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R.C. Pro-Am

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Title Screen

R.C. Pro-Am

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: NES
Released in US: February 1988
Released in EU: April 15, 1988

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Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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One of the most beloved racing games on the NES, thanks to its smooth controls and very unique (for the time) pickup weapon system. Given how close Rare and Nintendo's relationship was back in the day, it's not hard to imagine that elements of this game might have at least partially inspired a certain other racing game.

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The version in Rare Replay replaces the "NINTENDO" pickup letters with "CHAMPION".

Revisional Differences

Aside from the more noticeable changes listed below, the game had many internal changes made to it between the original and revised version, such as eliminating CHR-RAM from the cartridge and changing the mapper to MMC1. The version used on Rare Replay is based on the original release, with only some minor edits.

Title Screen

Original Revision
R.C. Pro-Am Title Screen (Revision 0).png R.C. Pro-Am Title Screen (Revision 1).png

The revised version adds a big B to the very top of the screen, likely to indicate its revision status. This area would usually be cut off by a CRT monitor's overscan area, so it wouldn't be noticeable at the time.

Gameplay & Pause Screen

Original Revision
R.C. Pro-Am Pause (Revision 0).png R.C. Pro-Am Pause (Revision 1).png

The main gameplay and pause screen had a few changes between the original and revised version.

  • Most notably, the main play area was extended in the revised version, done by getting rid of most of the big black border separating it and the hud alongside making the hud itself a bit shorter.
  • The revised version makes the pause text smaller and brighter, along with a green dropshadow. Additionally, there is a 1/3 second delay between pausing the game in the original version and the pause text appearing, while in the revised version it appears instantly.
  • While the game is paused, the radar still shows the positions of each racer in the original version, but not in the revised version.
  • The original versions have hidden copyright texts: "Copyright 1987 RARE LTD." twice at the end of the ROMs and "COPYRIGHT 1987 RARE LTD." once at the beginning of the ROM. The revised version has no such strings at all.