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Proto:The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse/Graphical Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse.


Prototype Final

Unused in the prototype

Several of the letters (like the E, P, T and W) were more closely styled after the font used in the Disney logo. Those characters were likely changed to make them more readable, while others received minor touch-ups. Only the B, H, J, U and ! remain untouched.

Prototype Final

The score and extra life graphics are thicker and rounder in the prototype. Mmm-hmm.


Prototype Final
MQ1HUDTopP.png MQ1HUDTopF.png

The gold palette in the HUD has poor contrast in the prototype; in the final game, the dark brown color of the palette was darkened, and the other colors were brightened. The fancy border around the stage timer is slightly fancier in the final game. Both the player's score and the high score are flush with the player's coin counter in the protoype, while the final game moves both scores closer to the text at the top. Finally, the heart meter only supports one row in the prototype, while the final game splits the meter into two rows of five hearts each.

Prototype Final
MQ1HUDBottomP.png MQ1HUDBottomF.png

The palette used for the energy meters (also shared by the hearts and the Firefighter's costume's icon) is red, orange, yellow, and white in the prototype, while it's red, pink, yellow, and white in the final game. This was likely changed to make the different sections of the energy meter more distinct.


Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNIdleP.png MQ1MickeyNIdleF.png

There's less contrast in Mickey's default palette in the prototype. The final game brightened the white and light yellow colors and darkened the light gray, dark gray, and brown colors.

Mickey's default pose underwent the most touch-ups of any sprite in his default set. The shading on each part of his body -- mouth, lips, eyes, ears, hands, and trousers -- was improved in the final sprite. Mickey's left arm was made less thick, and the missing pixel on his right arm was filled in. Mickey's shoes also went through a redesign; In the prototype, there are no outlines or shading at the bottom to denote where the shoes end.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNCrouchP.png MQ1MickeyNCrouchF.png

The shading on the bottom of Mickey's upper lip is one pixel wider in the final game. Not interesting, but it is a difference.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNWalkP.gif MQ1MickeyNWalkF.gif

In the prototype walking animation, the shading on the bottom of Mickey's upper lip is made of two separate segments, but the shading isn't consistent between frames. The final game uses a single, unbroken line of shading.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNSlipP.png MQ1MickeyNSlipF.png

One of the pixels in Mickey's right eye is darker in the final version. Wow!!!

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNHurtP.png MQ1MickeyNHurtF.png

Mickey's hands were redrawn in his hurt / defeated animations, and the hands were lowered and placed closer to his head in the second and third frames. His shoes were also redone to match their updated design.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNShakeP.png MQ1MickeyNShakeF.png

There's more shading around Mickey's eyes in his head-shaking animation, and the shape of his eyes in the second frame was redrawn to match the eyes in the first frame.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNCarryIdleP.png MQ1MickeyNCarryIdleF.png

Mickey's idle animation while carrying an object underwent similiar (but not identical) changes as his normal idle animation did.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNCarryFallP.png MQ1MickeyNCarryFallF.png

Mickey's carry & falling animation had some mouth adjustments.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNThrowP.png MQ1MickeyNThrowF.png

Mickey's eyes look odd during his throw animation; he almost looks like a bear or a badger or something in these frames. The final game adjusts his eyes and adds another line of pixels to the left of the eyes. Unfortunately this was not a consistent change, as Mickey's ducking & throwing animation and both of Mountaineer Mickey's throwing animations still use the older eye graphics.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNSwimIdleP.gif MQ1MickeyNSwimIdleF.gif

In the prototype, the player has an infinite amount of air, so swimming isn't a concern. In the final game, if the player spends too much time underwater, they'll start taking damage. For some reason they didn't put a visible air meter in this series until the third game, but at least they updated the swimming animations to clue the player in about swimming being potentially dangerous.

Mickey's left foot is higher than the right in the prototype, while in the final game his feet are level. This ended up introducing an error in the sprite - a transparent pixel to the right of Mickey's right shoe - but it's not that visible in the game proper. Mickey takes less time to face the player in the final game.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyNSwimmingP.gif MQ1MickeyNSwimmingF.gif

Besides the expression change, there are also some minor adjustments to Mickey's trousers.

Wizard Mickey

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyWIdleP.png MQ1MickeyWIdleF.png

Mickey's wizard costume underwent similar palette changes as his default design did, with the addition of the every red color being brightened except for the darkest red, which was darkened even more.

Wizard Mickey's idle hands (and legs) were redrawn, and shading was added above his pupils.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyWHurtP.png MQ1MickeyWHurtF.png

Wizard Mickey's hurt animation underwent minor changes - just some pixels at the bottom of his left pupil being darkened - while his defeated animation underwent more noticeable changes.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyWSwimIdleP.gif MQ1MickeyWSwimIdleF.gif

Wizard Mickey's underwater idle animation uses the same expression as every other costume in the prototype. In the final game, Wizard Mickey has an additional power: An air bubble that keeps him from taking drowning damage. So, Wizard Mickey is now happy while idling in the water. Mickey looks happy while swimming in the Wizard costume in both versions, so this power might have been planned from the start.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyWPoseP.png MQ1MickeyWPoseF.png

Wizard Mickey has a different victory pose in the prototype. Every other victory pose ends with Mickey facing the screen, which is likely why this was changed.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyWSwitchP.png MQ1MickeyWSwitchF.png

The same change can be seen in Wizard Mickey's costume change animation.

Firefighter Mickey

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFIdleP.png MQ1MickeyFCrouchP.png MQ1MickeyFIdleF.png MQ1MickeyFCrouchF.png

Firefighter Mickey's spriteset underwent the most changes of any costume, and most of them have one thing in common: Boots. The boots in the prototype sprites are lighter and seem to be cut off at the bottom, while in the final version, the boots are darker and have definite soles.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFWalkP.gif MQ1MickeyFRunP.gif MQ1MickeyFWalkF.gif MQ1MickeyFRunF.gif

Some poor artist had to go through every sprite that had Mickey's feet touching the ground and redraw the boots.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFSprayP.gif MQ1MickeyFCrouchSprayP.gif MQ1MickeyFSprayF.gif MQ1MickeyFCrouchSprayF.gif

This might not seem like much, but it adds up.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFStunnedP.gif MQ1MickeyFStunnedF.gif

Firefighter Mickey's stunned animation spends more time fully ducked in the prototype, while in the final version the last animation of the hat floating in the air lasts longer. And above all else, boots.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFSwimIdleP.gif MQ1MickeyFSwimIdleF.gif

Standard underwater idle changes. Mickey's gulping like a fish in the final version.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFSwimmingP.gif MQ1MickeyFSwimmingF.gif

Firefighter Mickey's sclerae shrink and expand between frames in the prototype, while they keep a consistent shape in the final game. Mickey's nose is bouncier in the prototype animation.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyFPoseP.png MQ1MickeyFSwitchP.png MQ1MickeyFPoseF.png MQ1MickeyFSwitchF.png

Boots, won't you?

Mountaineer Mickey

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyCSwimIdleP.gif MQ1MickeyCSwimIdleF.gif

Swimming is bad for you. So is that pixel above Mickey's left eye that keeps disappearing, thank goodness that was fixed.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyCSwimmingP.gif MQ1MickeyCSwimmingF.gif

Did you know: Rodents are not aquatic mammals.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyCLatchOnP.png MQ1MickeyCLatchOnF.png

Two of Mickey's latch-on frames were redrawn in the final game. His straight-up latching animation is particularly off-model in the prototype.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyCClimbingP.gif MQ1MickeyCClimbingF.gif

Mountaineer Mickey faces toward the camera while climbing in the prototype, while he faces away in the final game. The overall quality of the animation was greatly improved too.

Prototype Final
MQ1MickeyCSwingP.png MQ1MickeyCSwingF.png

Mickey now looks up while swinging upwards in the final game.


Prototype Final
MQ1AppleP.png MQ1AppleF.png

The shape of the apple is almost identical between versions, but the shading is very different.

Prototype Final
MQ1Cherry.png MQ1Blueberries.png

The second fruit item in the prototype is a pair of cherries. They're a bit too similar visually to the apples, so the final game changes it to a bunch of blueberries.

Prototype Final
MQ1HeartP.png MQ1HeartF.png

The shading is inverted on the small heart in the prototype, giving it a "glassy" appearance. Whether this was intentional or the result of an earlier palette change is unknown.

Prototype Final
MQ1BigHeartP.png MQ1BigHeartF.png

The big heart is shaded slightly differently, and the divide is higher up.

Prototype Final
MQ1ExtraLifeP.png MQ1ExtraLifeF.png

The Mickey doll is smaller in the prototype and is made of four unique 8x8 tiles. The final game instead uses five unique 8x8 tiles and mirrors them horizontally to create a larger, more on-model Mickey doll.

Prototype Final
MQ1LampP.png MQ1LampF.png

The lamp, like the small heart, seems to have incorrect color assignments. Who ever heard of a blue magic lamp? This ain't no Bubble Bobble. Get out of here.

Prototype Final
MQ1BoxReappearP.gif MQ1BoxReappearF.gif

The sparkles that appear when the red blocks are respawning is slower and less impressive in the prototype. The slower animation makes the pink blocks take 12 frames longer to respawn.

Magic Door

Prototype Final
MQ1MagicDoorP.gif MQ1MagicDoorF.gif

The magic door's closing animation has an extra animation frame in the prototype that was removed later to free up VRAM. It's only visible for 3 frames, so it's not that big of a loss. The dark gray color is solid black in the final sprite.


Prototype Final
MQ1AngelP.png MQ1AngelF.png

The helpful wizard has angel wings in the prototype! It's not clear why they were removed: Either Nintendo or Disney had a problem with them, or Capcom was being overly cautious with regard to Nintendo's content guidelines.

Prototype Final
MQ1AngelTalkP.png MQ1AngelTalkF.png

There's a stray line of pixels on one of the Wizard's talking frames in the prototype.

Coin Bird

Prototype Final
MQ1CoinBirdSleepP.gif MQ1CoinBirdSleepF.gif

The coin-dropping birds have a slightly different color palette in the final game; the grays of the prototype were replaced with purple and lavender. As for its sleeping animation, it's faster in the prototype, with a simpler animation for the bubble rising and popping.

Prototype Final
MQ1CoinBirdGroggyP.gif MQ1CoinBirdGroggyF.gif

The bird is fatter during its "groggy" phase in the final version. The prototype sprite is missing a tile on the right side. This is normally not visible since Mickey's hand would be covering it up...

...but turning around reveals the gap in the sprite. The final version fills in that gap.

Prototype Final
MQ1CoinBirdPanicP.gif MQ1CoinBirdPanicF.gif

The bird's eyes are open in the prototype, closed in the final game. In the prototype, the bird's beak doesn't match its shape in other animations; the final game fixes this oversight.

Prototype Final
MQ1CoinBirdFlyP.gif MQ1CoinBirdFlyF.gif

The coin bird suddenly returns to its compact sleeping size in the prototype, and it has a happy expression again. To keep some continuity between animations, the bird maintains the size and expression it had during its panicked state in the final game.

Flying Berry

Prototype Final
MQ1FruitFlyingP.gif MQ1FruitFlyingF.gif

The flying berries take off in different ways in both versions. In the prototype, a long stem extends from the center of the berry and the sepals start spinning at top speed immediately. In the final game, there is no stem and the sepals take longer to rotate at full speed. There's a more exaggerated rotating animation in the final sprite.

Prototype Final
MQ1FruitSplatP.gif MQ1FruitSplatF.gif

The conditions under which the berries burst is different too:

  • In the prototype, once the berry reaches the peak of its flight, it will come careening down. When it hits the ground, it bursts.
  • In the final game, once the berry approaches the peak of its flight, it starts throbbing and it then bursts in the air. Only in the final animation do the sepals fly off the fruit.

Cloud Platform

Prototype Final
MQ1CloudPlatP.gif MQ1CloudPlatF.gif

The cloud platforms are 16 pixels wider in the final game. The clouds are grey in the prototype, which doesn't really match up with the blue clouds seen in the stage's background.

Prototype Final
MQ1CloudPlatDisappearP.gif MQ1CloudPlatDisappearF.gif

Stepping on the cloud platforms will make them disappear in both versions. The animation for the cloud dissolving is pretty simple in the prototype, while in the final game the cloud seems to buckle under Mickey's weight before disappearing. The final animation takes longer in the final game, but the amount of time that the cloud remains solid matches the prototype.


Unused in the prototype

Prototype Final
MQ1BeeDiveP.png MQ1BeeDiveF.png

The shape of the bee's antennae during its diving animation is slightly different in the prototype.

Prototype Final
MQ1BeeHurtP.png MQ1BeeHurtF.png

The prototype has a different hurt animation for the bee...look at those teeth! The body is reused from the bee's idle-to-diving transition animation. The final game reuses the sprite from the diving animation and gives the bee a less extreme expression.


Prototype Final
MQ1TomatoP.gif MQ1TomatoF.gif

The calyx of the rolling tomato is brighter and thicker in the final game, and the shine is shinier.


Prototype Final
MQ1FrogJumpP.gif MQ1FrogJumpF.gif

This enemy was changed from a fish with webbed toes and eyes in its mouth to a simpler frog design.

Prototype Final
MQ1FrogSwimP.gif MQ1FrogSwimF.gif

This enemy has one more frame in its swimming animation in the prototype; the developers were able to recycle one of its jumping frames, something which was only possible before the redesign.

Prototype Final
MQ1FrogBonkedP.png MQ1FrogBonkedF.png

Fish or frog, they both get bonked.


Prototype Final
MQ1StarfishP.png MQ1StarfishF.png

The starfish and fish / frog share the same palette in both versions. As a consequence of the redesign, the starfish got a duller palette.


Prototype Final
MQ1FallingLeafP.gif MQ1FallingLeafF.gif

The falling leaves are brighter in the final game, while the midrib was darkened to make it stand out more.

Prototype Final
MQ1LeaflingAppearP.gif MQ1LeaflingAppearF.gif

The leafling's emerging animation is timed differently in the prototype. It looks around more, then immediately gets up. The final game recycles one of the frames it uses for submerging to transition between the looking and walking animations.

Prototype Final
MQ1LeaflingWalkP.gif MQ1LeaflingWalkF.gif

Here's that walking animation. Look at that sweet midrib and/or midvein go.

Prototype Final
MQ1LeafingHurtP.png MQ1LeafingHurtF.png

Leaf got hurt. Poor leaf.


Unused in the prototype

Prototype Final
MQ1BigFishLurkP.gif MQ1BigFishLurkF.gif

The big fish's eyes are less sinister in the prototype.

Prototype Final
MQ1BigFishLeapP.png MQ1BigFishLeapF.png

The fish is thicker in the final game, with a larger and more prominent tongue.


Prototype Final
MQ1CocoonP.gif MQ1CocoonF.gif

The string of the cocoons/bagworms/beans or whatever in Stage 2 is the same color as the body in the prototype, while it's a darker color in the final version. The bobbing animation is a bit less smooth in the prototype.


Unused in the prototype

Prototype Final
MQ1Miniboss2P.png MQ1Miniboss2F.png

This is the only graphic of Boioioing in the prototype; in the final game, the body and skirt are separate sprites. The prototype design has an open mouth like Bat and Cro-Magma, a shorter skirt, and a more awkward idle stance.


Prototype Final
MQ1ClubberP.png MQ1ClubberF.png

The clubs that the stumps in Stage 2-3 use are thicker in the final game when they're held up. The in-between and downwards swinging frames are identical in both versions.

Rock Block

Unused in the prototype

Prototype Final
MQ1BigRockP.png MQ1BigRockF.png

The big rock block in Stage 3-2 has more unique tiles in the prototype: Check out the center of the blocks in both versions. The developers were able to free up four spaces in VRAM by using existing tiles and mirroring them horizontally / vertically.

Fang Block

Unused in the prototype

Prototype Final
MQ1FangBlockP.png MQ1FangBlockF.png

The fang blocks are more intimidating and less block-shaped in the prototype. The design was likely changed to make it obvious that they can't hurt the player unless they get crushed by them.