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Proto:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ys romX 0/World 6

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island/ys romX 0.

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This sub-page details all the levels of World 6.

World 6-1

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-1 Preview.png

World 6-2

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-2 Preview.png

World 6-3

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-3 Preview.png

World 6-4

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-4 Preview.png

World 6-5

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-5 Preview.png

World 6-6

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-6 Preview.png

World 6-7

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-7 Preview.png

World 6-8

Ys romX 0 & ys rom 0 D w6-8 Preview.png

A very broken and unfinished castle level where almost no single enemy uses the correct graphics and even the background glitches out of existance. A different version of it can be found unused in the final game. At the end of the first area awaits a plethora of pipes, which all lead to the same sewer area.

Ys romX 0 w6-8 01.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 02.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 03.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 04.png

Ys romX 0 w6-8 05.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 06.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 07.png

The sewer segment also has a countless number of enemies that don't use the correct graphics as well as a missing background. The exit on the lower right leads to an empty room where all you do is fall to your death, while the exit on the upper right leads you to the next area.

Ys romX 0 w6-8 08.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 09.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 10.png

The third area seems to be the castle's roof tops as well as the level's midway point (if the checkpoint is any indication). The first two pipes lead back to the sewer area, while the last two pipes lead you to the empty room again. Aside from almost every object using the wrong graphics again, there's also a pipe blocked off by a cork you can open up with a key as well as a small lava pool. On the other side of the lava pool is nothing, however, meaning that this is the end of the line.

Ys romX 0 w6-8 11.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 12.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 13.png Ys romX 0 w6-8 14.png