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Proto:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ys romX 0/Bonus Challenges

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ys romX 0.

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All six Bonus Challenges used in the final game are present and fully functional here, though all of them have differences.

As the first revision of the retail Japanese version was the first released final version of the game, the comparisons use that version as a reference.

Common Differences

  • The introductive text features a prompt that allows to exit from the minigame before reading the full explanation.
  • The background has drawings of the blue baby wizard instead of Baby Mario.
  • The "BONUS CHALLENGE" graphic doesn't have a Flower in it. In the final version, the "BONUS" text was also shrunk down a bit to make space for the Flower.
  • The chalkboard, instead of showing only the remaining lives, also shows the number of Dragon Coins or regular coins. It also doesn't show the title of the current Bonus Challenge.
  • If the player doesn't have the required amount of coins or lives to access a minigame, its corresponding tile on the level selection screen becomes blank. In the final game Yoshi doesn't need to have a certain amount of coins or lives to start a minigame, but when accessing Roulette with only one life left the player can only read the explanation of the minigame before automatically exiting.
  • Baby Mario is using the wrong palette here.

Bonus Challenge 1

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 1 A.png

An early version of Flip Cards. Starting the game costs one Dragon Coin.

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 1 B.pngYs romX 0 BonusChallenge 1 C.png

Yoshi can win extra lives, items (as long there is space for them in the item inventory), and Dragon Coins in this version of the minigame. As in the final, the center panel can be used to stop the game and keep the revealed rewards. Flying Snifits are used instead of Toadies for the cards with no rewards.

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 1 D.png Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 1 E.png

As with the final game, Kamek appears in both card form (which ends the minigame without awarding any prizes) and as himself (when his card transforms into a 10-Up after all the other cards are flipped).

Bonus Challenge 2

An early version of Scratch and Match. Starting the game costs one Dragon Coin.

ys_romX_0 Proto Final
Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 2 A.png SMW2YIS-BonusChallenge 2 A.png

The top prize is a 9-Up instead of a 5-Up.

ys_romX_0 Proto Final
Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 2 B.png SMW2YIS-BonusChallenge 2 C.png

Correct and incorrect panels are marked by the early blue-capped baby and Shy Guys respectively, which were changed to Baby Mario and Toadies in the final.

Bonus Challenge 3

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 3 A.png

An early version of Drawing Lots. Nothing is needed to play this one.

ys_romX_0 Proto Final
Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 3 B.png SMW2YIS-BonusChallenge 3 B.png

Unlike the final version, the rewards involve adding, multiplying, or subtracting lives, not winning items.

Bonus Challenge 4

An early version of Match Cards. Starting the game costs five Dragon Coins.

ys_romX_0 Proto Final
Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 4 A.png SMW2YIS-BonusChallenge 4 A.png

The back side of each card has a Dragon Coin on a blue background rather than Yoshi's head on a red-and-yellow striped pattern.

This version of the minigame has much different rules: the player chooses three panels and is awarded an amount of Dragon Coins calculated from the numbers shown on said panels.

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 4 B.png

Number on Panel Dragon Coins awarded Number of Panels
1 1 10
5 2 1
10 3 1
30 5 1
50 10 1

Yoshi wins the minigame by getting at least five Dragon Coins, otherwise he loses (the minimum number of Dragon Coins he can get is 3, so he may lose one or two Dragon Coins).

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 4 C.png

The composite image above shows all the numeric values that the covered panels can have behind, from a specific game. The only thing that differs between different games is the order of the panels, not the overall number of panels with a specific value.

The final version overhauled the minigame entirely to use mechanics similar to the card-matching minigame from Super Mario Bros. 3:

SMW2YIS-BonusChallenge 4 Pairs.png

Bonus Challenge 5

An early version of Roulette. Oddly, while the chalkboard shows the current coin balance on the second row, it uses the Dragon Coin icon.

Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 5 A.png

The roulette's symbols and numbers are in the same positions as the final version, but this version allows the player to lose all of their remaining lives rather than (current lives - 1). This difference also results in a major bug, as accessing this minigame with 0 lives will softlock the game.

This issue was solved in the final version by not allowing the game to be played if the player has only one life remaining.

Bonus Challenge 6

An early version of Slot Machine. Starting the game costs ten regular coins.

ys_romX_0 Proto Final
Ys romX 0 BonusChallenge 6 A.png SMW2YIS-BonusChallenge 6 A.png

The rewards for getting three Cherries and three 7s were swapped for the final. The latter giving the top prize is more in line with many other physical and digital slot machines, including the one in Super Mario Bros. 2 (which the Yoshi's Island one is clearly based on, given the symbols used).