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This is a sub-page of Proto:Super Mario Kart.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • This build is very similar to the kart_* build so check for more changes between them.
  • Check if the game stores input sequences when playing the demos seen while sitting on the title screen.
  • Check if the Time Trial crash and the unsaved trophies are an issue caused by the patch shown here.

A prototype of Super Mario Kart was discovered in July 2020, dated Jul 14, 1992. Despite the Jul 14 modification date, this build dates around the same time as kart_*, sometime in the latter half of May.

There doesn't seem to be any differences between the kart_* and this build in terms of tracks, graphics, music and more. Only a specific difference are the playable demos seen while sitting on the title screen (might be used to record the demos?) and the uncollectable trophies, so this might be a debug version of kart_*.

Like kart_*, this build is split into two files.

How to Get the ROM Working

1. Append mario-kart-02.bin to the end of mario-kart-01.bin. You can do this with one of these commands:

Windows: Run the following in a Windows terminal:

 Copy /b mario-kart-01.bin + mario-kart-02.bin mario-kart-_.sfc

Linux: Run the following in a Linux terminal:

 cat mario-kart-01.bin mario-kart-02.bin > mario-kart-_.sfc

2. Download BSNES+.

3. Download dsp1b.bin and place it in the same folder as the ROM.

4. Create a file named "mario-kart-_.xml" and place it in the same folder as the ROM. Add the following to the file:

<cartridge region='NTSC'>
		<map mode='shadow' address='00-0f:8000-ffff'/>
		<map mode='linear' address='10-3f:8000-ffff' offset='0x100000'/>
		<map mode='linear' address='40-7d:0000-ffff'/>
		<map mode='shadow' address='80-bf:8000-ffff'/>
		<map mode='linear' address='c0-ff:0000-ffff'/>
	<ram size='0x800'>
		<map mode='linear' address='20-3f:6000-7fff'/>
		<map mode='linear' address='a0-bf:6000-7fff'/>
	<necdsp revision='upd7725' frequency='8000000' program='dsp1b.bin' sha256='4d42db0f36faef263d6b93f508e8c1c4ae8fc2605fd35e3390ecc02905cd420c'>
		<dr mask='004000' test='000000'/>
		<sr mask='004000' test='004000'/>
		<map address='20-3f:8000-ffff'/>
		<map address='a0-bf:8000-ffff'/>

Differences Between This and May Build

  • In the small demos seen while sitting on the title screen the human drivers don't drive, instead they can be controlled by the player.
  • All kind of trophies are shown at the Grand Prix Cup Selection.
50cc 100cc
SMK mario-kart- CupSelect50cc.png
SMK mario-kart- CupSelect100cc.png
  • Getting a better trophy in Grand Prix seems to be not saved and makes unlocking Special Cup currently impossible.
  • Selecting a track in Time Trial crashes the game.

Debug Menu

To enter the debug menu press Start + Select on the title screen. Alternatively you can change 0x04 to 0x14 at 0x1E038 to enter the debug menu after the Nintendo logo.

For more detailed information on the debug menu, see here.

(Source: LuigiBlood)