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Quad Challenge

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Title Screen

Quad Challenge

Also known as: MegaTrax (JP)
Developer: Now Production
Publisher: Namco
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: August 6, 1991
Released in US: 1991

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Quad Challenge is a port of Namco's ATV racing arcade game Four Trax.

Test Menu

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: CHR Test chunking, Heat Select, and Ending Test 1P's lack of difficulty options.
MegaTrax TestMenu.png

Enable patch code FF0001:0C (Gens/GS) and reset. C makes a selection, B returns to the title screen.

Both the JP and US ROMs have the same date (91.06.17). Both versions have identical menu screens (the screenshot on the left is from MegaTrax).

Code to jump into the Test Menu begins at $1D08 in the Japanese ROM, but it appears to never get called, nor is there anything in the code hinting at a possible use? (TODO).

OBJ Test


Sprite viewer. Use the D-Pad to select, press B to exit to the Test Menu.

CHR Test


Shows the contents of ROM, some chunk at a time, as tiles. Use the D-Pad to select, press B to exit the Test Menu.

Sound Test


Use the D-Pad to select a sound code, C to play, A to stop, and B to exit to the Test Menu.

Heat Select


Apparently selects a track to play? not sure... D-Pad selects, C races, and B exits to the Test Menu.

Player Test


Another sprite test, but with player sprites. Left and Right select a sprite, Up and Down scales the sprites, and B (you guessed it) returns to the Test Menu.

Ending Test 1P


Shows one of four endings for 1P mode. The text appears to be hardcoded for the Easy mode regardless of which you choose; only the colors change. B on the select menu returns to the title screen, and there seems to be no way to quit the ending itself.

Ending Test 2P


Shows one of six endings for 2P mode. B on the select menu returns to the title screen, and Start during an ending resets the game.

Game Over Test

Shows the Game Over sequence, then goes back to the title screen.

Regional Differences

Japan US
QuadChallenge-Title-JP.png QuadChallenge MDTitleScreen.png

The title screen was changed for the game's new name, with the US design straying from the original game as a result. The Japanese version uses a reddish-brown palette, while the US version uses more of a yellowish-brown.

Japan US
QuadChallenge-Menu-JP.png QuadChallenge-Menu-US.png

The girls on the main menu were given a wardrobe change.

Japan US
QuadChallenge-End-JP.png QuadChallenge-End-US.png

And the same for the girl on the ending screen.