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Proto:Tomba!/Preview Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Tomba!.

In the February 2020 Hidden Palace Community Group Buy, a localization prototype of Tomba! was dumped. It features various changes to dialogue and text, and a few changes to gameplay.


Dialogue Changes
As a localization prototype, this makes up the bulk of changes.
EventIcon TheMermaid'sNecklace.png
Event Changes
Further changes to the text.

Title & General

  • A build date and time are shown on boot.


For comparison, the final US release has a built date of 98/3/22 21:11.

  • The sound effects are not present in any of the cutscenes.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Title.png Tombaustitlescreen.png
  • Title screen has no TM symbol and the date is missing from the copyright. New Game is New Start, and Options is displayed as Option. The screen resembles the final, but with a different font and no color applied.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Option.png Tomba-Option.png
  • The Option screen (which did carry the title over to the final) has no Adjust Screen option. The position of the confirmation buttons were moved, and OPTION was changed to CHANGE OPTION.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-SaveScreen.png Tomba-SaveScreen.png
  • The save screen has different text, and a blank box when no memory card has been found.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Start.png Tomba-Start.png
  • Text boxes are usually slightly larger or wider, depending on the level.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-ICantSwim.png Tomba-ICantSwim.png
  • Quite a few text boxes have different text placements, but are otherwise the same.
  • Text is slower (even on Fast) in this prototype.
  • When obtaining an item, a period is used instead of an exclamation mark.
  • Music restarts when you leave certain areas.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Save.png Tomba-Save.png
  • Some buttons have been swapped.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-MapScreen.png Tomba-MapScreen.png
  • The map uses the final one from the final game, but the text is different. It uses a black font, making it much harder to see against the darkness of the map.
    • Several locations are missing a space (or two). For example, "Village of All Beginnings" is listed as "Village ofAll Beginnings".
    • The finger points just offscreen.
  • Several pieces of text either go over the screen or across the overlay.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Arrow.png Tomba-Arrow.png
  • The arrow used in the final is a blank square in the prototype.
  • The Events page doesn't display the total number of events found and cleared.
  • Text for equipping an item reads as "Put on the x" instead of "Equipped the x".
  • Although not a full level select, all locations have been opened for the Charity Wings item.
  • Infinite lives is enabled.


  • A glitch can cause the game to soft lock. If Baron is placed too close to certain areas, such as the door leading to Trick Village, Tomba won't be able to get on his back, and will be trapped in his run cycle forever. The final fixed this by allowing Tomba to clip through walls in these situations.
  • Although the Old Men of Time do heal Tomba when he speaks to them, there's no accompanying text for it.
  • Larger numbers are written with no comma (for example, 300000 AP instead of 300,000 AP).
  • There's different text for when you use the Mighty Fish Food:
Prototype Final
Experience MAX! Fire experience MAX!
Potencial MAX! Water experience MAX!
Potencial MAX! Wind experience MAX!

Also, the EXP bar doesn't show up at the same time to confirm.

Item Changes

Name Changes

Prototype Final
Grandpa's Keepsake Grandpa's Bracelet
Invisible Mirror Dirty Mirror
Cheese Balls Cheese
The Mysterious Mushroom Mysterious Mushroom
Healing Mushrooms Healing Mushroom
Banana Bananas
Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge Knowledge Fruit
Key to Ol' Lake Key to Ol' Pond
Almighty Fish Food Mighty Fish Food
Flowers of the Biting Plant Biting Plant Flower
Energy Bar Fuel Bar
100, 000, 000 Year Old Key Million Year Old Key
Crystal Three Crystal Balls
Grapplejack GrappleJack
torch Torch
Broken Pot Broken Vase
Bucket With Water Bucket of Water
Baked Yamm Baked Yam
Treasured Fish Sacred Fish
Boss's Jewel Boss' Jewel

Description Changes

The vast majority of the descriptions are lacking a period in the prototype. This list only includes descriptions with other changes.

Item Prototype Final
Healing Mushroom A mushroom that cures laughing or crying spells A mushroom that cures laughing or crying fits.
Baron There's the great power hidden in his big ears, that you anywhere you have been to once in a flash.... Use Baron and his big ears to fly you to any location you have previously visited.
Jumping Pants Pants that make you move at lightning speed Lighter pants that allow you to move faster.
Dashing Pants Dazzling dash! The pants that make you run even faster. Pants that make you run even faster.
Jewel of Fire Put it on while the item screen and the power of the fire reveals, Use Attack button to use the power.

Once it's exhausted, cannot be used until the meter is refilled.

A jewel with the power of fire. Maybe I should equip this?
Jewel of Water Put it on while the item screen and the power of the water reveals, Use Attack button to use the power.

Once it's exhausted, cannot be used until the meter is refilled.

A jewel with the power of water. Maybe I should equip this?
Jewel of Wind Put it on while the item screen and the power of the wind reveals, Use Attack button to use the power.

Press Jump button while you're in the air to use.

It enables you to fly up high and attack normally while in motion but your defense power goes down.

A jewel with the power of wind. Maybe I should equip this?
Flash Pants Pants that help you move faster Pants that let you move really fast.
Grapple The weapon you always carry to attack your enemies The weapon you always carry with you.
100 Year Old Key The key to the 100 year old treasure box The key to the 100 year old treasure chests.
1,000 Year Old Key The key to the 1,000 year old treasure box The key to the 1,000 year old treasure chests.
10,000 Year Old Key The key to the 10,000 year old treasure box The key to the 10,000 year old treasure chests.
Million Year Old Key The key to the 10,000,000 year old treasure box The key to the Million year old treasure chests.
Chick A newly hatched chirping chick A newly hatched, chirping chick.
Baby Pig A Komabuta that became small from the Peach Flower Gas A Koma Pig that shrank from the Peach Flower Gas.
Knowledge Fruit Once you eat this fruit, you'll never forget its taste. A fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.
Bucket A bucket that doesn't leak - great for carrying liquids. A bucket that doesn't leak, great for carrying liquids.
What the Thief Forgot Forgot all about the important item. The bag the thief left behind.
Grandpa's Keepsake Finally found it! Grandpa's keepsake bracelet! Finally found it! Grandpa's bracelet!
Iron Wheel Strong cogwheel A strong cogwheel.
Mighty Fish It may go well with blooming your potential power? It may go well with expanding your experience.
Miner's Hat Someone's hat given by Charles Someone's hat given to you by Charles.
Pipe A pump that doesn't leak A pipe that doesn't leak.
Banana A banana the cure for a hungry stomach Bananas, the cure for a hungry stomach.
Treasured Fish A special fish from ancient times. Eating it might give you extraordinary powers? A special fish from ancient times. Eating it might give you extraordinary powers.
Silver Powder Your basic powder when mixing items. A basic mixing powder.
Strong Wire Made of strong metal. Wire made of strong metal.
Flower Bottle A small bottle filled with flower tears. A small bottle filled with Flower Tears.
Torch A torch that that brightens dark places A torch that lights dark places.
BrokenVase A precious jar that is broken and has very sharp edges A precious vase that is broken and has very sharp edges.
Bomb A powerful item that can blow anything away A powerful item that can blow away anything.
Baked Yam Piping hot baked potato Piping hot baked yam.
Raft Ride the current with this. Not strong enough for the sea, but perfect for the river! Ride the rapids with this. Not strong enough for the sea, but perfect for a river!
Mighty Fish Food The Mighty Fish, nothing is ordinary about this fish. It even has special food. The Almighty Fish, nothing is ordinary about this fish. It even has special food.
Dirty Mirror A mirror that doesn't reflect A mirror that doesn't reflect?
Telescope Helps to see things far away Helps to view things far away.
Safe Mushroom Cures laughing or crying spells and lasts forever no matter how many times you eat it. Cures laughing or crying fits and never runs out.
Navy Pig Bag The dark blue bag that seals the powers of the Dark Blue Evil Pig The navy blue bag that seals the powers of the Navy Blue Evil Pig.
Three Crystal Balls The crystal that the witch left behind. Thee Crystal Balls that look like they belong to a witch.
Wine Wine - the smell alone can make you drunk Wine, the smell of a great vintage year.
Fuel Bar Recovers all power Fuel for the GoGoCar.
Weed Killer The Fruits of Death cannot be crushed without this. The Fruit of Death cannot be crushed without this.
Bunk Flower An unusual flower - also the Giant Bird's favorite snack The Phoenix's favorite snack.

Location Name Changes

Prototype Final
Ol' Lake Ol' Pond
Old Man's Hut 100 Year Old Man's Hut
Giant Bird Mountain Phoenix's Mountain
Windy Valley Stormy Mountain
1000Year Room 1,000 Year Old Man's Room
Masakari Colo-ny's Jungle Masakari Jungle
Country of Civilization Village of Civilization
Mermaid's Sea Mermaid's Landing

Village of All Beginnings

  • The ground has been moved up one pixel in the final.
  • Tomba still doesn't display any animations upon seeing the man at the start.
  • The Peach Gas is much brighter.
  • Frogs say 'Ribit' instead of 'Ribbit' when returned to the lake.
  • Some fruits regenerate in place of the 1-Ups.
  • You keep the Furious Tornado.
  • Different text for the GoGoCar losing fuel:
Prototype Final
Life Gauge down Fuel Gauge empty
  • The furthest candle to the right in the 100 Year Old Man's house do not flicker (but the light does).
  • Tomba doesn't grow impatient with the Old Man.
  • The cutscene has no vocals, but subtitles. It matches almost perfectly with the final voice, save for this one line:
Prototype Text Final Voice-over
I bet your Grandpa's bracelet that was stolen by the KOMABUTA was made out of gold, too. I bet your Grandpa's bracelet that was stolen by the Koma Pigs was made out of gold, too.

Buta is the Japanese word for Pig, meaning it's likely a translation oversight (which appears more than once for the duration of this prototype).

Dwarf Forest

  • You can still talk to the first dwarf when you catch up to him.
  • Text reads as Dwarf Language Skill x, but in the final it's Dwarf Language Level x. There's an exclamation mark at the end.
  • The Leaf Butterflies event is obtained upon leaping onto one. In the final, you need to put one in your inventory first.
  • Text for saving dwarves is "x dwarfs rescued!". In the final, it's "x dwarves remaining!"
  • Text for grabbing the Crystal Ball is Crystal 1/3 Acquired instead of One Crystal Ball Acquired in the final.
  • Obtaining the Wood Boomerang has a strangely placed exclamation mark after the item, followed by the usual Acquired text.
  • Some changes to Baron's text.
Prototype Final
Rescued the puppy! Helped the puppy
The puppy ran away... The puppy escaped
  • Tomba doesn't catch on fire when he gets caught by the fire.
  • The dwarf lady doesn't fart like she does in the final.
  • You're never told when you've rescued all the dwarves, which is confusing since the prototype characters constantly talk about how only one dwarf is missing.
  • The dwarf at the top of the Elder's hut has a speech bubble that goes into the air.
  • Tomba isn't shocked when the lights dim in the prison.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Pipe.png Tomba-Pipe.png
  • The whirlpool in Wobbly Wharf cannot be entered in the final until it's been blocked, but in the prototype, it's possible to swim through it. The pipe warp, however, will not activate until the barrel has been placed on top.
  • The cherry blossoms that cover the Million Year Old Treasure Chest in Charity Square do not hide Tomba.
  • No sparkles on Charity Square statues.
  • Different text for acquiring water:
Prototype Final
Water 2/3 Acquired. Bucket 2/3 full Acquired!
  • The Leaf Butterflies can get stuck at the edge of the cage.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-SavedDwarf.png Tomba-SavedDwarf.png
  • There's a graphical glitch in the saved Dwarf Village. The overlay doesn't work at all.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Pit.png Tomba-Pit.png
  • Tomba moves over the sinkhole in the final, but in the prototype, he only approaches it.
  • If Tomba interrupts the Pig Island movie from the Telescope, the music will stop playing, and won't regenerate until a mission is cleared.
  • There's no sparkles when the final door opens.
  • Million Year Old Man's staff is the less detailed one from the Japanese release.
  • Finding Tomba's friends yields different text:
Prototype Final
One friend gathered One friend found!

Mushroom Forest

  • Tomba can get bored when listening to the actor dwarf.
  • Sign has different text:
Prototype Final
Danger! Do not enter! NO TRESPASSING Danger!
Monsters live in this forest. The Baccus Forest Nature Management There are monsters living in this forest. Do not enter
Baccus Forest Nature Management


  • Using Baron in the Mushroom Forest results in placeholder graphics being displayed.
  • Different text for destroying the Fruits of Death:
Prototype Final
1 Fruit of Death crushed! Four Fruits of Death remaining!

Stormy Mountain

Prototype Final
TombaPreview-Digger.png Tomba-Digger.png
  • The digger has a minor palette error.
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-LavaCaves.png Tomba-LavaCaves.png
  • In the Lava Caves, the camera is a pixel lower in the prototype.

Baccus Village

  • Tomba's idle animations don't work.
  • "Found the lost baby mouse!" is written as "Find the lost baby mouse!".

Haunted Mansion

  • The room where you obtain the Large Key Panel 1 has no Kokka bird outside it.
  • Similarly, there are no Kokka birds outside the straw room (where the 1,000 Year Old Man is trapped).
  • When trying to obtain the Fire Jewel, the text reads differently if you need more exp:
Prototype Final
Not enough Potencials Not enough Experience!
Prototype Final
TombaPreview-DiggerHM.png Tomba-DiggerHM.png
  • There's another palette glitch with the Digger in the Haunted Mansion.

Masakari Jungle

  • Yan doesn't wait for the player to finish his last sentence.

Village of Civilization

Final (Japan) Preview Prototype Final (US)
TombaY-Jp.png TombaPreview-Civilization.png TombaY-int.png
  • The color has changed from the Japanese version, but there are no clouds like in the final version.
  • Tomba walks straight into the Clock Tower, instead of stopping halfway.
  • Although the characters refer to it as the Watch Tower, the signs mention it as the Clock Tower.
  • Tomba doesn't appear shocked at hearing the explosion. He doesn't bother to return immediately after, either, and the player must guide him back there.
  • The guy at the Clock Tower stops talking after saying "You've probably already noticed that". In the final, he stops after requesting a favor.

Trick Village

  • The 10th Math Bead is in the same place as the Japanese game.

Evil Pigs

  • There's no shining effect when you capture an Evil Pig.


  • Tomba can grow bored waiting for their text to finish.
  • After defeating the final / Real Evil Pig, the game soft locks, so you're never able to see the ending.