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Proto:Ufouria: The Saga/US

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ufouria: The Saga.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

On March 23 2021, armadylo released an early US build of Ufouria. This build seems to match early US prerelease coverage of the game.

Download.png Download Ufouria: The Saga (US Prototype)
File: Ufouria_-_The_Saga_(US_Prototype).zip (107.4 kB) (info)


Text Differences
With many formatting, grammar, and spelling issues, the prototype features drastically different scripts from the final.

General Differences

  • The overworld layout is similar to the Forple prototype but has changes of its own.
  • In the final game, if the game is left idle on the title screen after the title screen music is finished, a cutscene will play with Bop-Louie giving a plot summary with situational explanations. In this build, the said music is still playing halfway as a gameplay demo will play featuring Bop-Louie climbing up a wall.
  • In the final game, boss battles entail throwing a blue Popoon at the opponent. In this build, the player has to damage the boss by jumping on them.
    • Freon Leon's battle AI is different, and he can dive, which grants invulnerability.
  • Ice is slippery for Bop-Louie, but he still cannot fall down.
  • The tilesets feature differences.


Prototype Final
UfouriaUSPrototypeTitleScreen.png Ufouriafinal title.png

The game's title looks slightly different than the final, exactly identical to the one of the screenshots from a game magazine. The two lines are simpler when compared to the ones of the final, which have more mechanical-like details. There's a 1991 copyright along with the "SUNSOFT" logo, which is absent in the final build. Finally, there's the line "LICENSED BY NINTENDO OF AMERICA. INC", which would of course apply to a planned US localization.


Forple Prototype US Prototype Final
Ufouria-Prototype-Forple-Map.png Ufouria-Prototype-US-Map.png Ufouria-Final-US-Map.png


The Game Over music in the US prototype differs from the final version used in both regions, having more vibrato applied to the pulse waves.

Early US Prototype Final Version
(Source: MrNorbert1994 (YouTube))