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R.C. Pro-Am

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Title Screen

R.C. Pro-Am

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: NES
Released in US: February 1988
Released in EU: April 15, 1988

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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The version in Rare Replay replaces the "NINTENDO" pickup letters with "CHAMPION".

Revisional Differences

The game had many internal changes made to it between the PRG0 and PRG1 version, such as eliminating CHR-RAM from the cartridge, and changing the mapper to MMC1. There were also changes made that aren't merely internal changes, and you can see the differences.

Title Screen

Title Screen (PRG0) Title Screen (PRG1)
R.C. Pro-Am Title Screen (PRG0).png R.C. Pro-Am Title Screen (PRG1).png

For some reason, there is a random B in the top-left corner of the title screen in the PRG1 revision. This is displayed in an area usually cut off by TVs.

Gameplay & Pause Screen

Pause Screen (PRG0) Pause Screen (PRG1)
R.C. Pro-Am Pause (PRG0).png R.C. Pro-Am Pause (PRG1).png

The main gameplay and pause screen had a few changes between PRG0 and PRG1.

  • In the PRG0 version, the word "PAUSE" is larger and has gray text, while the PRG1 version is smaller, white and shaded. Additionally, there is a 1/3 second delay between pausing the game in the PRG0 version and the word PAUSE appearing, while in the PRG1 version, the word PAUSE appears instantly.
  • The main play area is slightly smaller in the PRG0 version than the PRG1 version, and there is a larger gap between the play area and the status bar in the PRG0 version. The status bar is also smaller in the PRG1 version.
  • While the game is paused, the radar still contains dots in the PRG0 version, but they are not present in the PRG1 version.
  • The PRG0 versions have hidden copyright texts: "Copyright 1987 RARE LTD." twice at the end of the ROMs and "COPYRIGHT 1987 RARE LTD." once at the beginning of the ROM. The PRG1 versions has no such strings at all.