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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build/Peace Keepers

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build.

The world that directly follows the Artisans home is Peace Keepers. The levels here are almost finalized at this point in development, but a small number of changes from the retail version are still present.


Peace Keepers Home

  • One of the dragons in this level is particularly notable for having a very slightly different cutscene. Specifically, Spyro chimes in with "I can do that!" at the end of Magnus' cutscene.
  • Both Magnus and Gunnar's cutscenes lack the background music they use in the final.

Dry Canyon

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID21-DryCanyon-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID21-DryCanyon-Map-Final.png
  • A wall near the beginning of the level is shaped a bit differently...? You'd think this was done to stop the player leaving the map, but it seems like it's a bit too high to reach (though ironically the gap to the right of it can be escaped by the player).
    • The map overall appears to be unchanged from the June 15th prototype.
Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-Jun15-DryCanyonWall.png Spyro-Final-DryCanyonWall.png

Cliff Town

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID22-CliffTown-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID22-CliffTown-Map-Final.png
  • The water is a lighter shade of purple.

Doctor Shemp

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID24-DoctorShemp-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID24-DoctorShemp-Map-Final.png
  • Much of the level's lighting, shading and colouring are a little bit different, as seen in the map screenshots. The lighting near the death boundary is also somewhat different.
    • The map appears unchanged from the June 15th prototype.

Night Flight

  • In the final game, once the timer is below 10 seconds, it will begin making a noise once every second to warn the player. In this prototype, it makes this noise every second regardless of time remaining.
    • This is true of all flight levels in this version.