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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation).

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The July 18th, 1998 Prototype of Spyro the Dragon is a late preview version of the game dated around a month before the final NTSC release version. It was released on March 14th, 2020.

Despite the files suggesting a modification date of July 18th, the disc that this build originates from is labelled with "7/19", suggesting that its burn date was July 19th.


Artisans differences.
Peace Keepers
Peace Keepers differences.
Magic Crafters
Magic Crafters differences.
Beast Makers
Beast Makers differences.
Dream Weavers
Dream Weavers differences.
Gnasty's World
Entering Gnasty's World World.
Soundtrack Differences
There's still no rhyme or reason to any of this.
Unused Text and Dialogue
Thank you for releasing me.

Build Dates

The following is a table comparing the various modification dates of each of the files within the ISO between the July 18th prototype and the final NTSC build.

File Description July 18th Prototype Final
WAD.WAD Contains most of the game's contents 1998-07-18 16:14 1998-08-12 15:46
PETEXA0.STR Soundtrack file 1998-05-15 04:33 1998-08-08 12:58
PETEXA1.STR Soundtrack file 1998-05-15 04:36 1998-08-04 07:20
PETEXA2.STR Soundtrack file 1998-05-15 04:37 1998-08-04 07:27
PETEXA3.STR Soundtrack file 1998-05-15 04:33 1998-08-04 07:38
PETEXA4.STR Soundtrack file 1998-05-15 04:33 1998-08-04 07:47
PETEXA5.STR Soundtrack file Not present 1998-08-04 07:59

If all of these dates are to be believed, it is possible that the soundtrack in this version has remained mostly unchanged since at least May 15th, 1998. One exception to this rule is the addition of PETEXA4.STR which appears to be a copy of both PETEXA3.STR and PETEXA0.STR - as both PETEXA3.STR and PETEXA4.STR are copies, the only changes to the soundtrack they would have constituted would be to give more levels themes which would not have had music assigned before. Assuming both of these files were copied later than May 15th, builds of the game from around the time these soundtrack files were created would have only featured music in the first four worlds.

The disc's creation and modification dates also agree with this 18th July figure, as opposed to the 13th August / 14th August figures seen in the final game's disc dates.

General Differences

  • No title screen has been implemented. Instead, we're greeted with a "Temporary Boot Menu" with save file options.
  • There is no introductory cutscene; the game starts immediately after selecting a file.
    • Similarly, there are no end-of-game cutscenes.
  • Many Dragons do not feature cutscenes at this point in development. Most of these Dragons instead display a full-screen text prompt containing dialogue.
  • Most levels' gem placements are different.
  • Extra life statues are gold instead of silver.
  • When entering boss levels the text on the top of the screen says "Entering [Boss name]" instead of "Confronting [Boss name]".
  • All balloonists wear the same clothing, instead of slightly different colours for each world.

Completion Percentage

There is an interesting glitch surrounding the completion percentage in this version. Disassembly reveals that the completion percentage is calculated in an identical way to the final game.

int fCalculateGameCompletion(void) {
  int percentage = (gGemTotal * 50 + gDragonTotal * 6000 + gEggTotal * 10000) / 12000;
  if (gGemTotal > 12000) {
    percentage = (gGemTotal - 12000) / 100 + 100;
  return percentage;

However, due to the accidental presence of an extra gem in Lofty Castle, it's technically possible to obtain 12001 gems in this version without entering Gnasty Booty (Gnasty's Loot).

This means that the player can reach a point where they have all 12001 gems, but only 50 dragons and 5 eggs. Clearly, this shouldn't count as 100% completion, as there are still another 30 dragons and 7 eggs to obtain.

However, as the caclulation percentage acts differently after the player has 12000 gems (to account for the additional completion percentage accrued in Gnasty's Loot), from the moment the player has collected 12001 gems their completion percentage will jump from a potential minimum of 79% straight up to 100%.

This does not unlock Gnasty's Loot, however, as the individual gem, dragon and egg values are checked when attempting to enter that level.

Cheat Codes

To do:
There's a bunch more cheat codes that require documentation, too.

Level Select

A series of level select cheat codes have been included in this build, likely to make the lives of QAers easier. If one holds down all four shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2) for three seconds whilst the game is unpaused, Spyro will jump to alert the player that the level select mode is activated. After this, you can either press Up to skip to the next level or input a two-button combination to warp to a specific level. Once the code is entered, the current level will disappear and Spyro will fly in the void for a bit until the level loads in, similar to the world transition animation seen in the June 15th prototype.

  • Worlds (First button):
    • Artisans - X
    • Peace Keepers - Square
    • Magic Crafters - Triangle
    • Beast Makers - Right
    • Dream Weavers - Down
    • Gnasty's World - Left
  • Levels (Second button):
    • Home - Circle
    • First level - X
    • Second level - Square
    • Third level (Gnasty Place for Gnasty's World) - Triangle
    • Boss (Gnasty Booty for Gnasty's World) - Right
    • Flight - Down

If the first button pressed doesn't correspond to a world, it'll be ignored. However, if the second button doesn't correspond to a level, it will cause the level select to deactivate. Inputting an invalid combination (for example, entering Left + Down would correspond to a nonexistent Gnasty World's flight level) will also deactivate the level select.

When skipping through the levels with Up, the levels go in order that they appear in the inventory. For example, using it in a flight level will take the player to the next world's home. Using it on Gnasty Booty (Gnasty's Loot) will warp you back to the Artisans home.

Save Information

The information stored on a memory card when saving the game differs in this version compared to the final release.

Info Prototype Final
Save icon Spyro-SaveIcon-Jul18.gif Spyro-SaveIcon-Final.gif
Product Code SLUS-00002 SCUS-94228

Most of the data appears to be identical to what is seen in the June 15th prototype. However, the product code has been changed to "SLUS-00002" - perhaps with each preview build the product code was incremented by one.

Furthermore, an animation was added to the save icon.

Dongle Protection

As this build has a level of dongle protection on it to prevent it being played on a standard console, the game checks for the existence of a save file with the following product code:


"DNG" is likely short for "DONGLE".