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Rabi-Ribi (Windows)

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Title Screen


Developers: CreSpirit, GemaYue
Publisher: Sekai Project
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: January 28, 2016

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Investigate the 'demo' and 'notPC' maps left in the game folder. Find out how to activate debug mode, it's referenced in the pause menu.

Rabi-Ribi is a metroidvania featuring soul crushingly difficult bosses and bunnies.

Anti Piracy

The game has quite the ingenious method of detecting piracy: It registers a fake DLC ID with SteamAPI. If a Steam emulator unlocks all DLC, the game won't progress past the first chapter and will open browser windows to the Steam page of the game every frame, hopefully freezing your computer for having too many tabs on your browser.

pack/database/stat.rbrb also contains this text about a popular Steam emulator. It's referenced in the exe so it's not completely unused, but if it actually triggers anything is unknown.


As of 2.00 the game also checks the integrity of steam_api.dll and will softlock after defeating a boss in Chapter 2 by disabling your controls.

Developer Leftovers


There's two debugging tilesets in the game's files. These can be shown if -debugshowevents is added to the launch parameters.

Event Debugging Tileset
NPC Debugging Tileset

Area 11

This area is not accessible in-game without replacing another map with it, since the engine only loads maps up to 9 (0-indexed). Judging by the large number of boss rooms in this map, it's probably used to test the bosses.

Oddly there's two items but their ID is far above the registered item IDs so they do nothing.

Debug Options Menu

It seems that there's another option below 'DISPLAY' in the options menu named 'DEBUG MODE'. Unfortunately it can't be activated right now.

The following strings are pulled from the exe.



Optipng.exe and scalex.exe are left in the game's archive along with two batch files. Unfortunately, the batch files are corrupted (or the decryption doesn't work on text files).

The uncompressed version of Mischievous Masquerade is left in a folder named RAW (inside the DLC archive) with a filename of MISCHIEVOUS_MASQUERADE_FINAL_VER._00000000.WAV.

"TBA" Icons

From version 1.80 and below, these icons were present in hidden areas in Southern Woodland and Exotic Laboratory. The ones in Southern Woodland was removed in 1.80+, and the ones in Exotic Laboratory was replaced in 1.99.

It has been confirmed by the developer that the areas were cancelled since a sequel is in development.

Unused/Unfinished Areas

Rainbow Rooms

In every zone, there are empty rooms with rainbow blocks, but they're out of place and normally inaccessible. They haven't been touched since the game's release, so they'll probably continue to be unused.

Some of the rooms play the library ambient theme.

The rainbow room in the laboratory has been near completely overwritten.

Town Rooms

Most of the town houses aren't enterable, but they all have (unfinished?) rooms with exit warps. Since there's no warps leading to them the correct background isn't loaded however.

Unfortunately there's no backgrounds for them in the game's files, but there is an inverted and vertically flipped version of Erina/Rumi's house.

UPRPRC Hideout

The UPRPRC hideout has a section of unused rooms with somewhat difficult platforming requiring the walljump and airdash that ends in an empty room. Its 'entrance' would be above the room next to Irisu's.
Even the rainbow room connected to this area isn't accessible, suggesting that rainbow rooms may have been scrapped very early in development.

Sky-High Bridge

There are some unused rooms with the incorrect tileset below the castle.

Southern Woodland

To the left of the TBA room hidden near the entrance, there's a teleporter that leads nowhere and a few rooms. Underneath the teleporter is some unused rooms from the Hall of Memory.

Northern Tundra

There's some rooms underneath the entrance, but they're unfinished and aren't very interesting. They don't line up with the used rooms above them.

System Interior

If it were somehow possible to jump infinitely up through the corridor all the way on the right of the map, you could continue up into a room with the letters "YUE", short for GemaYue.

Sadly you can't, so this room is only visible with Cheat Engine or the map editor. Interestingly there are triggers to show layer 2 (which the developer's name is on), so it seems like this Easter egg was actually planned to be viewable in-game at one point without cheats. But it also uses the wrong tileset, so who knows.

There are boss spawns for Cocoa and Rumi in unused rooms outside the playable map.

Warp Destination

There's a large amount of unused maps in warp destination above and below where you actually explore. Some of the maps connect, but others don't. A lot of them use different tilesets per room.


Far, far outside the map, there is a health potion in the top left corner of Southern Woodland and some junk blocks.

Hidden Developer Message

The following string is present at .rdata:00A63288:

Nothing to see at here, stop looking inside this exe!\n

Command Line Flags

Although some of these are in the Steam launch menu, the majority of them are only found in Steam forums or by decompiling the exe.

Argument What it does
-dx9/-dx9e Use DirectX9 Renderer.
-happysaya Increases the pitch of BGM/SE by 1. This option can be stacked multiple times to continue increasing it.
-sadnoah Decreases the pitch of BGM/SE by 1. This option can be stacked multiple times to continue decreasing it.
-monitor0 -monitor1 -monitor2 -monitor3 -monitor4 -monitor5 -monitor6 Pick which monitor to display the game on, if you have multiple monitors. This option is 1-indexed, so monitor0 and monitor1 do the same thing.
-softsound Use software to decode audio. May fix audio issues.
-nosound Completely disable sound.
-safemode Reset all settings.
-nopreload Don't preload any assets.
-fullload Load all assets during startup.
-dx0 -4:3 -16:10 -21:9 -70hz -75hz -85hz -100hz -120hz -144hz -165hz -200hz -xaudio2 -fasttexture -16bitcolor -nobilinear Various unfinished or nonfunctional graphics/sound options. The game is dependent on framerate, so the FPS options just make it run faster. The aspect ratio options 'work' in that they change the rendering area, but the game's window itself is not changed. The end result is a 4:3 rendering area inside a 16:9 window.
-nofpslimit Disable FPS limit. Might fix slowdown on old computers but the game will break if it goes past 60FPS.
-simplehud Shows the simplified HUD from the PlayStation Vita version in the bottom left. Instead of graphics, simple 'pill' shapes are used for HP/MP that fill up with flat colors. The amulet charges are also four flat blue circles.
-showatkid Display the attack ID of a boss. For debugging.
-debugshowevents Show the debug tileset. Useful for map making.
-nokeyboard Disable keyboard support. Required to play 4-Player mode with 4 controllers since normally adding a second player maps P1 to keyboard and controller to P2.
-moderina & -modribbon Will load /save/modify/erina_a.png or /save/modify/ribbon_a.png instead of the default sprite. For some reason this conflicts with Steam Workshop mods, so if the file is present in any of them it will load that instead of your custom sprite. More information is in /save/modify/mod_readme.txt.
-mirufilter Turns the screen red. Probably used to test the effect. This effect is normally used during the Miru SP bonus boss.
-showfps Shows the frame rate at the top center of the screen.
-netplay Enable netplay mode. Press F3 under a save point to access netplay menu.
-enableMM Enables "Mirror Mode", flipping the map horizontally. The title screen will also be flipped.
-disableMM Disables forced Mirror Mode if your PC's date is set to April 1st.
-autoreload Unknown. It may have an effect when all files are unpacked, but has no effect when pack.kanobi is used.
-randombullets (Hidden) Joke option added April fools 2021. Enemies shoot a randomly selected bullet type. The bullets are very hard to dodge and deal lots of damage.
-bulletkey Unknown function. Seems to have no apparent effect.
-noachiupload Unknown function, but probably disables obtaining achievements.
-oldmusicpause / -oldmusichold Unknown function. Presumably use for replace music to an old one.
-afd Joke option. Enemies become very difficult.
-bettercontrol Joke option. Moving left or right becomes delayed.
-sayablessing Joke option. Ribbon sticks to the boss and your shots go in a random direction.
(Source: ATWiki)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Version Differences

Version 1.80

  • Added the Ravine II, fairy boss battle, and Hall of Memory II area. Various music has also been replaced.
  • The game can now loads custom user-made levels.

Version 1.85

Improvements have been made to user-made levels.

Version 1.90

Added three command line flags: -afd, -bettercontrol, and -sayablessing. These are joke options since the update was released on April Fools.

Version 1.99

  • Steam Workshop support has been added.
  • The game's encryption for pack.kanobi has been changed.
  • Added a new longjump minigame in System Interior, new DLC exclusive costumes and CGs, and even more special bosses.
  • The "TBA" icon in the Exotic Laboratory has been replaced with a new item with a unique jingle, however it has no name and doesn't appear in your inventory, so it serves no purpose currently. It looks somewhat like a Nintendo Switch cartridge, so it might be related to the Switch version of the game.
To do:
Add pictures of the changes.

Version 2.00

  • 5th Anniversary Orchestra DLC can be purchased to unlock the orchestra costume.
  • Cocoa Mode can now be played in Speedrun Mode if you have the "Before Next Adventure" DLC.
  • On April 1st, Mirror Mode was added, although the version number wasn't changed.