3.


  • Kill plains don't work yet.
  • SpongeBob can walk through big rocks in 1-3.
  • Level and object generation is a bit broken as parts of levels and objects disappear when slightly on-screen.

Debug Commands

  • Holding L1 will enable "No Clip Mode".
  • Pressing R2 will skip a level.
  • Pressing Triangle will enable a simple collision debugger.
  • Pressing Select shows the current VRAM.

SBSPSS May2nd VRAM.png

  • Pausing the game will give you the following options.
  1. Invincible SpongeBob - Makes SpongeBob invincible.
  2. BASIC & FULL UNARMED mode - Removes upgrades from SpongeBob.
  3. BALLOON, BUBBLE MIXTURE, NET, CORAL BLOWER and JELLY LAUNCHER mode - Gives SpongeBob the specific item.
  4. DEAD mode - Kills SpongeBob.

SPSB May 2nd Pause.png