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SpongeBob's Truth or Square (PlayStation Portable)

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Title Screen

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

Developer: Barking Lizards Technologies
Publisher: THQ
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in US: October 26, 2009
Released in EU: September 17, 2010

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

SpongeBob's Truth or Square on PSP is a rather sloppy, but effective port of the Wii and Xbox 360 versions made by a different developer. However, two levels cut from the aforementioned console released are still fully-intact here, in addition to exclusive new multiplayer minigames.

To do:
There are test levels.

Unused Videos

Unfinished Cutscenes

  • Several Maya playblasts of each cutscene in an unfinished state are present.







A slightly different version of "introboss101" that starts with the camera moving down.











Unused Graphics

Multiplayer Graphics

Livin' like Larry. Meow.
Among the icons for the multiplayer characters are Larry and Gary. Larry doesn't appear throughout the whole game, and his image also looks to be taken from an episode.

Sbtospsp minigametitles.png
Everything is in a different font than what's used, and there seem to be two unused minigames, Spongebob Boompants and War & Piece(s). The latter is probably an early name for Incoming!!, but the former is a mystery.

Miscellaneous Graphics

We have technology!
Some sort of grid.

Sbtos Col tmpout.png
A temporary graphic for collision.


  • In the tutorial videos of "Check Please" and "Collide & Conch-er" in the PSP multiplayer party games, the floor has a darker lighting than the actual party game.

Differences from the Console Versions

The PlayStation Portable version seems to have been based off an earlier version of the console versions.

  • Many of its UI sound effects are taken from Uno Free Fall.
  • Some music tracks were replaced with others. A majority were also shortened and/or removed due to space limitations.
  • The lighting is extremely bland in this version, mostly being just a dull gray.
  • This version includes 2 extra levels, Squidward's Talent Show (based off Culture Shock), and Ambush At Krusty Krab (based off Krusty Krab Training Video).
  • Subtitles shown on cutscenes are on the very bottom of the screen and the text has a very small font while overlapped on a black transparent border instead of a blue rectangle.
  • With the exception of pre-rendered cutscenes, small cutscenes, such as stage and enemy introductions, cannot be skipped.
  • SpongeBob instantly moves to the direction where the analog stick is pushed towards to instead of turning around first.
  • Using the spatula move in mid-air damages twice on normal enemies.
  • In-game hub world dialogues are only voiced and subtitled as opposed to the console versions, which has characters animated to match the dialogues.
    • Also, the PSP version lacks the letterbox screen during dialogues.
  • Prawn is in a T-pose, instead of his regular pose.
  • When the SpongeBuff power up is enabled, holes above SpongeBob's eyes can be seen.
  • There's fewer costumes and health upgrades are bought in SpongeBob's chest.
  • Costumes are texture changes instead of actual model changes.
  • Several graphics have been scaled down.
  • The icon for when SpongeBob is near death is different.
  • The ending to Kelp Forest is different, instead of Sandy rising from the water fighting the clam, she's standing next to the clam.
  • Instead of ice and jelly for the Pat-bot, it was changed to ice-cream and candy.
  • The balloon icon is orange instead of pinkish-purple.