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Proto:SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (GameCube, PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman (GameCube, PlayStation 2).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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A prototype of the PS2 version of Revenge of the Flying Dutchman was released by MrPinball64 on December 10, 2022. Dated May 22, 2002 and simply called "SpongeBob SquarePants", the disc label indicates this was the build shown off at E3.


SBROFTD ChumBucketSign Proto.png
Texture Changes
More like, belongs in the trash!
Placeholder Dialogue
He has such a way with words...

Gameplay Differences


  • Pressing every shoulder button at once will activate a free camera. SpongeBob will stay completely still and pause his animations. If every shoulder button is pressed again, he will teleport to the exact position of the camera.
  • Costume tents function differently. Each level has costume tents dedicated to one costume each, unlike in the final game where you can choose any costume you have unlocked.
    • It's very easy to get stuck inside these tents, as SpongeBob stays inside upon changing, causing a changing loop.
  • As in the GameCube version of the final game, if the music is interrupted it will restart from the beginning.


  • Using the Reef Blower is considered an attack and will damage enemies. The attack button can be repeatedly pressed to defeat an enemy that takes multiple hits within a second.
  • SpongeBob descends much slower when using his slam attack.


  • Larry the Lobster is considered an enemy in the test level. He chases SpongeBob, hits him, and then performs a lengthy flexing animation.
    • He is a character in one of the crate destroying minigames in the final release, but he cannot damage you.
  • Mr. Krabs follows SpongeBob around in the Krusty Krab.

General Differences

Loading Screen

Sbrotfd LOADSCRN1.png

  • The game uses a static loading screen, which is still present in the final GameCube version as SCREENS.DGC.
  • There is no title screen. After the first loading screen, it boots you to Bikini Bottom in front of SpongeBob's house.

Pause Menu

  • The pause menu appears more primitive, and within the game options menu is a world select that warps you to any level in the game.

Level Differences


SBROFTD GooLagoon Arrow.png

  • Several invisible teleports have giant arrows, which are completely absent from the final.

Bikini Bottom


Proto Final
SBROFTD SBHouseFront Proto.png

SBROFTD Patrick BB Proto.png
SBROFTD Cave Proto.png

SBROFTD SBHouseFront Final.png

SBROFTD Patrick BB Final.png
SBROFTD Cave Final.png

  • The lighting isn't as dark.
  • The level geometry is different, including the houses and rocks.
  • Squidward's backyard garden has no scarecrow.
  • Vehicles can be seen driving around on the roads.
  • Squidward stands in front of his house, while Patrick is not seen running in circles.
  • A strange floating life preserver with a hook is next to the cliff across from the houses.
    • Latching onto it with the Jellyfishing costume, it will lift you onto the left side of the cliff.
  • Sandy can be found in the back in front of the cave. The cave does not lead anywhere, while in the final game it eventually takes you to a karate match with Sandy.

SpongeBob's House

Proto Final
SBROFTD SBHouse Proto.png SBROFTD SBHouse Final.png
  • The living room overall appears much larger.
  • A large rug was added in the center.
  • There's a texture error on the wall.
  • The window on the door to SpongeBob's room was removed.

SBROFTD backyard.png

  • SpongeBob's house has a backyard.

Restaurant District

Proto Final
SBROFTD ChumBucket Proto.png

SBROFTD OuterTunnel Proto.png
SBROFTD KK Outside Proto.png

SBROFTD ChumBucket Final.png

SBROFTD OuterTunnel Final.png
SBROFTD KK Outside Final.png

  • The Chum Bucket is called the Mega Chum Bucket.
  • The bus stop bench texture is different.
  • The level geometry is completely different in this area, with a tunnel for vehicles to drive through that was later removed.
  • Only one car is parked in front of the Krusty Krab.
  • There is a car that drives around while carrying one of the letter tiles.

Krusty Krab

Proto Final
SBROFTD KK Proto.png SBROFTD KK Final.png
  • Mr. Krabs and Squidward are present, the former of whom follows you around.
  • There is no eel thug.
  • The props in the storage area are different.

SBROFTD KK Kitchen.png

  • You can enter the kitchen through the order window. This area would later become the main menu.

Downtown Bikini Bottom

Business District

Proto Final
SBROTFD Downtown Light Proto.png SBROTFD Downtown Light Final.png
  • The street lights use real time lights, whereas the final uses a texture. Combined with the brighter building textures, this makes the area in its entirety look much brighter as a result.
  • There are various boats driving around.

Construction Site

Proto Final
SBROFTD Patrick DB Proto.png SBROFTD Patrick DB Final.png
  • Patrick is not wearing his Barnacle Boy costume.

Tree Dome


Proto Final
SBROFTD TD Clothesline Proto.png SBROFTD TD Clothesline Final.png
  • The clothesline has three of Sandy's spacesuits, a striped shirt, and socks. In the final game, it's just one suit and some sheets.

Chum World

Big Top

Proto Final
SBROFTD CW BigTop Proto.png SBROFTD CW BigTop Final.png
  • The Big Top received a major texture overhaul.
  • The doubloons on the starting platform were removed.

Jellyfish Fields


Proto Final
SBROFTD JF BusStop Proto.png

SBROFTD JF Playground Proto.png

SBROFTD JF BusStop Final.png

SBROFTD JF Playground Final.png

  • The entrance has a bus that drives towards SpongeBob from behind, stops, then flies away. This loops infinitely.
  • There are no children at the playground, nor any characters populating the entire level.
  • The swing set uses a different texture.

SBROFTD JF Cliff GoldenSB.png

  • There is a golden SpongeBob pickup in the cliff area. When collected, it displays the HUD but does not visibly increment any counters or health.

Clam Jumping

SBROFTD GoldSpongeBob.png

  • There is another golden SpongeBob pickup on top of the diving board.

Dutchman's Graveyard

Ship Graveyard

SBROFTD DG Bus Proto.png

  • A bus is seen at the entrance.

Tile Puzzles

Proto Final
SBROFTD BB TilePuzzle Proto.png SBROFTD BB TilePuzzle Final.png
  • The lighting is much darker.
  • The tiles use placeholder number textures.
  • The camera isn't static and follows SpongeBob around, albeit at a fixed angle.
  • In the Bikini Bottom tile puzzle, a phone object not present in the final game can be seen in the foreground.

Animation Differences


SBROTFD SpongeBob TieShoes.gif

SpongeBob has an extra idle animation of him tying his shoes.

Test Level

Accessible in the level select menu is a test level. The level in its entirety is leftover in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, but it doesn't load in the final release of either game. The folder for it still exists in the final PlayStation 2 version, but is blank.

Audio Differences


Track Proto Final Notes
Main Theme
An earlier mix that lacks the lap steel guitar and 1:30-2:13 segment.
Fishing Gear
Uses the track Hello Blues from the show.
Reef Blower
Uses the track Cream Pie from the show.
Karate Costume
Uses the track You're Nice from the show.

The other two costumes, Treasure Hunter and Mermaid Man, use the main theme and You're Nice respectively.

Unused Audio

Test Level

Audio Transcript Notes
Now it's time to bring it around town! Bring it around town! Low-quality soundbyte from Season 1's Bubble Stand.
Oops! I guess I ripped my pants again! Low-quality soundbyte from Season 1's Ripped Pants.