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Proto:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ys romX 0/Mini Battles

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ys romX 0.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

A Mini Battle can be restarted by pressing Select and can be exited before finishing by pressing L or R.

The big white spheres that can be collected in some Mini Battles are placeholders for coins. This graphic is still present, unused, in the final version.

The first revision of the retail Japanese version is used for comparison, as it was released first. The exception to this is for comparing HUD text, which instead uses the first revision of the retail US version.

Common Differences

  • They use a different background depending on the Mini Battle, instead of the same background like the final version.
  • No prizes are given to Yoshi for winning a Mini Battle.
  • The backgrounds for winning and losing are darker in the final version:
  • Lost
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-MiniBattle-Lose.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-Lose.png
  • Won
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-MiniBattle-Win.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-Win.png
    • The HUD is in English, but uses a different font than what would be used in the final US version. Further, "Dorobō" (Dorobou) is used instead of "Bandit":
  • Yoshi
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-MiniBattle-HUD-Yoshi.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-HUD-Yoshi.png
  • Time
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-MiniBattle-HUD-Time.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-HUD-Time.png
  • Bandit
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-MiniBattle-HUD-Bandit.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-HUD-Bandit.png
  • Kept Games

    The Mini Battles that can also be played in the final game.

    Throwing Balloons

    Present in 4-, 5-, and 6-button variants. The final game doesn't have the 5-button version, though it was added back in Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.

    4 buttons 5 buttons 6 buttons
    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 1.png Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 2.png Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 3.png
    Final (4 buttons) Final (6 buttons)
    SMW2YI-ThrowingBalloons-4Buttons.png SMW2YI-ThrowingBalloons-6Buttons.png
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-ThrowingBalloons-BorderGround.png SMW2YI-ThrowingBalloons-BorderGround.png

    Border and ground graphics are different.

    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-ThrowingBalloons-Lose.png SMW2YI-ThrowingBalloons-Lose.png

    When Yoshi loses, no stars appear above his head and the Bandit disappears.

    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-ThrowingBalloonsGatherCoins-Background.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-Background.png

    The background is different.

    Gather Coins

    Lasts much longer, with a timer of 100 seconds. This was dropped to a more sane 30 seconds in the final.

    The other major gameplay difference is that eating coins doesn't increment Yoshi's score at this point in development.

    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 5.png SMW2YI-GatherCoins.png
    • The placeholder white sphere graphic is used instead of coins.
    • The Bandit is a bit buggy and can sometimes have trouble collecting a coin by getting stuck in a loop.
    • Border, ground, and playfield graphics are different:
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-GatherCoins-BorderGround.png
    • It uses a different background:
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-ThrowingBalloonsGatherCoins-Background.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-Background.png

    Popping Balloons

    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 6.png

    Comes in two variants here: one with static platforms, the other with moving platforms. Only the latter is present in the final.

    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 7.png SMW2YI-PoppingBalloons.png
    • In the final version, balloons can be popped more easily by Yoshi.
    • Border, ground and playfield graphics are different:
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-PoppingBalloons-BorderGround.png
    • It uses a different background:
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-PoppingBalloons-Background.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-Background.png

    Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 10.png SMW2YI-WatermelonSeedSpittingContest.png
    • Border is different and the ground is very similar to the one in the final version:
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-WatermelonSeedSpittingContest-BorderGround.png SMW2YI-WatermelonSeedSpittingContest-BorderGround.png
    Bi-colored kegs were replaced in the final version with vases of the same color, the brick wall became wooden and holes in it have an irregular shape instead of the rectangular windows.
    • Bandit's Yoshi mask shares the same palette with Yoshi himself, so the white compliments are a different yellow-ish shade, and the orange highlights were a more sensical blue.
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-WatermelonSeedSpittingContest-Bandit.png SMW2YI-WatermelonSeedSpittingContest-Bandit.png
    • It uses a different background that for some reason is 512×512 when loaded in memory instead of 256×256 like the others (the final one has been stretched accordingly):
    Proto Final
    Ys romX 0-WatermelonSeedSpittingContest-Background.png SMW2YI-MiniBattle-Background.png

    Scrapped Games

    Three full Mini Battles that are nowhere to be found in the final, though a number of sprites from them were left in the ROM.

    Cut Mini Battle 1

    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 4.png

    A variant of Gather Coins where the cannon is being moved in a field by Shy Guys. It otherwise plays the same as Gather Coins does in this build.

    For some reason, the player can't move Yoshi horizontally, though this problem can be fixed by doing the following: when Yoshi is being shot in the sky from the hut keep L and R pressed, then when the Mini Battle begins also press Up and A. By doing this the free movement debug feature will be enabled, bypassing the L and R button debug override that makes the Mini Battle finish.

    Yoshi wins even if he collects a number of coins equal to the Bandit's one, unlike the third cut Mini Battle.

    The playfield consists of a ground segment that loops indefinitely.

    Ys romX 0-CutMiniBattle-1-Playfield.png

    Cut Mini Battle 2

    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 8 A.png

    The objective of this Mini Battle is to pick missiles and destroy all four wooden houses within 100 seconds.

    The Bandit doesn't have a main role in it as its score is only the count of houses left to destroy, but he can be seen walking below Yoshi and, if Yoshi approaches or touches the ground, he starts jumping.

    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 8 B.png

    Ys romX 0-CutMiniBattle-2-Playfield.png

    Cut Mini Battle 3

    Ys romX 0 MiniBattle 9.png

    The objective of this Mini Battle is to fill the wooden cart on which Baby Mario is sitting with eggs picked from the Bandit's one before the wooden carts reach the end.

    To win the Mini Battle, Yoshi needs to score more points than the Bandit by filling Baby Mario's cart with at least seven eggs. Result is shown at the end of the Mini Battle and, if Yoshi's score is identical to the Bandit's, it's a draw (on-screen misspelled as "drow").

    Ys romX 0-MiniBattle-Draw.png

    Like the first cut Mini Battle, the playfield loops indefinitely.

    Ys romX 0-CutMiniBattle-3-Playfield.png