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Proto:SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (PlayStation).

Fifty-one prototype ISOs and source code for every change made to the game ever during development were dumped. We can't document all of 'em, but we'll try. These can be downloaded here.



Some tracks received changes to the samples used (likely to minimize copyright concerns, as some of which were taken from the show's soundtrack) while others were replaced completely.

Prototypes Final

The title screen uses a remix of the show's theme.

Prototype (Earliest) Prototype (Later) Final

Originally, the options theme featured acapella percussion samples and a different flute instrument. The former would be replaced with more generic samples early on, while the flute persisted for a while longer before getting changed as well.

Prototypes Final

The save file music is completely different.

Prototypes Final

The credits theme, like the title theme, is based on the show's theme song, but was inexplicably changed as well.

Prototype (Earliest) Prototype (Later) Final
  • The unused game over theme surprisingly went through numerous iterations. It originally had a whistle at the end. The first starts differently than the others and can be found in the earliest commits of the source code.

Game Over

Many of the prototypes have a different game over screen with Plankton instead of Patrick in SpongeBob's living room.

Prototypes Final
Sbspss GameOver proto.png Sbspss GameOver final.png


May June July Final

Over the course of development, the game went through four different intro sequences. The first was the show's opening. The second is almost completely different from the rest, exclusively uses clips from the episode Valentine's Day, and cuts off early. The third is an earlier version of the final opening, with the red bird and green fish at the start missing, all the texts except the SuperSponge one at the beginning have different color and/or placement, SpongeBob's name is misspelled "SpongBob", and Mr. Krabs is wrongfully labeled by the name of his restaurant. There are no sound effects and SpongeBob is not surfing on a jellyfish when the game's title is shown.

Uncompiled Prototypes

SBSPSS +health empty 1 sketch.png
Uncompiled Prototypes
Taken from uncompiled source code.

May Prototypes

Sbsp LegalScreen!.jpg
The earliest compiled prototype.


Dated May 4th, 2001, this build is slightly more complete.

  • The game still skips the title screen.
  • Beating 2-2 takes you to 3-1.
  • 4-3 is missing.
  • The water meter for 1-2 is implemented.
  • Pressing Select causes the game to lag.
  • The big rocks in 1-3 are now at their correct positions.
  • Backgrounds appear to be more complete.


Dated May 5th, 2001, two versions of this build were found, dated at the exact same time.

  • Sandy is implemented.
  • Patrick is implemented.
  • 2-3 and 2-4 has been added.
  • Kill plains now work.
  • Chapter 4 and 6 has a background now.
  • There's a position debugger that was added.
  • Skipping to the next level after the last Six Clams level will bring you to the FMV level. Even though the player cannot move here in the final, there is a teleport trigger to go outside. The level plays the theme song.


Sbspss Patrick idletwist proto.gif
SBSP_PRE_E3 Differences
Dated May 10th, 2001. A very early prototype. Many things unused from the main page are used here, plus more.

June Prototypes

SBSPSS squidward april.png
SBSP 180601 Differences
Dated June 18th, 2001. Most differences are in the main menu.

July Prototypes


SBSPSS BootScreen.png

  • This build has a unique boot screen that wasn't in the game for long, as it was taken out by the next build.

August Prototypes


Dated August 1st, 2001, this prototype is an edited version of SB_TEST, with very few differences.

SBSP_010801 Final
SBSP 010801 1.png Sbsp 1 final.png

The checkpoint reflects an early indicator that you passed it. Also, the phone booth's interior doesn't light up.

August 8th, 2001

Two versions of this build were included, one hilariously named SBSP_080801_THIS_PEN_IS_SHIT.


Sbspss Sandy Idle.gif
SB_TEST Differences
Dated August 17th, 2001. This prototype is much more complete.