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Proto talk:Pokémon Yellow

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Other Prototypes

Right now the page only discusses the Final - Debug build. I do believe there are other prototype ROMs from the Wack0 leak. Namely...

  • y990203.bin (CRC32: D0B1E29B)
  • y990203a.bin (CRC32: 1116AE9F)
  • y990210.bin (CRC32: 2E63BC59)
  • y990215.bin (CRC32: 00787832)
  • y990216.bin (CRC32: 42C5430A)
  • y990217.bin (CRC32: 0DEE0D87)
  • y990218.bin (CRC32: B539A028)
  • y990222.bin (CRC32: C83DF319)
  • Yellmons.bin (CRC32: DBD0B8DC)
  • YELLMONS.GBC (already covered) (CRC32: FBC811B3)
  • apse00-0.gb (Retail)

If the filenames are anything to go by, these may hold a few secrets compared to the final builds. But then again, these may be incredibly close to final of the English version. Also if you really can't find these builds on your own, email me. -ChainSwordCS (talk) 08:44, 16 April 2021 (UTC)

I and someone else found some differences when these leaks first happened.
First, some bugs are present in some of these protos that are only present in the JP version of the game. Videos can be found here and here.
Second, I've noticed there's a yellow filter on GBC mode up to y990210.gb. Image here.
Third, there are some text differences up to y990210.gb. This can be seen as some of the script files in the source are dated to February 14. --MDTravis (talk) 21:13, 4 December 2022 (UTC)