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Proto talk:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest/Actor Debugger

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The white arrows -speculation

I have a bit of a theory as to the purpose of the white arrows. A pattern arises from many of the examples given, it would seem that they maybe indicate paths(entrances to be specific) that have to be opened by specific means (other than song or killing all the enemies). For instance the hole to Hyrule castle garden can't be accessed until you awaken Talon and move the boxes, and both of the Dodongo's Cavern examples require bombs to open.

Ice Cavern is an outlier though.

Maybe check to see if you can find them around the great fairy fountain enterances and infront of unopened Jabu-Jabu.

Pink arrows

By the way the pink arrows clearly indicate objects that spawn rupees that don't typically have that behavior. the sign, the torches, the wall ornament, and the beggar all spawn rupees, but there object is not usually tied to rupee spawning like pots and grass are, so the arrow reveals they do. And the pond and tomb entrance are probably mistakes.